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From: "Maureen Lowe" <>
Subject: STEVENSON MAIN births Fife 1855
Date: Mon, 3 Feb 2003 19:23:29 -0700
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STEVENSON Janet, female, b 1855 Apr 3 1pm Crossford
Father: William STEVENSON, stone mason, age 41, b Old Monkland
Marriage: 1838 Glasgow
Siblings 5 boys 2 girl living
Mother: Janet STEVENSON mn LAIRD age 44 b Larbour, her 8th child
Informant William STEVENSON father
Registered 1855 Apr 7 at Dunfermline entry 66

MAIN ___, female, b 1855 Feb 4 &:30pm, Pathhead
father John MAIN manufacturer, 38 years, b Pathhead
marriage 1853 Bankhead Kinglassie
Mother; Helen Main mn MILL 30 years, b Dysart
Informant John MAIN father
Registered 1855 Feb 17 at Dysart entry 15

STEVENSON John, male, b 1855 Jun 20 3:45am, Parkhead
Father William STEVENSON potter, 23 years b Glasgow
marriage 1851 Glasgow, 1 girl living
mother: Elizabeth Stevenson mn CAMPBELL 26 years, b Bonhill her 2nd child
informant William STEVENSON father x his mark
Witnesses Andrew Bonthron, W. Bonthron Jr.
Registered 1855 Jul 2 at Dysart entry 105

PATERSON Thomas male b 1855 Jan 4 1:30pm, Coles Furnace
father William PATERSON miner, 41 years, b Wemyss Square
marriage 1834 Wemyss Square; 5 boys 4 girls living, 1 boy 1 girl deceased
mother Lilias Paterson mn STEVENSON 43 years b Killerhill, her 11th child
Informant William PATTERSON father
Registrered 1855 Jan 13 at Dalgety entry 1

MOODIE Isabella female, b 1855 Jun 25 3pm, Springhill
father Thomas MOODIE slater 26 years, Inverkeithing
marriage 1852 Jan 14 Crossgates; 2 girl living
mother Janet Moodie mn STEVENSON 32 eyars, b Fordel Colliery
Informant Thomas MOODIE father
registered 1855 Jul 4 at Dalgety entry 26

HANLEN Sarah female b 1855 Apr 21 9:45am East Netherton Street
father James HANLEN damask weaver, 38 years, b Cagan Ireland
marriage 1844 Deneloney county down Ireland,
3 boys 2 girls living
Mother Sarah Hanlen mn STEVENSON 31 years b Haringstown county Down Ireland
her 6th child
Informant James HANLEN father
Registered 1855 May 1 at Dunfermline entry 138

ANDERSON Elizabeth f, 1855 May 9 6am, Pittencrieff Street
father David ANDERSON damask weaver, 37 years, b Dunfermline
marriage 1838 Dunfermline, 3 boys 3 girls living, 1 boy deceased
Mother Margaret Anderson mnSTEVENSON age 37, b Dunfermline her 8th child
informant David ANDERSON father
Registered 1855 May 21 at Dunfemrline entry 166

STEVENSON Thomas m, 1855 May 27 9:30am, Viewfield Place
F Robert Paisley STEVENSON, writer, 24 years, b Dunfermline
marriage 1854 Glasgow
Mother Mary Anne Stevenson mn SHIELDS 24 years b Dunfermline her 1st child
Informant R. Paisley STEVENSON father
Registered 1855 Jun 16 at Dunfermline entry 209

STEVENSON Janet, f, 1855 Jul 1 3am, Beveridgewell
father George STEVENSON coalminer, 32 years, Cults
marrige 1846 Wemyss; 1 boy 2 girls living, 1 boy 1 girl deceased
Mother Margaret Stevenson mn TERRRES 30 years, Wemyss her 6th child
informant George STEVENSON father
Registered 1855 Jul 27 at Dunfemline entry 268

STEVENSON Christian, f, 1855 Oct 30 6:30am, James Place
Father Andrew STEVENSON damask weaver, 25 years, b Dunfemline
marriage 1854 Crossford Dunfemrline
Mother Jane Stevenson mn COOK 25 years, b Auchtertool her 1st child
Informant Andrew STEVENSON father
Registered 1855 Nov 3 at Dunfemrline entry 399

MAIN Margaret f, 1855 Jan 27 4:30pm, North Queensferry Inverkeithing
Father David MAIN coast guard, 49 years, b Foveran Aberdeenshire
marriage 1830 Newburgh; 6 boys 3 girls living, 2 girls deceased
mother May Ann Main mn GAVEN 41 years b Foveran Aberdeenshire her 12th child
informant David MAIN father
registered 1855 Jan 27 at Inverkeithing landward entry 3

