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From: "linda temple" <>
Subject: Some fife deaths
Date: Mon, 30 Jan 2006 13:48:22 -0000
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Here are some fife deaths which I hold certificates for. If you want more
details, get in touch. Ones with a star are my connections.

Mary Beveridge married to Robert Beveridge 48yrs 15 October 1913; Wellwood
Dunfermline. Parents: James Falconer/Elizabeth Robertson

*Isabella Matson widow of Peter Matson 71yrs 16 October 1913; 36 Appin Cres,
Dunfermline. Parents: David Mercer/Ann Wilkie Whyte.

Charles Henry Walker 6mths 20 October 1913; Glenfarg. Parents: James
Walker/Jessie Spink Pert

John Mercer (farmer) 54yrs 25 Dec 1873; Wester Campsie, Carnock. Parents:
Alexander Mercer/Janet Reid

Janet Hunter widow of David Hunter, 85yrs 2 Jan 1898; Saline. Parents:
Thomas Wardlaw/Janet Wells

John Mercer, married to Jane Brown, 77yrs 2 Jan 1898, Saline. Parents: John
Mercer/Janet Dickie

Margaret Wilson Lawson, illegitimate, 17mths 19th Jan 1898, Steelend,
Saline. Parents; Margaret Wilson Lawson. Reg. by Hugh Martin, uncle

John scotland, 3yrs 29 Oct 1865, Pittencrief Street, Dunfermline. Parents:
John Scotland/Helen Syme

Alexander Blair, married to Isabella McKenzie, 32yrs 27 Oct 1865, High
Street, Dunfermline. Parents: Alexander Blair/Catherine Henderson

William Mercer, illegitimate, 2yrs 30 Oct 1865, Abbot Street, Dunfermline.
Parents: Mary Mercer.

Catherine Adamson, 4yrs 1st May 1893, Crossgates, Dunfermline. Parents:
William Adamson/Catherine Nisbet.

*William Mercer, Widower of Agnes Miller, 83yrs 2 May 1893, Charlestown,
Dunfermline. Parents: William Mercer/Margaret Methven

David Hunter 22yrs 2 May 1893, 134 Pittencrieff Street, Dunfermline.
Parents: William Hunter/Margaret Cooper.

Jane Wilson 36yrs 12 March 1877, Limekilns, Dunfermline. Parents: David
Wilson/Janet Aitken

*Ann White Mercer 21yrs, 19 Mar 1877, Limekilns, Dunfermline. Parents: David
Mercer/Ann Wilkie Whyte

Isabella Brown married to James Brown, 59yrs 20 Mar 1877, Crossgates,
Dunfermline. Parents: Frank Ford/Susan McKay

John Nicol, widower of Isabella Ross, 78yrs 18 Oct 1865, Dunfermline.
Parents: John Nicol/Elizabeth Pratur (?)

Christian Wilson, 82yrs, 18 Oct 1865, Crossgates, Dunfermline. Parents:
Robert Wilson/Margaret Ritchie

Helen Mercer, widow of ? Mercer, 56yrs 15 Oct 1865, Limekilns, Dunfermline.
Parents: Adam Thomson/Janet Crombie.

Andrew Muir, 19mths, 26 Jul 1861, Elgin Colliery, Dunfermline. Parents:
James Muir/Violet Gray

John Hynd, 7yrs 12 Jul 1861, Pattiesmuir, Dunfermline. Parents: James
Hynd/Margaret Steel.

*John Mercer, widower of Margaret Crichton, 83yrs 29th Jul 1861, Hillend
(?), Dunfermline. Parents: James Mercer/Isabella Morgan

Margaret McDonald (Brannan) married to William McDonald, Born Ireland, 34yrs
15th June 1855, Townhill, Dunfermline. Parents: John Brannon/Mary M'lynes
(?) Children: James 10yrs; Anne 5yrs; Mary 1yrs. (note: 1855 records have
much more info than later ones)

James Anderson, 77yrs born Dunfermline, widower of Ann Gibson, 18 Jun 1855,
Backmuir of Pitfirrane, Dunfermline. Parents: William Anderson/Janet
Fairgrieve. Children: George 47yrs; William 45yrs; Jean dec. 18yrs 1831;
Janet dec. 18 1833; Robert 34yrs; James 31yrs.

