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From: Catherine Fitchett <>
Subject: [SCT-STIRLINGSHIRE] Re: St Ninians parish - Archibald
Date: Sun, 19 Jan 2003 19:20:13 +1300
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>Just starting some serious work on the ARCHIBALD family from St. Ninians
>Parish and would like to know the name of the town or towns within this
Not a town as such, but the main "village" was St Ninians which by now I
gather has been engulfed in Stirling itself. In the old census records, the
two biggest sections are houses in St Ninians and in Bannockburn.
Bannockburn later became a separate registration district (sometime before
the 1901 census). There was also a small cluster of addresses in Plean.
Many of the other addresses are the names of individual farms.
A year or so ago I bought a modern Ordnance Survey map of the area around
Stirling and St Ninians, and it has proved invaluable as many of the farms
are still there and each is named on the map. If the one you want is not
there, then usually you can locate a nearby address from the census and
find an approximate location. I don't know how easy it would be to find a
map, here in Christchurch (New Zealand) we have an excellent map shop which
has the entire series of Ordnance Survey maps for the whole of the UK.

I have a number of Archibald references in my notes, mainly for Archibalds
in Parkmiln as I suspect they are connected to my Millers. Let me know
offlist more about your Archibalds and I will see if I have any of interest
to you. It may be a few days as I'm busy with a summer school course


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