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From: "Iain & Margaret MacIntosh" <>
Subject: [SCT-ISLAY] Couples married outwith Portnahaven parish where their children were born
Date: Thu, 30 May 2002 10:54:09 +0100

I thought the following may be of interest to those researching the
Portnahaven families. I have listed some of the marriages where, on their
children's birth certificates (Portnahaven Parish Births), it indicated an
out-of-parish marriage location for their parents.



Misc. Couples married outwith the Parish of Portnahaven whose children were
born in the Parish

17th Dec 1886 at 27 Lyle Street Greenock
after publication according to the forms of the Free Church of Scotland
Neil Ferguson seaman Bachelor 25yrs 27 Lyle St Greenock
Donald Ferguson Slater Catherine Ferguson ms Ferguson Decd
Flora McNeil spinster 27 Lyle St Greenock
Hector McNeil fisherman Ann McNeil ms Lamont
signed - John Campbell
Archd Lamont witn
Mary Mcneil! witn
Reg. Dec 20 Greenock Wm Johnston Regr

8 Feb 1893 at 92 Gloucester St Glasgow
by declaration in the presence of Angus Ferguson seaman and John McKay
Donald McArthur seaman (merchant service) widower 37yrs
166 Houston St Glasgow
Donald McArthur Fisherman Ann McArthur ms Brown decd
Annie Ferguson spinster 35yrs 47 Kinning St Glasgow
Donald Ferguson Slater Catherine Ferguson ms Ferguson decd.
Warrant of the Sheriff substitute of Lanarkshire at Glasgow 8th Feb 1893 Reg
8 2 1893 Glasgow Wm F McGhee

1893 24 May at 272 Vincent St Glasgow
After banns and Publication according to the forms of the Free Church of
John McKinnon Farmer bachelor 35 Claddach Portnahaven Islay
Nicol McKinnon Farmer Marion McKinnon ms McAulay decd
Margaret Ferguson Domestic Servant spinster 22 yrs 272 St Vincent St Glasgow
Duncan Ferguson farmer Barbara Ferguson ms McAllister
signed - James Duff McCulloch minister
Donald McKinnon witn
Betsy Ferguson witn
27 May 1893 at Glasgow Robert Laing asst regr

30 1888 at 14 Fitzroy Place Glasgow
after banns according to the forms of the Church of Scotland
Charles McKinnon seaman merchant services bachelor 29yrs on board SS
Concordia of Glasgow
Daniel McKinnon fisherman Annie McKinnon ms Campbell
Flora McMillan domestic servant spinster 29yrs
12 Granby Terrace, Hillhead, Glasgow
Donald McMillan tailor decd Betsy McMillan ms Anderson
signed Robert Stewart Minister of St Mark's Church, Glasgow
Alexander Campbell witn
Mary Healy witn
4 11 1888 Glasgow John G McColl asst regr

3 1 1898 at 169 George St Glasgow
By declaration in the presences of John McLellan seaman 27 West Campbell St
Glasgow and Marion McKay Domestic servant 40 Hyndland Street Partick,
Malcolm Clark Seaman (merchant service) Bachelor 38yrs 27 West Campbell St
Malcolm Clark seaman merchant service Marion Clark ms McAulay
Catherine Turner domestic servant spinster 31yrs 185 Bath St Glasgow
John Turner seaman merchant service and Barbara Turrner ms Ferguson
Warrant of Sheriff sub of Lanarkshire dated 3 1 1898
3 1 1898 Glasgow James Hall

Avondale 6 9 1892 Craigmill Parish of Avondale
United Presbyterian Church
Donald McAllister Grocer (master) bachelor 48yrs Portnahaven Islay
Archibald McAllister General merchant decd Elizabeth McAllister ms Anderson
Janet Scott domestic servant spinster 30 Craigmill Parish of Avondale
David Scott grain miller Barbara Scott ms Anderson
George Forrest Delour Minister of UP Church Strathavon
James Smith wtn Elizabeth Scott witn
8 9 1892 Strathaven
John Hunter Asst regr

