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From: Lavonne Walker <>
Subject: [SCOTT] Scotts in Kershaw (Camden District), S. C.
Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2008 18:44:10 -0800 (PST)
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Is anyone connected to these Scott families? Some descendants went to Pickens County, Alabama 1830 to 1845. Some of this is not proven. WORKING SHEETS ONLY. LET ME KNOW IF YOU CONNECT TO THESE. Lavonne Sanders Walker, 19603 13th Street, Shawnee, Ok. 74801 email: Descendants of William Scott

Generation No. 1

1. William1 Scott was born Abt. 1740 in Virginia probably, and died 1783 in Kershaw, SC. He married Martha. She was born abt. 1740, and died bef. 08 Feb 1793.

Children of William Scott and Martha are:
2 i. James Scott, born Abt. 1750; died in Kershaw, SC.
3 ii. Francis Scott, born Bef. 1760. She married Mr. Marlowe.
4 iii. John Scott, born Abt. 1760; died Aft. 1779. He married Susanna. She was of White Oak (Andrea Collection).
5 iv. Benjamin Scott, born Abt. 1760.
6 v. William Scott, born Abt. 1760.
7 vi. Mary Scott, born Abt. 1760. She married Mr. Winn. There were Winn families in Fairfield County.
8 vii. Sarah Scott, born Bef. 1765 in Kershaw, SC probably; died Oct 1823.
9 viii. Elizabeth Farr Scott, born in THIS MAY BE OUR WILLIAM SCOTT'S DAUGHTER..

Generation No. 2

2. James Scott (William1) was born Abt. 1750, and died in Kershaw, SC. He married Elizabeth Drakeford, daughter of John Drakeford and Sarah. She was born Abt. 1750.

Children of James Elizabeth Drakeford are:
10 i. Richard3 Scott.
11 ii. Isaac Scott. He married Jane Jones.
12 iii. Jane Scott, born in Kershaw, Sc. She married Noel Killingsworth.
13 iv. female Scott, born in Kershaw, SC. She married Edward Watson.
14 v. John Scott, died in Died single..

5. Benjamin2 Scott (William1) was born Abt. 1760.

Child of Benjamin Scott is:
15 i. Benjamin3 Scott, born Abt. 1770.

8. Sarah2 Scott (William1) was born Bef. 1765 in Kershaw, SC probably, and died Oct 1823. She married Richard Drakeford Abt. 1775, son of John Drakeford and Sarah. He was born Abt. 1755 in Fairfax County, Va. or Kershaw County, S. C. probably., and died 1826 in Flat Rock, Kershaw, SC.

Children of Sarah Scott and Richard Drakeford are:
16 i. Susannah3 Drakeford. She married David Evans.
17 ii. Jane Drakeford. She married Joseph Layton.
18 iii. Sarah Drakeford, born abt. 1777. She married Hugh McClester; died 07 Nov 1843.
19 iv. Elizabeth Drakeford. She married Turner Cockrum.
20 v. Nancy Drakeford, born 17 Aug 1779 in Camden, Kershaw, SC; died 20 Jun 1852 in Olney, Pickens County, Alabama.. She married James Sanders Abt. 1800 in Kershaw, SC probably; born Bef. 1779; died Nov 1832 in Kershaw, SC.
21 vi. Mary E. Drakeford, born 1784 in Kershaw, SC probably; died 06 Apr 1871 in Flat Rock, Kershaw, S.C.. She married Archibald McDowell 25 Dec 1800 in probably Kershaw, SC; born 24 Nov 1774 in Scotland; died 29 Mar 1859 in Flat Rock, Kershaw, S.C..

22 vii. William Scott Drakeford, born 14 Apr 1788 in Camden, Kershaw, SC; died 27 Feb 1871 in Camden, Kershaw, SC. He married Elizabeth McAdams 23 Dec 1819; born 24 Feb 1795 in Kershaw, SC probably; died 13 Aug 1855 in Camden, Kershaw, SC.

23 viii. Delilah Drakeford, born 1793 in Kershaw, SC probably; died 02 Feb 1878 in Carroll County, Mississippi where she is buried at Mt. Nebo Cemetery.. She married Patrick Layton in Kershaw County, S. C. (probably); born 18 Jun 1790; died 03 Aug 1851 in Pickens County, Al., where he is buried in Upper Bethany Cemetery..

9. Elizabeth Farr2 Scott THIS MAY BE OUR WILLIAM SCOTT'S DAUGHTER.. She married Daniel Trammell, son of John Trammell and Mary Garrard. He was born 1707 in Va., and died 1776 in S. C..

Children of Elizabeth Scott and Daniel Trammell are:
24 i. Benjamin3 Trammell. He married Nancy.
25 ii. Francis Trammell.
26 iii. Ann Trammell, born in THIS IS PROBABLY NOT OUR ANN, OURS WAS BORN ABOUT 1700.
27 iv. Elizabeth Trammell.
28 v. Isaac Trammell, born 1754.
29 vi. Jesse Trammell, born 1763; died 1867. He married Sarah Forrester.

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