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Taken from: NORTH CAROLINA - SOUTH CAROLINA BIBLES, By Jeannette Holland

THOMAS DICKSON of Anderson District
Owner: Thomas Eugene Dickson
153-20 41st Ave., Flushing, Cong Island, N.Y.

John Dickson, the 1st son of Thomas Dickson of County Down, Ireland. b.
Elizabeth Franks b. 8/16/1777
John Dickson m. Elizabeth Franks 2/25/1794

BIRTHS of Children of John and Elizabeth Dickson

Thomas Dickson Bible continued…

Sarah Dickson 12/17/1794
Thomas Dickson 3/20/1799
Michael Dickson 2/9/1797
Janetta Montgomery Ramsey of Augusta Co., Va., 5/10/1799
Michael Dickson of Abbeville District. S. C. m. Janetta Montgomery Rawsey

BIRTHS of Children of Michael and Janetta Dickson

Jane Eliza Dickson 8/17/1821-
James Remey Dickson 5/21/1826
Sarah Ann Dickson 2/14/1824
John Franks Dickson 2/18/1828
Sarah Dickson m. Jacob Belotte 5/12/1819
Thomas Dickson m. Nancy Young Scott, both of Abbeville District, S. C.,

BIRTHS of Children of Thomas and Nancy Y. Dickson

Mary Montgomery Dickson 11/16/1829
Elizabeth Eugenia Dickson 1/11/1832
William Scott Dickson 3/12/1833
Henry Franks Dickson 5/5/1834
Sarah Antoinette Dickson 12/5/1836
John Miller Dickson 10/11/1839
Florence Scott Dickson 4/26/1844
Lucius Clark Dickson 10/13/1847
Thomas Eugene Dickson 6/26/1852
Martha Eula Dickson 8/31/1854
Samuel R. McElroy m. Mary Montgomery Dickson of Anderson District, S. C.

Thomas Dickson Bible continued…

BIRTHS of Children of Samuel R. and Mary H. McElroy

William H. McElroy 7/24/1854
James D. McElroy 7/24/1856
Sarah Antoinette McElroy 9/29/1858
Martha Ellen McElroy 3/10/1861
Samuel M. McElroy 10/4/1863
James T. Steele m. Sarah Antoinette Dickson of Anderson District, S. C.
Sarah Antoinette Steele, our granddau., b. 1/5/1858


Henry Franks Dickson, son o f Thomas and Nancy S. Dickson, to
Ruth J. Cannon of Anderson Co., S. C., 12/29/1859
Thomas Eugene Dickson, son of Thomas and Nancy S. Dickson to Mary Elsie Jones
of Anderson Co., S. C., 12/9/1874
Michael Calvin Dickson, son of Thomas and Nancy S. Dickson of
Anderson Co., to Annie Adelaide Gilkerson of Laurens Co., S. C., 11/30/1875
J. L. Gilkerson of Laurens Co., S. C. to Sarah Antoinette McElroy 2/21/1877
W. H. McElroy 12/21/1876 to ---
U. L. Milam of Greenville Co., S. C. to Martha Ellen McElroy 5/3/1881
James V. McElroy to Carrie Watkins 11/24/1891, all of Anderson Co., S. C.
George W. Russell To Florence Scott Dickson 11/15/1892

BIRTHS of Children of Thomas E. and Elsie J. Dickson

Thomas Dickson Bible continued…

Henry Franks Dickson 10/3/1875
Inez-Sadler Dickson 5/7/1880
Christine Jones Dickson 1/11/1878
Thomas Eugene Dickson 2/21/1893
Mary Scott, daughter of Michael Calvin and Annie Dickson, b. 7/3/1877

Thomas Paul Dickson. son of above, b. 12/6/1879
John Calhoun Dickson
Nancy Eugenia Dickson
Michael Calvin Dickson