13 10 1899 East district registry office Greenock
By declaration in presence of John McLean shipping clerk 16 Lynedoch Street
and Mary McMillan or Connell Whitebank, Ashton, Greenock
Hugh MacArthur Shipwright bachelor 34yrs 999 Govan Road Govan
Neil MacArthur fisherman decd Janet MacArthur ms Brown decd
May Connell spinster 30yrs Portnahaven Islay
Donald Connell blacksmith Margaret Connell ms McArthur
Warrant of Sheriff substitute of Renfrew and Bute dated 18th October 1899 at
W Johnston Regr

17 7 1899 West district Registry Office Greenock
By declaration in presence of Duncan Brown steamboat stoker and Janet Currie
or Wilson wife of William Wilson Boilermaker
John Gillies seaman Bachelor 35yrs Portnahaven Islay
Donald Gillies labourer Euphemia Gillies ms McNiven
Mary MacArthur Domestic Servant spinster 21yrs Cladville Portnahaven Islay
John MacArthur shepherd Ann MacArthur ms Currie
Warrant of Sheriff Substitute of Renfrew and Bute dated 17th July 1899
17 July 1899 at Greenock AR Baird Regr

11 March 1896 at l89 Hill St Glasgow according to the forms of the Church of
Alexander MacIntyre Grocer and Joiner bachelor 38 Portnahaven Islay
Nichol MacIntyre fisherman decd Margaret Maclntyre ms MacKay
Mary McKinnon her x mark (signed by John Maclean witness and Samuel Thomson
witness) spinster 30yrs Portnahaven Islay
Charles McKinnon Hotelkeeper Mary McKinnon ms McArthur
signed John Maclean DD of St Columba's Parish
Duncan McIntyre witn Samuel Thomson witn
Reg. 1896 Mar 14 Glasgow Wm Buchanan

18 Dec 1896 at 52 West Nile St Glasgow
By declaration in the presence of Malcolm McAulay Brewer's cellarman 247
Thistle St Gorbals Glasgow and Maggie Campbell
Domestic servant 5 Loudon Terrace Kelvinside Glasgow
Malcolm McIntyre his x mark Robert Laing (asst reg witness) Steamship stoker
Bachelor 31yrs l88 Holm St Glasgow
Peter Mclntyre fisherman Mary McIntyre ms McAulay
Jessie McAulay spinster (cousin) 20 188 HoIm St Glasgow
Gilbert McAulay fisherman Margaret McAulay ms Ferguson
Warrant of Sheriff subst. Of Lanarkshire dated Dec 18th 1886
Dec 18 1886 Glasgow Robert Laing Asst reg

1 3 1897 at 189 Hill St Glasgow according to the forms of the Church of
Neil McArthur seaman merchant service bachelor 28yrs Portnahaven Islay
Gilbert McArthur seaman decd Annie McArthur ms McAllister decd
Mary Turner spinster 23yrs Portnahaven lslay
Duncan Turner Fisherman Janet Turner m,s McArthur
John MacLean DD of St Columba's Parish
Alexander McAllister witn Mary Ferguson witn
Reg 3 3 1897 Glasgow Wm Buchanan regr

24 5 1893 at 272 St Vincent St Glasgow after banns and publication according
to the forms of the Free Church of Scotland
John McKinnon Farmer bachelor 35yrs Claddach Portnahaven Islay
Nicol MjKinnon Farmer Marion McKinnon ms McAulay dec
Margaret Ferguson domestic servant spinster 22yrs 272 St Vincent St Glasgow
Duncan Ferguson Farmer Barbara Ferguson ms McAllister
James Duff McCulloch Minister
Donald McKinnon witn Betsy Ferguson witn
Reg May 27 5 1893 at Glasgow
Robert Laing asst regr

22 6 1893 at 15 Downie Terrace Corstorphine
Free Church of Scotland
Archibald Macintyre Minister of the Free Church of Scotland Bachelor 36yrs
Free Church Manse Portnahaven Islay
Alexander Macintyre shepherd decd Catherine Macintyre ms Macdonald dec
Elizabeth Lowe spinster 25 15 Downie Terrace Corstorphine
DavidLowe Horticultural Builder Margaret Lowe ms Dudgeon
I Scott Alexander F C Minister Edinburgh
John Somerville witn Mary Jane Lowewitn
Reg on 26 June 1893 Corstorphine
James Matthew reg

