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From: Elizabeth Girardeau <>
Subject: [SCSUMTER] Brown Family
Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2002 09:25:13 -0500

Pam had a request on Jan 7 about the Brown family. I did research in 1998
on this family & would like to invite corrections / comments on the following:

In a sworn statement in 1916, Mattie M. Brunson of Florence, South
Carolina, said "Peter A. Brunson, born March 4, 1817, died January 20,
1907, was my grandfather. He told us, his grandchildren, that his great
grandfather, William Brown, whom he called Grand-sir Brown, was a soldier
in the Revolutionary War and that he belonged to Marion's Brigade; also
that he often visited his grandson, Matthew Brunson, father of Peter A.,
who lived near Darlington, S. C. That he, Peter A. Brunson, my
grandfather, remembered him well and also remembered hearing him relate his
experience in the war. He was a kind old gentleman, fond of children, and
was greatly loved by his great grandchildren whom he visited at Christmas.
William Brown had a son Loami, who also served in the Revolutionary War."

For someone born in 1817 to remember his great grandfather, it
would mean that William Brown lived to be quite elderly. This is backed up
by the fact that there is a William Brown, Sr. listed in the 1830 census of
Sumter County. It is marked that he is age 80-90.

Matthew Brunson was the son of Ann Brown and Matthew Brunson. He
had a brother, William Brunson. Since these children were born in 1779 and
1781, we can assume that Ann Brown was born around 1760, making a birthdate
of around 1740 possible for her father. Ann's brother, Loami Brown, using
census records,was born between 1755-1765.

William Brown, Sr. was the son of Jeremiah Brown of Camden
District, South Carolina. The administration of the estate of Jeremiah
Brown on 3 Sept. 1782, names Elizabeth Brown as his widow and William
Brown as his eldest son. (Apartment 11, Package 341; Camden District;
Archives of SC).

Jeremiah Brown was in South Carolina at least by 1772, coming
from Brunswick County, Virginia. This writer has not been able to prove
when William Brown came to South Carolina because there were many men named
William Brown. We can only assume that most of the family was in SC by
1772 or before.

Perhaps William Brown had children, Ann and Loami, by one wife
and then married again for he is listed in the 1790 census as William
Brown, Sr.,with 3 males under 16 and 6 females. He is listed with 16 slaves.

In 1800, there is a William Brown listed with 13 slaves. He is
marked as over 45 with a male age 16-25 in the household. This could be a
mistake, that there are no females listed, or it could be that William
Brown's wife died and he married again, to a widow with children, for in
the 1820 census, William Brown, Sr. is listed: 1 male over 45; 1 female
over 45; 1 female 10-15 and 1 female 16-25.

The 1830 census record for William Brown, Sr., has him marked as
age 80-90. Perhaps someone else can explain the listings in his household:
1 male 10-15; 1 male 20-30; 1 f 5-10; 1 f 20-30; 2 f 30-40; and 1 f 60-70.
He is marked with 2 slaves.

The following children are presented as children of William Brown:

1. ANN (or NANCY) BROWN married first, Matthew Brunson
(c1755-1781) ;married 2nd, Membrance Williams. The appraisment of
Matthew Brown's Estate was signed by Jeremiah Brown
(Ann's grandfather), William Brown (Ann's father) and Burrell Brown
(Ann's Uncle).Williams family records state:"Absolum Williams, my
granduncle, married Mary Brown and Membrance Williams married
Nancy Brown (Mary's sister) who at the time was the widow of
Matthew Brunson. They were the daughters of William Brown, who lost
his arm in the Battle of Eutaw Springs."
[1.] William Brunson , b. 1779 in SC
[2.] Matthew Brunson,Jr. , b. 1781 in SC
[3.] Nancy Williams, b.1786 in SC; married James Brown.
This James Brown was, according
to family history, a cousin. (Susie Lee of Arizona
is a descendant. She would enjoy
exchanging information with other BROWN
descendants. )
[4.] Membrance Williams, Jr., b.1788 in SC
[5.] Erasmus Williams b 25 Dec 1794 in SC; died 2
Jan.1858,Rankin Co.,Miss.(Williams Bible)
Erasmus & Lilly Wilson Darlington Dist. 1812
- 13 children
[6.]Mary Williams in SC
[7.]Catherine E. Williams b 11 Mar 1802 in SC; married 1st
Abel T.Norwood;2nd A.D.Palmer

2. LOAMI BROWN Said by Mattie Brunson to be a son. Found in
Claremont (Sumter) in 1790 with
1-1-3 and 3 slaves as Laomy Brown. In 1800 Lami Brown is in
Darlington with 1 M 16-26; 1 M 26-45 and 4 slaves. Still in
Darlington in 1810, Loami Brown is listed by himself as over 45 and 8 slaves.
Loami Brown married a widow with children or had a daughter move
back home in 1820. He is listed in Darlington as over 45 with the
following in his household: 2 m 1-9; 2 m 10-16; 1 f 10-16; 3 f 16-26;
and 1 f 26-45. He is not found in the 1830 SC census. (Family
history of Kathy Wilson states that Loami
Brown left S.C. and settled in Barbar Co., Alabama. Kathy also
quoted the "150th Anniversary Dooly County, Georgia" book, page 11:
Revolutionary Soldier Loami Brown came with his brother,
Robert Brown, from South Carolina to Georgia. Loami never married
and is buried in the family cemetery.)

