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I have just realised you are the person to ask. I don't know if you saw the
posting I made a few weeks ago about the Winning family.

Anyway to summarise, my 4 x great grandmother Elizabeth Winning married
Robert Campbell and I descend from them, my only urban ancestors and indeed
my only Glasgow ancestors. Elizabeth's parents were James Winning and
Elizabeth Horn (and incidentally ~Robert Campbell's mother was a Horn which
suggests he and Elizabeth were cousins of some sort).
James Winning born 1752 in Barony was a Coalminer and his parents were
William Winning born 1724 and Isabel Robb
William's parents were Thomas Winning born 1691 and Janet Dick
Thomas' parents were John Winning born c 1666 who married Sarah Waddell in
1684 in Glasgow
John Winning was a Tailor and a Burgess of Glasgow.
John's parents were Thomas Winning, born 1632 in Glasgow who married Marion
Aitkenhead in 1651.
I am speculating that given the social status of the Winning family as
Burgesses and Grand Burgesses of Glasgow, Marion Aitkenhead belonged to the
Aitkenhead family after whom Aitkenhead Road in the Southside of Glasgow is
Thomas Winning who is my 9 x great grandfather was himself son of Thomas
Winning born c 1600 who was a Maltman and also a Burgess and Grand Burgess
of Glasgow. He married Agnes Lintoun in Glasgow on 8th April 1619.
Agnes was the daughter of William Lintoune, a Maltman who was both a Burgess
and Grand Burgess of Glasgow and his wife Margaret Muirhead. They would have
been born c 1570 and are my 11 x great grandparents, some 14 generations

I am also aware of some fairly notorious cases members of the family were
involved in including allegations of rape, Deforcement of messengers and
goodness knows what else.

With that background, I have been advised that the Lintoune and Winning
families owned much of the land around what is now Westmuir Street and
obviously Winning Row near Duke Street towards Parkhead. They apparently
also owned coalmines in the east end and were fairly wealthy, which I assume
was a prerequisite for a Burgess or Grand Burgess of the City of Glasgow
during the reigns of Mary queen of Scots, James VI and Charles I. Certainly
in the 18th century some of the Winnings went to Russia and in what is now
Ukraine established major businesses and founded the Von Winning family who
are members of the Russian aristocracy.

I have the wills of William Lintoune from 1621, his wife Margaret Muirhead
from 1627 and their daughter Agnes Lintoune from 1651.

So finally to my question! John within your vast repository of the East end
of Glasgow, have you any information which can shed light upon the
activities of the Winning or Lintoune families and the lands and properties
they owned. I know they built a rather fine tenement building at the corner
of Westmuir St in the 19th century and I have seen the archive photos of it
in the Mitchell Library online collection .

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Hello again Carole.......When Mattie and I were married in 1951 in the
village of Gartcosh, near Coatbridge, we rented a room in Alexanda Parade
overlooking the park whilst we waited for a sailing to Melbourne.
The only thing that I can suggest to you about the name of James Orr Street
in Dennistoun,is that the ORR family had large holdings in Barrowfield, a
part of which is now named Bridgeton,
John Orr of this family was instrumental in the development of Bridgeton &
Camlachie Mansion in the wester Camlachie was the home of the Walkinshaw
Because of their allegiance to Bonnie Prince Charlie [his daughter went off
with Charlie] the lands were seized by the Crown.
His wife Lady Walkinshaw was allowed to keep the mansion which she sold to
James Orr.
James Orr had to billet Lieutenant Colonel, James Wolfe in Camlachie
Mansion. General Wolfe died nine years later on the Heights of Abraham
winning Canada for the British.
Orr Street in Bridgeton is named after James Orr.
P.S. I have a chapter in my memoirs devoted to a Mr. Noden, a "Games
Officer" on the ship "Orion" in 1953.
John Duncan, Melbourne, Australia.
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Subject: James Orr Street

> Hello John,
> In a recent posting to the SCT-GLASGOW site you mention an Orr Street,
> Bridgeton. I lived in James Orr Street, off Alexandra Parade about
> 1943-1950 and wonder if you knew why this street was so called.
> Many thanks,
> Carole Noden,
> Kent,
> UK
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