MAIN Andrew m, 1855 Jun 20 2pm, Lochgelly
father Andrew MAIN waggoner, 33 years, Kennoway
marriage 1849 Falkland, 1 boy 1 girl living, 1 boy deceased
mother Jean Main mn PEEBLES, 29 years, b Kettle her 4th child
informant Andrew MAIN father
Registered 1855 Jul 5 at Auchterderran entry 88

STEVENSON Margaret Steel, f, 1855 Jun 6 North Street P.C. Manse
father Thomas STEVENSON minister
marriage 1853, 2 girl living
Mother Mary Amelia Stevenson mn HENDERSON
Informant Thomas STEVENSON father
Registered 1855 Jun 16 at Auchtermuchty entry 28

TAYLOR Robert m, 1855 16 Jun 2am, Kennoway
(in margin - 4 children born previous to marriage)
Father James TAYLOR general labourer, aged 39 b Kennoway
marriage 1853 Jul 25 at Kennoway, 1 boy 2 girls living 1 girl deceased
mother Mary Taylor mn MAINE age 37 Kennoway her 5th child
informant James TAYLOR father
registered 1855 Jul 3 at Kennoway entry 29

STEVENSON Mary Ann, f, 1855 Feb 6 2:30am, Steadmans Sand Linktown
father Thomas STEVENSON fleshers servant, 29 years, b Abotshall
marriage 9 Jun 1849 Kirkcaldy, 1 boy 1 girl living
mother Jean Stevenson mn GOLDIE 25 years b Kirkcaldy her 3rd child
informant Thomas STEPHENSON father
registered 1855 Mar 6 at Kirkcaldy entry 43

STEVENSON Elizabeth f, b 1855 Mar 13 8am, Port Brae Kirkcaldy
father Robert STEVENSON provision merchant, 38 years b Burntisland
marriage 24 May 1841 Edinburgh; 2 boys 3 girls living; 1 girl deceased
mother Sophia Stevenson mn THOMSON 36 years, b Wemyss her 7th child
informant Robert STEVENSON father
Registered 1855 Mar 24 at Kirkcaldy entry 65

MAIN Margaret f, 1855 May 12 10:40pm, Morningside Kinghorn
father William MAIN commn labourer, 29 years, b Kennoway
marriage Nov 1848 Abbotshall, 1 boy living, 1 boy deceased
mother Agnes Main mn MORE 23 years Kettle her 3rd child
informant william MAIN father x his mar
Witnesses Robert Imerie, Chas. N.B. Melville
Registered 1855 May 29 at Kirkcaldy entry 112

STEVENSON David m, 1855 Jan 21 1:05am, Drummochie Largo
father: David STEVENSON weaver, 31 years, b Largo
marriage 1852 Largo; 1 boy 1 girl living
mother: Helen Stevenson mn WALKER, 27 years, b Dysart her 2nd child
informant David STEVENSON father; x his mark
witnesses Anw. Greig; T. Boyd
registered 1855 Feb 12 at Largo entry 13

WELCH Archibald, male, 1855 Apr 10 0:30am, Balgonie Square
father Alexander WELC collier, 36 years, b Markinch
marriage 1841 Markinch; 4 boys 2 girls living
mother Janet Welch mn STEVENSON 36 years Markinch her 8th child
informant Alexr. WELCH Ju___ (may be Junior)
registered 1855 Apr 30 at Markinch entry 41

STEVENSON Robert m, 1855 Nov 14 4:10am, Thornton
father David STEVENSON collier, 24 years, b Thornton
marriage 1854 Thornton Markinch, 2 girl living
mother Mary Stevenson mn FLEMING 34 years, b Kinglassie her 3rd child
informant David STEVENSON father
registered 1855 Nov 22 at Markinch entry 146

MAIN Andrew m, 1855 Feb 5 6:50pm, Springfield Scoonie
father James MAIN agricultural labourer, 36 years b Auchtermuchty
marriage 1840 Leven, 3 boys 2 girls living; 2 boys deceased
mother Mary Main mn LAMBERT 36 years, b Dysart her 9th child
informant James MAIN father; x his mark
witnesses William Thomson, Andrew Daguale?
registered 1855 Apr 20 at Leven entry 26

MCKINNAY James, m, 1855 Dec 2 11am, Hamlet of Scoonie Burn
father Alexander MCKENNAY flaxdresser, 24 years, b Armagh Ireland
marriage 1853 Anningham Yorkshire; 1 girl living
mother Anne McKinnay mn STEPHENSON, 23 years, Newport Yorkshire her 2nd
informnat Alexander MCKENNAY father
reigstered 1855 Dec 17 at Leven entry 82

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