12 7 1893 at 21 Abbotsford Place Glasgow Church of Scotland
William Wilson Gaswork retortman Bachelor 21 yrs
3 Prince Edward Street Glasgow
William Wilson labourer dec Sarah Ann Wilson ms Cuthbert
Janet Currie sewing machinist spinster 23 42 King St Pollokshaws
Dugald Currie Crofter Jane Currie ms Brown
Robert Monteath Minister of Hutchesontown Parish
James Glen witn Annie Currie witn
Reg 14 7 1893 Glasgow
J N Brown regr

1891 13th May at 10 Hay St, Greenock Baptist Church
Donald Macallister fisherman bachelor 27yrs Portnahaven Islay
Donald McAllister farmer dec Christina McAllister ms Ferguson
Agnes Currie Dressmaker spinster
Dugald Currie crofter Jane Currie ms Brown
George M Macdonald Minister
James Currie witn Janet Currie witn
May 15th Greenock
David C McKenzie asst regll

9 3 1892 at 34 Abbotsford Pl Glasgow Church of Scotland
John McNab farm servant bachelor 30yrs
Peter McNab farmer Janet McNab ms McAulay
Mary Taylor Domestic Servant spinster 21yrs Portnahaven Islay
Neil Taylor crofter Ann Taylor ms McAulay
Andrw Leiper Minister of Gorbals parish
James Falconer witn Katie Brown witn
Reg 10 3 1892 Glasgow
Sign John Brown reg

4 3 1892 at Bridge St Station Hotel Glasgow Church of Scotland
Donald Carmichael 27yrs Ballymoney, Parish of Portnahaven
Donald Carmichael Farm Manager Mary Carmichael ms McKay
Mary Ferguson Farm servant spinster 25yrs Claddach, parish of Portnahaven
Duncan Ferguson crofter Barbara Ferguson ms McAllister
John MacLean of St Columba's parish
William Stevenson witn Maggie Ferguson witn
Reg on 7 3 1892 Glasgow J McGhee regr

4 1886 at the Free Church Manse Shettleston Free Church of Scotland
Archibald McNab Farmer bachelor 36yrs Port Wemyss Islay
Peter McNab farmer Janet McNab ms McAulay dec
Betsy McAllisster Dairymaid spinster 25yrs Kilnside House Paisley
Gilbert Mcallister Farmer Flora McAllister ms Mcaulay
John Smith Minster of Shettleston Free Church
Thomas Adamson witn Marion Mcallister witn
Reg 7th june 1886 Shettleston
John Stoddart regr

1888 29 10 at 8 Whitehall Court Glasgow. United Presbyterian Church
Neil Ferguson Seaman (merchant services ) bachelor 38yrs 5 Reid St Govan
James Ferguson fisherman dec Euphemia Ferguson ms Ferguson
Bella McAlpine Domestic servant spinster 25yrs 48 Carrick St Glasgow
Malcolm McAlpine wood sawyer Isabella McAlpine ms McAlpine
Geo G Green Minister UP church Cranstonhill
Agnes Armour witn Neil Campbell witn
Reg Nov 29 1888 GLasgow
James Stirling asst regr

21 8 1894 at 313 Crown St Glasgow
By declaration in the presence of William Wilson and Janet Currie
Angus McTaggart Steamship/stoker Bachelor 24yrs on board SS Tritonia of
Annie Bell Spinster 28yrs 14 Salisbury St Glasgow
Ronald Bell fisherman Isabella Bell ms Anderson dec
Reg Aug 21 1894 Glasgow
WS H Black asst regr

11 11 l87O at The Manse Parish of Govan Established Church of Scotland
Duncan McLellan Boat Yard labourer Bachelor 25yrs of 14 Victoria St Govan
John McLellan Fisherman dec Mary Mclellan ms Gillies
Marion Currie farm servant spinster 23 10 Whitefield Rd Govan
Neil Currie Fisherman dec Marion Currie ms Anderson dec
M Leishman DD Minister of the Church of Govan
Dugald McDougall witn Margaret McArthur witn
Reg Nov 24 1870 Govan
Thomas Steel regr

