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> COPLAND, Female - B2/9/1851 - At Blackwood, on the 2d instant, Mrs
> Copland, of a dughter.
> GRAY, Male - B7/9/1851 - At Maybole, on the 7th instant, Mrs David Gray of
> a son;- same day, Mrs Hugh Girvan, of a daughter.
> GIRVAN, Female - B7/9/1851 - At Maybole, on the 7th instant, Mrs David
> Gray of a son; - same day, Mrs Hugh Girvan of a daughter.
> TAIT, Female - B1/9/1851 - At Plumb Street, Girvan, on the 1st instant,
> Mrs P. Tait of a daughter.
> M'KIE, Thos. - M8/9/1851 - At King Street, Stranraer, on the 8th instant,
> by the Rev. George Charles, Mr Thos. M'Kie, Gallahill, Inch, to Jane,
> eldest daughter of the late Mr William Wallace, Float, Stoneykirk.
> ADAIR, James - M11/9/1851 - At Mark, parish of Leswalt, on the 11th
> instant, by the Rev. John M'Gregor, Mr James Adair, farmer, Springbank, to
> Jessie, youngest daughter of Mr William M'Kissock, farmer, Mark.
> M'LEAN, James - M3/9/1851 - At Wigtown, on the 3d instant, by the Rev.
> Peter Young, James M'Lean, Esq., writer, to Elizabeth, youngest daughter
> of John Simson, Esq., Collector of H.M.'s Customs there.
> CONDY, G.J. - M9/8/1851 - At the Cathedral, Madras, on the 9th ult.,
> Captain G.J. Condy, 27th Regiment, N.I., to Flora, only daughter of the
> late Charles Edward Macdonald, Esq., H.C.C.S., and great grand daughter of
> 'Flora Macdonald.'
> DUNLOP, Andrew - M2/9/1851 - At Thornbroke, Maybole, on the 2d instant, by
> the Rev. Mr Thomson, Mr Andrew Dunlop, Kirklandhill, to Jane, second
> daughter of Mr James Dodds, Lochspouts.
> MURDOCH, David - M2/9/1851 - At Grangemill, Maybole, on the 2d instant, by
> the Rev. Mr Thomson, Mr David Murdoch, Grange Mains, to Helen, eldest
> daughter of Mr John Fergusson.
> MARTIN, Theodore - M1/9/1851 - At the Church of St. Nicholas, Brighton, on
> Mondy morning week, Miss Helen Faucit Saville, of the dramatic world, to
> Theodore Martin, solicitor. He is reputed to be one of the writers in the
> Edinburgh Review, and he is also said to be the Bon Galtier of Tait's
> Magazine.
> STEWART, Edward - D27/8/1851 - At Ryde, on the 27th ult, the Hon. Edward
> Stewart, fifth son of John seventh Earl of Galloway.
> COLVIN, Rev. Robert - D4/9/1851 - At Johnstone Manse, on the 4th instant,
> the Rev. Robert Colvin, D.D., in the 73d year of his age, and 43d of his
> ministry.
> BROWN, Mrs - D27/8/1851 - At Enrick, near Gatehouse, on the 27th ultimo,
> Mrs Brown - her death is deeply deplored by a wide circle of relatives and
> friends.
> HUME, Stevenson - D4/9/1851 - At Greenlaw Place, Glasgow, on the 4th
> instant, Stevenson, infant son of Mr Hume, of H.M. Customs.
> MOFFAT/M'Gregor - D2/9/1851 - At Morningside, near Edinburgh, on the 2d
> instant, Margaret M'Gregor, wife of Wm. Moffat, M.A., teacher of
> Mathematics in the High School of Edinburgh.
> LENNOX, Emily Sarah - In the WFP 11/9/1851 - At Southsea, aged 12, Emily
> Sarah, youngest daughter of Lord and Lady George Lennox.
> GREENFIELD, George - D20/7/1851 - At Lexington, North Carolina, on the
> 20th July last, Mr George Greenfield - a native of Scotland.

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b = born
m = married
d = died

inst = instant - this month
ult (ulto) = ultimo - last month
prox = proximo - next month
penult = penultima - 2nd last month
otp = of this parish
here = in the WFP it means Stranraer
c/chr/chris. = christened
curt = current (this month)

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