*George Mercer, 74yrs born Gellet Farm, Dunfermline, married to Margaret
Methven. 16th June 1855 Charlestown, Dunfermline. Parents: James
Mercer/Isabella Morgan. Children: James dec. 21yrs 1820; George 50yrs;
Christian 48yrs; David dec. 40yrs 1842; Margaret 38yrs; John dec. 10yrs
1829; Isabella dec 16yrs 1830; Betsey 32yrs.

Eliza McKay, married to Robert McKay, 60yrs 22 Nov 1893, Forth Street,
Dunfermline. Parents: Robert Walls/Catherine Neish.

*Elizabeth Edward, married to Henry Edward, 75yrs 24 Nov 1893, Charlestown,
Dunfermline. Parents: David Mercer/Isabella Thomson

Andrew Miller, 7mths 25th Nov 1893, Wellwood, Dunfermline. Parents: Andrew
Miller/Helen Russell

Helen Gall Hood, 3yrs 4 Nov 1873, Lilliehill, Dunfermline. Parents: William
Hood/Mary ?

*Ann Wilkie Mercer (born Bo'ness), married to David Mercer, aged 55yrs 5 Nov
1873, Limekilns, Dunfermine. Parents: Basil (Barzillai) Whyte/Ann Wilkie

Betsey Fyfe, 20mths 16 Nov 1873, Dunfermline. Parents: Alexander Fyfe/Mary
Ann Thomson

*Isabella Mercer, married to David Mercer, 78yrs 29 Mar 1861, Charlestown,
Dunfermline: Parents: Robert Thomson/Isabella (Elspeth) Rolland

Peter Lawson, 6mths 5th April 1861, ?west Farm, Dunfermline. Parents:
William Lawson/Christine Drylie

Margaret Kirk, 15mths 3rd April 1861, Milesmark, Inverkeithing (?
Dunfermline). Parents: Peter Kirk/Agnes Walker

*David Mercer, 13yrs 17 Oct 1856, Boglily Cottages, Kinghorn. Parents:
Robert Mercer/ Helen (Agnes) Cumming

Elizabeth Wilson, 85yrs 8th Oct 1856, Kirkcaldy Combination Poorhouse,
Parents: unknown.

Elizabeth Baillie, widow, 85yrs 8th Oct 1856, High Street, Kinghorn.
Parents: David Elder/Lilias Barclay

*David Mercer (married to Isabella Thomson), widowed, 90yrs 7th July 1865,
Charletown, Dunfermline. Parents: James Mercer/Isabella Morgan.

Mary Brown, 4ths 13th July 1865, Crossford, Dunfermline. Parents: Thomas
Brown/Mary Hutton

Henry Paterson Adamson, 4mths 13 July 1865 Limekilns, Dunfermline. Parents:
James Adamson/Marion Paterson

*Isabella Harvey, married to Andrew Harvey, 53yrs 1st Jan 1873, North
Queensferry (Dunfermline), Inverkeithing. Parents: John Scotland/Isabella

Thomas Martin, 7mths 2nd Jan 1873, High Street, Inverkeithing. Parents: John
Martin/Bridget McFayden

Andrew Hogg married to Elizabeth Addison, 55yrs 20th Jan 1873, King Street,
Inverkeithing. Parents: Adam Hogg/Agnes Ingles

Alexander Dow, 6yrs 28th Feb 1874, North Queensferry. Parents: William
Dow/Elizabeth Collier

Peter Martin, married to Elizabeth Ritchie, 54yrs 28th Feb 1874, Old Cruiks,
Inverkeithing. Parents: Peter Martin/Isabella Watson

*William Scotland, married to Janet Ged(d), 70yrs 9th march 1874, Preston
Crescent, Inverkeithing. Parents: John Scotland/Isabella Thomson


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