1 3 1881 at 15 Shields Road Glasgow after publication according to the forms
of the Evangelical Union Church
Archibald McNiven Seaman (merchant service) Bachelor 30yrs of 284 Crookston
St Glasgow
John McNiven Farmer Janet McNiven ms Gillies
Catherine Robertson her x mark
Domestic servant spinster 25yrs of 15 Shields Road Glasgow
John Robertson flourmill foreman Mary Robertson ms Currie dec
W Richmond South EU Minister Langholm Dumfriesshire
Donald Dove witn Sarah Dove witn
Reg 4 3 1881 Glasgow
Wm Dunsmore asst regr

2111878 Barrhill Establishhed Church of Scotland
Peter McGillivray Cashier bachelor 31yrs Barrhill
Neil McGillivray Builder dec Marion McGillivray ms McIndeor
Helen McCreadie spinster 27yrs Barrhill
John McCreadie farmer dec Jane McCreadie ms Finlay
Janet McCreadie witn William McQuaker witn
Reg 1 2 1878 Barrhill
Hugh Henry regr

8 5 1874 at 11 Maxwell St Govan. Established Church of Scotland
John Campbell sawmill engine driver Bachelor 27yrs 8 Houston Place Glasgow
Duncan Campbell labourer Margaret Campbell ms McDiarmid dec
Ann McGilvray Domestic servant spinster 24yrs 11 Maxwell Street Govan
Donald McGilvray farmer dec Elizabeth McGilvray ms Anderson dec
David McKenzie Minister Govan
John Reid witn Maria Cambell witn
Reg 12 5 1874 at Govan
Thomas Steel Regr

9 6 1882 at 19 Hatton Place Edinburgh, Baptist Church after Banns
James Ducát light House keeper bachelor 25yrs Inchkeith Island
James Ducat Gardener Louisa Ducat ms Guild dec
Mary Grierson spinster 25yrs Jane Place
john Grierson Light house keeper Jessie Grierson Ms Morrison
William Grant Minister
Annie Ducat witn William Grierson witn
Reg June 12 1882 Edinburgh
R W Chariton asst regr

26 July 1887 at 586 Govan Road Govan
after publication according to the forms of the Established Church of
Dugald McNiven Grain storeman Bachelor 28yrs 5 Portman St Kinning Park,
John McNiven Grain storeman dec Christina McNiven ms Sinclair
Christina Connell domestic servant spinster 23yrs 5 Portman St Kinning Park
Donald Connell Blacksmith Margaret Connell ms McArthur
James F Graham - Minister
Gilbert McCormick witn Susan Thomson witn
Reg on July,29 1887 at Govan

2 7 1888 at 3 Arsdgowan St Glasgow
after publication according to the forms of the Free Church of Scotland
Donald Gillies seaman (merchant service) bachelor 27yrs 30 Broomielaw
Angus Gillies crofter Mary Gillies ms Cameron dec
Agnes McNab Domestic Servant spinster 28yrs 3 Ardgowan St Glasgow
Neil McNab crofter Ann McNab ms McArthur
Alexander Skene - Minister
Alexr Hamilton witn Janet M Donaldson witn
Reg July 5th 1888 J S Cameron asst regr

27 8 1881 at 204 Berkeley St Glasgow
According to the forms of the Free Church of Scotland
Godfrey McNeill fisherman bachelor 34yrs Portnahaven Islay
Malcolm McNeil Fisherman Betsy McNeill ms McAllister
Margaret Currie, McArthur or McAulay 40yrs Portnahaven Islay
John McArthur fisherman dec Ann McArthur ms Currie
John Torrance Minister St George's Road Free Church

Neil McNeill witn Margaret McNeill witn
Reg Sept 8 1881 Glasgow
Wm Buchanan regr

10 4 1884 Portcharlotte Parish of Kilchoman Free Church of Scotland
Donald McArthur seaman (merchant service) Cousin Bachelor 28yrs Portnahaven
Parish of Portnahaven
Duncan McArthur fisherman Euphemia McArthur ms Turner
Jane Martin Domestic servant (Cousin) spinster 21yrs Portcharlotte Parish of
Kilchoman ~
Archibald Martin Shoemaker dec Catherine Martin ms Clark
Hector MacLiver witn Christina Martin witn
April 12 1884 Kilchoman
Neil Macindeor reg