3. ROBERT BROWN. Sumter CC-509 called "lovely son of William
Brown, Sr." Robert is one of the males who is under 16 in the 1790
census, listed with his father. He married Mary Rembert, daughter
of Abijah Rembert (Sumter Wills A,87). In the 1810 census for
Sumter, he is listed as Robert Brown, Jr.,
with the following in his household: 3 m 1-9; 1 m 26-44; 2 f 1-9;
1 f 26-44. Records from descendants give the following children:
[1.] Loam Brown, 1800 - 1872; married Frances Clark
[2.] John Viddo Brown, 1806; married Elizabeth McCoy
(Kathy Wilson is a descendant of
John V. Brown. She would enjoy exchanging
information with other BROWN
descendants. )
[3.] Abijah Brown, 1806, twin to John
[4.] William Robert Brown, 1810; married Suzanna McCoy
The following records are from Remberts by Way of S.C. by
Sallie H. Rembert & McCall
[5.] Sarah Ann Brown, born 1817, married John B. Horn
[6.] Elizabeth Brown, born 1819, married Charles M. Rice
[7.] Polly Brown , born ? c1840, married James Clark

4. MARY BROWN Williams family records give Mary as a sister to
Ann Brown. Mary married Absolum
Williams, brother of Membrance Williams, Ann's husband. They are
listed in the 1800 census of Claremont with Absolum being born 1755-1774
and Mary, 1774-1784; they had 2 males under 10 and
1 female under 10; 7 slaves. In 1818, Sumter Deed FF,11, Absolum
Williams and his wife Mary sell property on McGirts Branch of Black
River. They are not found on the 1820 census of S. C.

5.JEREMIAH BROWN could be one of the males under 16 listed in the
1790 census household
of William Brown, Sr. Jeremiah married before 1800, Mary Bradford,
daughter of Elizabeth Singleton
and Richard Bradford (Wills III,118). In the 1800 census, he is
found with 1 m 16-25; 2 f 1-9; 1 f 16-25
and 6 slaves. On June 13, 1801, William Brown to Jeremiah Brown,
for $1500, 5 slaves. Witness was
Robert Brown, Jr. In 1805, Jeremiah Brown sold to Richard
Bradford, 7 Negroes for $1....."whereas the said Jeremiah Brown did lately
make a promise to his wife Mary, on her deathbed, that he would make
provisions for their children: Elizabeth Ann Brown, Harriet Brown,
and Louisa Carolina Brown, and
whereas the said Jeremiah Brown is about to leave this State for
sometime..."(Sumter Deed B,360)
[1.] Elizabeth Ann Brown (c1796 -1864) married before
1820, William Leonard Brunson
(Bet Girardeau is a descendant. )
[2.] Harriet Brown (c1798 - ) married before 1826,
William Barkley
[3.] Louisa Caroline Brown (c1802 - bef.1850 ) married
before 1826, William Lewis

6.ADAM ERVIN BROWN. Probably the youngest child, listed in 1800
with his father. He married before 1810, Sarah Bradford, d/o Richard
Bradford & Elizabeth Singleton. Sarah, according to census records, was
born 1785. She and Adam Ervin Brown had at least 5 children before he died
in 1817:
[1.]John Ervin Brown 1808 died after 1876
married 1st Caroline ?; 2nd Eveline Gertrude
Hoole; 3rd Rachel Anna Rodgers
[2.] Sarah Ervin Brown, twin to Richard, b1810. Sarah
m.Thomas Flowers
[3.] Richard Bradford Brown 1810-30 Dec 1863. Left will;
wife Caroline M. Buried in
Bradford Cemetery, Georgianna Dr.,Sumter, no dates
[4.] Hillard Judge Brown 1814 m. Elizabeth Ann White
[5.] Ervin Adam Brown, Jr. 1818 m. Margaret W. Jenkins
#1206 1870 census: 7 children
Both buried Bethel United Methodist Church
Cemetery, Sumter Co.

I would like to hear from other BROWN descendants, those who know they fit
into this family and
those who wonder if they fit into this family. I would appreciate
corrections and additions.
Elizabeth Lee Girardeau
3417 Hall Drive
Aiken, SC 29801

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