Jane Eliza, Ist daughter of Michael and Janetta M. Dickson, 9/17/1823
Elizabeth Eugenia, 2nd daughter of Thomas and Nancy S. Dickson, 3/10/1832
Elizabeth Dickson, our Mother, 11/27/1832
John Dickson, our Father, 5/1/1849
William Scott Dickson, our 1st son, 5/5/1833
Sarah Belotte, our sister, 1/25/1851
John Miller Dickson, our 3rd son, 12/18/1839

Samuel R. McElroy 9/25/1864
Lucius Clark Dickson, our 5th son, 10/15/1851
Thomas and Antoinette Steele
Sarah Antoinette Steele, our 3rd dau., 1/6/1858
Mary M. Dickson McElroy 3/28/1910
Rev. Michael Dickson 3/16/1874, aged 78 yrs

Thomas Dickson Bible continued…

Sarah Antoinette Steele, our granddau., 8/10/1858, daughter of James
Mrs. Mary Miller Scott 12/19/1872, aged 84 yrs.
Nancy Young Scott, wife of Thomas Dickson. 10/10/1887
Nancy Eugenia, 2nd daughter of Michael C. and Addie C. Dickson, 8/26/1891
Henry Franks Dickson, Ist son of Thomas E. and Ella Jones Dickson, 9/5/1892
Thomas Dickson, our Father, 1/20/1892, aged 93 yrs.
Thomas Eugene Dickson, our 6th son, son of Thomas and Nancy Scott Dickson,
5/5/1914, aged 62 yrs.
William Scott, soldier in the Revolutionary War, 12/3/1761-6/19/1830,
Anderson Co., S. C.
Mary Miller Scott, widow of William Scott, b. 4/2/1790. 5 mi. north of
Abbeville Co., S. C.
Nancy Young Scott, daughter of William and Mary of Abbeville District, S. C.,
b. 11/1/1810

Partial List of Slaves and Ages:

Johneston 9/1822
Banister 1/23/1840
Albert 8/15/1840-8/4/1904
Mary 2/1825
Ann 2/15/1837
Elmirah 2/6/1827
Nanny 10/12/1817-6/5/1838
Stephny 3/5/1841
Catherine 5/12/1824
John 9/12/1842

Thomas Dickson Bible continued…

Isaac 4/15/1836
Garison 9/30/1842
Angerona 2/22/1838
Sam 1/6/1843
Jackson 4/3/1840
Emily 3/1823
Lucinda 4/5-10/4/1846
Sally 12/17/1850-9/11/1851
Frances 7/17/1844-11/2/1845
Oliver 12/17/1844-3/11/--
Major Randal 11/5/1851
Dallas 2/6/1845
Edmon 1/10/1851-9/1/1851
Susan 12/4/1853
Cornelius 2/26/1846
Ellen 5/8/1852-2/20/1853
Eliza 12/29/1827
Ferry 4/11/1846
Caroline 6/5/1852
Cecelia 10/15/1845
Cubit 11/24/1845
Franks 5/1/1854-4/14/1856
Brena 5/4/1847-12/29/1847
Hariet 6/16/1846
Andy 9/21/1854-3/8/1856
Joseph 11/3/1854-3/25/1856
Agusta 1/19/1847-12/31/1847
Anderson 10/15/1854-3/25/1856
Jane 6/10/1848
Miles 3/8/1856

Thomas Dickson Bible continued…

Joseph Linton 4/6/1858
Lucy 2/21/1848
James 4/19/1856
Napoleon 5/10/1848
Rutter 10/27/1848
Jerry 7/1/1857-6/5/18--
Sophia 11/5/1848-11/20/1920
Robert 4/3/1858
Tolivar 1/8/1861
Ferasure 9/23/1849
Fanny 7/4/1859
Peter 12/26/1860
George 12/27/1849 (alive in 1934)
Holacy 8/18/1859
Louise 12/23/1864
Allen 12/1858
Nannie 5/7/1861
Lizzie 10/11/1860
Henrietta 6/18/1860-7/12/1889
Martha 6/30/1863
Esther 12/14/1863

"Susan Robinson cooked many years for Thomas Dickson's family.Susan's
children are: Noll Sharp Robinson b. 5/21/1885 and Guy Hartwell Robinson b.

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