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Thank you for your reply.
I did not have the Date of Death for William King, he does not seem to show
after 1841 census. I belong to the Lothian FHS. They may do a look up for
Pencaitland was usually good at recording ages at Death in the 1830's &
I only have the name Janet ROSS, no parents .
William KING & Janet ROSS were married 28 August 1834. William was born
Pencaitland, & it is possible that Janet was also born there.

1841 census, Janet, maiden name WILSON , was the Widow of John KING ,
again, you are correct, their daughter was Janet KING born 1798. This Janet
did not marry , however, yes her son was George PRIDE.

I suppose it is possible that John King junior emigrated. My 1881 census
C.D.'s do not work on this Computer, so cannot for check him there.

Thakyou again,
New Zealand

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I have a Janet Ross b. 1807 to William Ross and Janet Hogg. Could she be
John King's mother?

I have looked at the 1841 and 1851 censuses for Pencaitland (and for
1861 where John is with his wife at Huntlaw Colliery). I am pretty sure
that the Janet King that appears therein was, in fact, born Janet King
in 1798. You can't tell from the census if she was claiming to be John's
mother, but she was certainly the mother of George Pride who was with
the family in 1841 and 1861. Janet's mother was the Janet Wilson in the
census records. It could be that she was his aunt, sister of the William
King (b. 1800) who was with them in 1841 and that this William King was
John's father. We could then surmise that John's mother had died before
1841. A William King died in Pencaitland in 1846 but I have not checked
the record to see if his age is given.


On 08/08/2010 08:01, wrote:
> Is anyone researching John KING born c 1837, in Pencaitland, the son of
> William KING& his wife Janet ROSS. Did John have other Siblings ?
> John married Catherine Mathison, 1860, in Pencaitland.
> I have John in the 1841& 1851 census.
> Looking for any other info'.
> Mary

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