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Subject: [SCT-EAST-LOTHIAN] Re: "Phantassie" ,East Lothian , c. mid 1870's
Date: 9 Jul 2002 14:56:14 -0600

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Some of my family were also living at Phantassie at that time. My gt-grandmother's sister Elizabeth Lawrie married William Moncrieff, who was the gamekeeper there. He died young, leaving her with 2 toddlers and a posthumous baby in 1854. The family stayed there. Elizabeth worked her way up to housekeeper, the girls Mary Ann & Elizabeth became Lady's Maids and the boy John became the farm steward. In the 1881 census, John was living in the same stewards cottage that you mentioned, with his newly married wife Jemima Andison and several fellow servants.
The lady of Phantassie was Julia Mitchell-Innes, of the Dick Lauder family. It seems to have been a show place in the farm improvement movement.
John and Jemima had 6 kids and later moved to Dunbar, where he became a farm manager.
Mary Ann married a builder, John William Hardie, in 1875. They had 5 children and moved to North Berwick, by which time John Hardie was describing himself as an architect. Her mother went to live with them.
Elizabeth remained at Phantassie as a Lady's Maid for a while.

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