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From: "carol kewley" <>
Subject: Re Authors Knight & Lomas
Date: Sat, 21 Aug 2004 16:47:43 -0400

Further to John Conley's email of yesterday I just wanted to mention there are three books written by Christopher Knight & Robert Lomas.
This email is not about our genealogy search for our ancestors on Islay as many of us doing genealogy research are lucky if we can go back 250 years in our family lines.
However, I am always recommending these books to friends so when I saw John's email yesterday I wanted to try to further promote how interesting the Knight & Lomas' books are. If you are interested in the big picture of how we evolved then you might be interested to know that Christopher Knight & Robert Lomas have published three excellent books with their views on their many years of studies and research and they present plausible explanations to our beginnings. The three books are:
The Hiram Key, The Second Messiah & Uriel's Machine.
Uriel's Machine was given to me a few years ago because I was going to visit Callenish Stones on Lewis and because of that book I also visited Rosslyn Chapel. (Islay gets a tiny mention in this book when they are pointing out earliest sites of human settlement in Scotland but there is a lot of most interesting information on megalithic sites in the British Isles).
These three books cover many various & interesting areas that are all connected together from Pharaohs, Freemasons, Templars, etc. to Ancient Origins of Science, etc., etc., and the two authors have done a SUPERB job of putting all of this data and references together. If these two men ever make a documentary I would not want to miss seeing it.
This summer I also truly enjoyed reading Dan Brown's new fiction "The Da Vinci Code" but am not sure how much was really fact, however, it certainly holds your attention. I think that any of you who liked this book would also enjoy the Knight & Lomas books.

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