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From: "Alan Stuart" <>
Subject: STUART/MCLEAN in Killean & Kilchenzie
Date: Sun, 7 Nov 1999 10:27:19 -0000

My name is Alan J Stuart and I live in Glasgow, Scotland. I've been
researching my family history for a few years.

My paternal grandfather was John STUART, born Glasgow, July 1908, died 1995
who had a long career in the printing industry. His parents were Andrew
Alexander STUART, born Glasgow, March, 1875, died 1959 and Euphemia DOYLE,
born Glasgow, December 1887, died 1955.

I've traced the STUARTs back to Killean and Kilchenzie parish, near
Campbeltown in Kintyre. Archibald STEWART and Mary MCLEAN had many children
around the 1800 period, one of whom John STUART was born July 1808 while his
father was a tenant farmer at Paik or Park. It's been suggested that this
may be High Park, near where Paul McCartney has his farm but I haven't been
able to prove that. Anyone any ideas?

John married Mary MCKENZIE in Southend, Kintyre in 1835 and later they both
moved to Glasgow where Mary died in January 1867, after they had at least
one son, also called John. In December 1867 John remarried, this time to
Janet MCINNES, and they were the parents of my great grandfather Andrew
Alexander. John died in 1890.

I'd love to hear from anyone who is investigating STUART or STEWART in the
area. I have visited many of the graveyards down there but have so far not
found any ancestors. This is perhaps not surprising since the family were
probably quite poor.

Alan Stuart, editor of Family Rocket at

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