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From: "John Murray" <>
Subject: [SCT-ROX] Little Jock Elliot.
Date: Mon, 13 Jan 2003 09:58:26 -0000

Hi Lesley,
I found this article about Little Jock Elliot in a book called.


George Harknes Reminiscences of Liddesdale.

There are some good fields lying against the Green march dyke.
>From here we cross over to the park, the residence of Little Jock Elliot.
The spot ware his farm stood in about four hundred yards from Hermitage Water road a little below the Greenholm on the right.

Though that brothwell was wended by Jock Elliot in 'Billhope glen. I Logan Mack wrote that 'Will o' Green's Stan', which used to stand near Kershopefoot was 'understood to been erected to mark the spot were Elliot of the Park fought with grievously wounded Bothwell' (The Border Line Page 167).

It was always stated that the Little Jock Elliot lived at the Park Tower on the farm of Powisholm right over the Hermitage Water below Greenholm and facing the old Redheugh Tower.

P.S The Elliot's Farmed Powisholm Farm for over 300 Years).
John Murray.

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