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Subject: More Certificate info
Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2006 18:21:06 -0400

13 June 1865 at Firhill Road, Glasgow, after Banns according to the forma of the Established Church of Scotland; (mine)
Alexander McPHAIL, 21, ploughman, bachelor; parents, Alexander McPhail, farmer, deceased and Annie McPhail, m/s McGillivray;
Jessie JOHNSTON, 18, Power Loom Weaver, Spinster; parents Alexander Johnston, Bridgekeeper on a Canal and Christina Johnston, m/s Watson.
William Tullock & Christina Johnston. A. Arthur Min of Milton.

13 June 1865 at 65 Cedar Street, Glasgow, after Banns to the forma of the Free Church of Scotland;
Joseph GiILMOR, 25, Attendant at a Lunatic Asylumm bachelor; parents, Joseph Gilmour, Agriculture Labourer and Jane Gilmour, m/s Bain;
Rebecca COWRIE, 27, Attendant at a Lunatic Asylum, spinster; parents William Cowrie, Agriculture Labourer and Mary Cowrie, m/s Donald.
Charles Duncan & Barbara Lindsay. John Isdale, Free St. Andrews, Glasgow.

31 December 1925 at Cumbernauld, after banns according to the Forma of the Established Church of Scotland; (mine)
William John PILLAR, 33, Fireclay Miner, bachelor of 16 Southbank, Glenboig (?); parents, William George Pillar, Fireclay Miner and Jane Morton Pillar, m/s Armstrong;
Christina HAY, 26, Domestic Servant, spinster, of Main Street, Cumbernauld; parents, William Hay, Fireclay Brickmaker and Annie Hay, m/s McPhail (deceased).
Witnesses: Annie Hay, 3 (can't make out the word) Place, Charring Cross, Glasgow & George Glenn (?), Ery (?) Cottage, Glenborig.

9 January 1925, at Cumbernauld, after Banns according to the Forma of the Established Church of Scotland;
David POLLOCK, 44, blacksmith, bachelor, of Main Street, Cumbernauld; parents, James Pollock, blacksmith (deceased) and Janet Pollock, m/s Hutchison (?) (deceased);
Janet Jones MARKIE (that's the closest I can come!), 42, (can't decipher occupation) of ?, Cumbernauld; parents, Robert Markie, platelayer (deceased) and Janet Markie (unable to decipher the m/s or witnesses.

10 May 1886 at New Monkland Manse, after banns according the Forma of the Church of Scotland; (mine)
William George PILLAR, 21, clay miner, bachelor of Glenboig; parents
Thomas Pillar, labourer & Sarah Pillar, m/s Shilling;
Jane Morton ARMSTRONG, 23 spinster of Glenboig; parents Samuel Armstrong, labourer & Maria Armstrong, m/s/ Currie.
Thomas Pillar & Isabella Marks. J. McGavin Boyd, minister of New Monkland.

27 May 1886 at new Monkland Manse, after Publication, according to the Forma of the Church of Scotland;
Lewis LOTHEN, 23, Ploughman, bachelor of Thrashbush by Firdrie; parents, Lewis Lothen Shoemaker Journeyman (deceased) & Elizabeth Bodmore, formerly Lothan, m/s Kirton;
Elizabeth SHAW, 20, Domestic Servant, spinster of Riggand (?) New Monkland; parents, John Shaw, Coal miner & Elizabeth Shaw, m/s Stewart.
Ralph C.S. Gillon & James Harper. John McGavin Boyd, Minister New Monkland.

1 January 1890 at 2 Wilton Crescent, Glasgow, after publication according to the forma of the Free Church of Scotland;
Hugh MACLACHLAN, 23, Cooper Journeyman, bachelor of 11 Abercasor (?) Street, Glasgow; parents Lachlan Maclachlan, Hou??minister & (deceased) & Annie Maclachlan, formerly Montgomery, m/s Black;
Jane ROSIE, 21 Domestic Servant, spinster of 39 Abercasor Street, Glasgow; parents, James Rosie, Shoemaker (deceased) & Mary Ann Rosie, m/s Cromority (?) (deceased).
Robert Fryfe(?) & Catherine Mclachaln. Hugh Ross (minister?)

31 December 1889 at 27 Windsor terrace, Glasgow, after publication according to the Forma of the Church of Scotland; (mine)
William HAY, 25, brick moulder, bachelor of Cumbernauld; parents John Hay, Farm labourer (deceased) and Mary Hay, m/s/ Bryce (deceased);
Annie McPhail, 22, Power Loom weaver, spinster of 19 Rodney Street, Glasgow; parents, Alexander McPhail, Carter & Jessie McPhail, m/s Johnston.
Ritchie Shaw & Jessie McPhail. (can't make out the minister's name!).

30 September 1864, at 34 Elmbank Crescent, Glasgow, after banns according to the forma of the Established Church;
Robert GOLD, 33, Carter, bachelor of 62 Forth Street, Glasgow; parents, Robert Gold, Spirit Dealer and Agnes Gold, m/s/Torrance (deceased);
Flora McDONALD, 32, Domestic Servant, Spinster of 2 Forth Street, Glasgow; parents, Simon McDonald, Agriculture labourer and Ann McDonald, m/s Black (deceased).
Donald McDonald & H.A. MacLeod. Norman Macleod, Minister St. Columba.

30 September 1864 at 76 Hill Street Gamehill (?), Glasgow after banns, according to the Forma of the Established Church of Scotland;
James RUSSELL, 30, Canal Boatman, bachelor of Cameron Street, Glasgow; parents William Russell, Coal Hill labourer and Helen Russell, m/s Brock;
Jane JOHNSTON, 23 spinster of 3 Cameron Street, Glasgow; parents, Alexander Johnston, Canal Boatman and Christina Johnston, m/s Wilson.
Alexander mcPhail & Isabella Dickie. A. Arthur, Minister of Milton.

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