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From: "Maureen Lowe" <>
Subject: KEDDIE, NESS, SUTTIE, Abbottshall, Abdie, Aberdour, Anstruther Easter, Anstruther Wester, Arngask, Auchterderran, Auchtermuchty. Auchtertool 1855
Date: Sun, 16 Feb 2003 17:27:02 -0700
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the others are just because alphabetically speaking they were in my way :o). I'm also including Reddie/Peddie just in case I mis-translated the R (the K and R are pretty similar at points)
REDDIE Margaret, female, 45 years, b Inverkeithing, about 40 years in Aberdour
Parents James MITCHELL agricultural labourer; Agnes Mitchell mn NICOLSON deceased
Spouse William REDDIE agricultural labourer,
Child William 20 years,
Died: 1855 Jun 28 0:30am, High St Aberdour, schurhus? of the pylous 14 days as certified by William White Clark surgeon who last saw deceased 26 Jun 1855
bury New Churchyard Aberdour, Hugh Livingston grave digger
Informant William REDDIE husband
Registered 1855 Jun 30 at Aberdour

ANDREW William agricultural labourer, male 73 years, b Cottage of Bucklyvie Aberdour
Parents William ANDREW agricultural labourer deceased; Elizabeth Andrew mn HOY deceased
Spouse Margaret REDDIE
Children William 49; Mary 47; Elizabeth deceased; Thomas 43; David 41; James 38; John 32; Margaret 28
Died 1855 Nov 4 5:30am, Cottage bucklyvie paralysis no medical attendant
Bury New Chruchyard Aberdour, Hugh Livingston grave digger
Informant William ANDREW son,
Registered 1855 Nov 8 at Aberdour entry 25

WILSON Anne, female, 9 months, b Dundonald
Parents John WILSON coalminer, Margaret Wilson mn SUTTIE
Died: 1855 Mar 12 2pm, Dundonald, hooping cough with bronchitis, 3 weeks as certified by Thos. Burgess surgeon who last saw deceased Mar 12
Bury Burial ground Auchterderran, John Collier undertaker
Inforamnt John WILSON father
Registered 1855 Mar 14 at Auchterderran entry 27

SUTTIE Margaret, winder, female, 78 years, b Lockmill Abdie, 60 years in auchtermuchty
parents Peter JOHNSTONE farmer, Jean GILBERT
Spouse Thomas SUTTIE
Children John died 1824 at 28; Jean 56, Isabel 55; Peter 52; Margaret deceased in infancy; Cathrine 50; Margaret 48; James died in infancy; Thomas 44; James dead; Helen 40; James 38; Elisabeth 35.
Died 1855 May 22 11am, Dunshill, old age not certified in bed 2 years.
Bury Strathmiglo Churchyard, not certified
Informant John PRYDE grandson
Registered 1855 May 29 at Auchtermuchty entry 20

Groom MCINTOSH James Cockburn, age 23, residing Dalkeith, born Dalkeith; Parents: Robert MCINTOSH clothier; Elizabeth COCKBURN
Bridge: YOUNG Elizabet Russel, age 29, resisiding anstruther, (second cousins), born Cellerdyke Kilrenny parents George YOUNG shoemaker, Margaret NESS
date 1855 Jul 24 Anstruther, according to the forms of the Established Church of Scotland
Minister Gabriel Smith
Witnesses John Wileson BOURHILL, ann C. MAPLEIRSON, Robert YOUNG
Registered 1855 Jul 25 at Anstruther Easter entry 5

groom SUTTIE Peter, age 28 residing Auchtermuchty, slater, bachelor born at Pitland in the parish of Strathmiglo; parents Peter SUTTIE weaver; Jess MEAZUS?
Bride WILLIAMSON Mary, age 30 residing Auchtermuchty, weaver, spinster, born Loudon Croyden not certain if birth is registered; Parents John WILLIAMSON servant, Mary BARLOW
Date 1855 Aug 14 at Auchtermuchty after banns marriage was solemnized between us according to the rites and ceremonies of the Established Church of Scotland
Minister John Renton, Free Church minister Auchtermuchty
Witnesses David MITCHELL; David SUTTIE
Registered 1855 Aug 17 at Auchtermuchty entry 1

Groom SUTTIE John, age 24, residing Damhhill; mason bachelor born Damhill auchtermuchty; Father John SUTTIE weaver (mother not mentioned
bride: ARTHUR Margaret, age 24 residing Damill, weaver, spinster, born Dumhill auchtermuchty
Father William ARTHUR (no profession or mother mentioned
Date 1855 Feb 12 at Auchtermuchty according to the forms of the Presbyterrian Church of Scotland
Minister John Wise minister U.P. Church Auchtermuchty
Witnesses Thomas ARTHUR, Peter SUTTIE
Registered 1855 Feb 12 at Auctermuchty entry 2

