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Subject: [SCOTT] SCOTTs in Ireland - Wills, obits, etc.
Date: Thu, 22 May 2003 20:00:07 EDT

Here are some more will abstracts, etc., pertaining to SCOTTs in Ireland that
I hope will help someone on the list.  These were copied when I first started
search, and I did not document the exact film on the copies but I
believe they are from LDS Film 1565673 (Ireland Probate Records) -

The lady of John SCOTT, M.P. for Borough of Mullingar April 1771

At Enniskillen, Captain William SCOTT of the Royal Essex Infantry November

Miss SCOTT, niece to the Right Hon. Lord Viscount Clonmel November 1792

Mrs. SCOTT, at Newcastle, Aged 92, mother to Lord Eldon and Sir William SCOTT
August 1800

William SCOTT, Esq., at Newry, Aged 79 October 1800

Miss Mary SCOTT August 1811

In Belfast, Mrs. SCOTT September 1804

Mr. Robert SCOTT, at Belfast January 1804

At Wood___, near Lucan, the lady of Major General Sir Hopton SCOTT, K.C.B. of
a son "The Dublin Observer" 6 July 1833

Near Kilgobbin, aged 105, Mr. William SCOTT June 1803

In the 67th year of his age, Thomas SCOTT, __________ FFryer (?) Hill (?)
"Dublin Evening Herald" Feb 28, 1823

,,,the lady of Robert SCOTT, _____of Bachles (?) Hill (?) of a daughter "The
Dublin Observer" 25 ___ 1833

Mrs., wife to Alexander SCOTT, of Stephen's Green July 1753

Mrs., relict of Matthew SCOTT, of the County Tipperary September 1769

Miss SCOTT, in Derry, sister to Alexander SCOTT April 1789

Mrs. SCOTT, wife of Mr. Baron SCOTT November 1774

Miss Lydia SCOTT, at Limerick, daughter of the late Thomas SCOTT and niece of
Lord Earlsfort June 1788

Lady SCOTT, in Great Ship Street, wife of Sir Robert SCOTT, February 1788

Foster SCOTT, Counsellor-at-Law March 1768

John SCOTT, of Ballygannon, County Wicklow December 1767

Mr. John SCOTT, of Limerick, Attorney-at-Law December 1748

Andrew SCOTT, at Omagh, County Tyrone January 1778

Sir Hopton SCOTT, in North Great George's Street, of Ballygannon, Co.
Wicklow, Knight, Barrack Master of Dublin February 1788

Michael SCOTT, at his seat near Callan, County Kilkenny, of Scottsborough,
brother to the Right Hon. John SCOTT, H.M. Attorney General February 1788

Richard SCOTT, on his way to St. Vincent's, 2nd son of John SCOTT, of Newbay,
County Wexford July 1774

Robert SCOTT, M.P., for the Borough of Newry January 1774

Hon. William SCOTT, in Sackville Street, 2nd Baron of the Court of Exchequer
April 1776

Katy in San Antonio

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