30 5 1895 Bruichiaddich Parish of Kilchoman after banns and publication
according to the forms of the Established Church of Scotland
Duncan McAllister Ploughman bachelor 24yrs Claddach parish of Portnahaven
Donald McAllister crofter dec Christina McAllister ms Ferguson
Betsy Campbell Dom servant spinster 24yrs Bruichladdich Parish of Kilchoman
Neil Campbell, Miller, Mary Campbell ms Currie dec
John A Campbell Minister of Portnahaven
Allan Mcallister witn Christina McLellan witn
1st June at Kilchoman
Neil Macindeor reg

5 12 1889 Portcharlotte Parish of Kilchoman
Free CofS
Donald McDermid Farmer Bachelor 37yrs Nerabus Parish of Portnahaven
Neil McDermid Farmer Mary McDermid ms McDermid dec
Flora McFadyen House maid spinster 30yrs Portcharlotte Parish of Kilchoman
Donald McFadyen Blacksmith Catherine McFadyen ms McTaggart
James McMillan Minister Free Church Kilchoman
Angus Gillespie witn Maty McFadyen
Reg Dec 8th Kilchoman
Neil Macindeor regr

25 6 1891 Glegidale School Established Church of Scotland
Duncan McArthur, Carter, Widower 32yrs Bowmore
Gilbert McArthur postman dec Anne McArthur ms Campbell
Catherine McFadyen spinster 34yrs Foreland Kilchoman
John McFadyen labourer dec Isabella McFadyen ms Jamieson dec
Peter McIver Minister of Kilarrow Free Church
Malcolm Millan witn John Spence witn

7 12 1893 Ardnave Parish of Kilchoman Established Church of Scotland
John McLellan Farmer Bachelor 27yrs Kilnave, Parish of Kilchoman
John McLellan Farmer decd Maggie McLellan ms Gillespie
Mary Anderson Domestic servant spinster 24yrs Ardnave, Parish of Kilchoman
John Anderson fisherman dec Bella Anderson ms McKinnon
John Barnett minister of Kilchoman
John Campbell wit Flora Anderson witn

28 1 1894 Portcharlotte, Parish of Kilchoman
According to the forms of the Established Church of Scotland
John Alexander Campbell Minister Church of Scotland Bachelor 46yrs
Portnahaven, Parish of Portnahaven
Duncan Campbell Parish Teacher dec Helen Campbell ms McLean dec
Agnes-Jane Cockburn Farmer's daughter, spinster, 33yrs Portcharlotte Parish
of Kilchoman
George Cockburn farmer dec Mary Cockburn ms Robertson
John Bamett Minister of Kilchoman
John Anderson McLean witn Margaret-Janette Robertson Cockburn witn
June 29th Kilchoman
Neil Mcindeor regr

4 12 l873 Bowmore Church of Scotland
John McArthur his 'x' mark Bachelor 25yrs Farm labourer Bowmore
Donald McArthur farm labourer
Maiy McArthur ms Kelly
Ann Currie her 'x' mark domestic servant spinster 22yrs Bowmore
John Currie baker Ann McPhail dom servant
John McGilchrist Minister of Kilarrow
Nichol McNaughton witn David Woodrow witn
Reg 6 Dec Bowmore
Peter Chisholm regr

207 1875 Bowmore Church of Scotland
Malcolm McAffer farm servant 25yrs Kilchoman
John McAffer farm labourer Ann Mcaffer ms McPhee
Mary Currie dom serv spinster 26yrs Bowmore Kilarrow
Edward Currie Forester Barbara Currie ms McLellan dec
Archd McDonald witn Catherine McLellan witn
Reg July 8th Bowmore
Peter Chisholm regr

13 6 1889 Port Ellen, Kildalton Parish
Established Church of Scotland
John McCuaig Agricultural Labourer bachelor 27yrs Port Ellen, Kildalton
Neil McCuaig Quarry labourer Margaret McCuaig ms Morrison dec
Mary Ann Sim Domestic servant spinster 24yrs Port Ellen Kildalton Parish
Catherine Clark
William Campbell Minister of Kildalton
Archd McCuaig witn Jane McGilvray witn
Reg June 14th Port Ellen
D MacKenzie reg

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