Groom SUTTIE Thomas, age 23, residing Damhill, weaver, bachelor, born Damhill; Parents James SUTTIE, weaver, Alison MELVILLE
Bride WATT Helen, age 25 residing Damhill weaver.spinster b Damhill; Parents Peter WATT weaver; Christian FERGUSON
Date: 1855 Oct 1 at Damhill by the forms of the Church of Scotland after proclamation of banns
Minister George Barlas minister of the East United Seccession Church Auchtermuchty
Witnesses Elspeth SUTTIE, Ann WATT
registered 1855 Oct 3 at Auchtermuchty entry 9

Groom SUTTIE Peter, age 36 residing Dunbelt, weaver, bachelor born Dunbelt parents George SUTTIE weaver, Lilias SUTTIE
bride: WILSON Charlotte Jait, age 36, residing Dunsbelt; weaver; spinster born Dunsbelt registered in Auchtermuchty Parents James WILSON weaver; Christian LEITH;
Date: 1855 Nov 5 at Auchtermuchty after banns marriage was solemnized between us according to the rites and ceremonies of theestablished Chruch of Scothald
minister George Barlas minister of the U.P. church Auchtermuchty
Witnesses James SUTTIE, Margaret WILSON
registered 1855 Nov 5 at auchter mucht entry 10

NESS Thomas male, 1855 Sep 23 2pm, Donisbristle Colliery
father John NESS coalminer, age 25, b Auchterderran
marraige 1850 Dunfemrline,
Siblings 2 girls living
Mother Catherine Ness mn CAMPBELL, 27 years, b Dunfermline, her 3rd child
Informant John NESS father
Registered 1855 Oct 1 at Aberdour entry 34

WHYTE Helen, female, 1855 Jul 26 3am, Wester Balgonie
father John WHYTE caol grieve, 36 years, Falkland
marriage 1845 Leslie
siblings 2 boys 2 girls living
mother Elizabeth Whyte mn SUTTIE 28 years, b Markinch her 5th child
informant John WHYTE father
Registered 1855 Aug 8 at Auchterderran entry 107

REIDIE Helen, f, 1855 Dec 5 8pm, Dothan
father: James REIDIE ploughman, 3 years, Kingskettle
marriage 1843 Kingsbarns, 1 boy 1 girl living, 1 girl deceased
mother Mary Reidie mn THOMSON 35 years, b Kingsbarns her 4th child
Informant James REIDIE father
Registered 1855 Dec 15 at Auchterderran entry 167

SUTTIE Mary Ann, f, 1855 Dec 25 9:30pm, Distillery St.
father Peter SUTTIE slater, 30 years, b Strathmiglo
marriage 1855 Auchtermuchty, 1 girl living
mother, Mary Suttie mn WILLIAMSON 30 years, b London
informant Peter SUTTIE father
Registered 1855 Jan 5 at Auchtermuchty entry 39

TAYLOR John, m, 1855 Jan 2 10pm, Bow Road
father William TAYLOR weaver, 39 years, Pitcairley, ___ Newburgh
marriage 1841 Auchtermuchty, 3 boys 3 girls living, 1 deceased (doesn't say whether boy or girl)
mother Janet Taylor mn REDDIE 38 years, b France
informant William TAYLOR fathe
Registered 1855 Feb 6 at Auchtermuchty entry 11

RAMSAY Elisabeth,f, 1855 Apr 26 9am, Dunshell
father David RAMSAY weaver, 26 years b Cupar
marraige 1848 Auchtermuchty, 1 boy 3 girls living, 1 boy deceased
Mother: Isabel Ramsay mn SUTTIE 31 years, b Auchter muchty
informant David RAMAY father
Registered 1855 May 14 at Auchtermuchty entry 24

SUTTIE Richard Leven, m , 1855 Aug 28 4:20am, Dunshell
father Alexander SUTTIE weaver, 36 years, Dunshell
marraige 1840 Nov 30 Kirkcaldy, 2 boys 1 girl living, 2 boys 1 girl deceased
mother Margaret Suttie mn BIRRELL 42 years, b Kent England
informant Alexander SUTTIE father
Registered 1855 Sep 7 at Auchtermuchty entry 49

PEDDIE Janet, f, 1855 Oct 30 noon, Upper Greens
father Alexander PEDDIE weaver, 44 years, Auchtermuchty
marriage 1851 Auctermuchty, 1 girl living, 1 boy deceased
mother Janet Peddie mn RAWET, 25 years, b Auchtermuchty
informant Alexander PEDDIE father
Registered 1855 Nov 14 at Auchtermuchty entry 66

PEDDIE William m, 1855 Sep 20 1am, Upper Greens
father James PEDDIE weaver, 34 years, Acuhtermuchty
marriage 1846 Auchtermcuhty; 4 boys living, 2 boys deceased
mother Helen Peddie mn MACKARSIE 30 years b Auchtermuchty
informant James PEDDIE fahter
Registered 1855 Nov 15 at Auchtermuchty entry 65

KEDDIE Samuel, m, 1855 Jan 29 2pm, Camilla
father Samuel KEDDIE collier, 25 years, Auchterderran
marriage 1850 Auchtertool, 2 boys living
mother Janet Keddie mn PATERSON 25 years, b Kinghorn her 3rd child
Informant Samuel KEDDIE father
Registered 1855 Feb 17 at Auchtertool entry 4

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