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From: "celiageary" <>
Subject: Re: [SCT-ISLAY] Re Authors Knight & Lomas
Date: Sun, 22 Aug 2004 11:48:49 +1200
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I am interested in my genealogy but I also like reading historical books and
finding out through them what life was like in the days when my ancestors
actually walked those rutted roads in Islay. I read the Histoy books but I
also read many historical novels, preferably those with a Scottish
backround. I read a really good one some time ago, which unfortunately I
can't remember the full name of but it had "Oatmeal" in the title. Although
it was written as a novel, you had to think outside the square as it was
told by a grandson, about his grandfather's story of his emigration from
Islay to Prince Edward Is. in the early 1800's and then his life there, and
his eventual migration across Canada to an island near Vancouver. We need to
know what was happening in our ancestors lives so that we can understand why
they did emigrate, and how they coped in an unknown environment. That should
put some flesh on the bones of the genealogy.
I am going off line until October as I am going to Canada to see my son.
Happy hunting everyone. Celia.

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