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From: "Elizabeth C. Simpson" <>
Subject: [SC] RE: Another try on the Odd Fellows Orphanage names
Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2003 14:29:05 -0400
References: <>

Over the weekend, my SCRoots digest version didn't arrive, but lots of
individual posts did. In any event, I haven't seen my post of orphans'
names come back to me and haven't had any inquiries about them, so I'm
including it below. Please forgive me if this is a duplicate. Thanks! --
Elizabeth Lee Crosby Simpson, Greenville, SC

This is a list of the "inmates" who were admitted to the Odd Fellows
Orphanage in Greenville, SC between its opening, which appears to actually
be September 21,1905, and April 18, 1915. If you have an interest in any of
these names,
please email me, . and I will give you what statistics
I have.

Bear in mind that 1) many of these so-called orphans had one or two parents
living, and generally had living family; and 2) orphans were not held in
very high regard, so no particular pains were taken to get their birthdates
and places correct. I have checked several against other data and found
them to be erroneous.

In several cases, there was "immoral behavior" going on with the orphan
girls as victims, and I see that the superintendent has altered information
on at least one girl, presumably so no one would try to contact her family.

In most cases, these children -- many from the same family -- were not from
Greenville but from more distant places like Aiken, Graniteville, York

-----------"All the Children Admitted Since The Orphanage was
Established" -----------

(This is in more or less chronological order of admission. Some family
members were admitted on different dates than others, so you will need to
read the whole list)

Beulah Dunaway, Mabel Dunaway, Della Cooper, Elsie Cooper, Albert Cooper,
Lucille Gunter, Asalee Gunter, Charles Jackson, Etta Jackson, Effie Jackson,
Blanch Fowler, Thomas Fowler, Maude Fowler, Boliver Fowler, Andy Ross, Joe
Carr, Mamie Corbin, Luther Corbin, Alma Corbin, Emma Corbin, Joseph Putman,
Sadie Craig, Betrtha Craig, Ethel Craig, Carrie Craig, Jerome Suits, Edward
Brown, Horace Brown, Walter Hilton, Germaine Hilton, Beatrice Hilton, Leland
Culberson, Pearl Hawkins, Gladys Allen, Willie Allen, Luther Craig, Mary
Sutherland, Wyatt Sutherland, Guy Sutherland, Russell Sutherland, Charles
Cowan, Willard Cowan, Hugh Liddell, Carlyle Stroup, Lucinda Stroup, Tommie
Broom, Effie Fabian, George W. Fabian, Lois Waters, Arthur Waters, Jessie
Jackson, Leona Jackson, Carrie Jones, Mattie Jones, Lucille Jones, Agnes
Strickland, James Strickland, Ethel M. Ferguson, Eva Powell, Pansy Powell,
William Powell, Addie Beacham, Lucille Beacham, Marie Waters, Fred. Waters,
Chas. O. Evans, Hoke Smith Evans, Thomas L. Brown, Alex Beasley, Jas. E.
Beasley, John T. Beasley.

My husband and I bought one of the old orphanage buildings as our residence
and are living there and busy writing a book about the orphanage and the
scandals, to pay for the rehabbing of our home. I understand there are some
orphans' graves on neighbors' property.

Elizabeth Lee Crosby Simpson
Greenville, SC

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