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Subject: RE: [sut] Clyne Kirkton ? a Smugglers Store ?
Date: Tue, 2 Apr 2002 08:42:57 +0100

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Not sure about the date - could be earlier. In 1786, Hugh Houstoun,
tacksman of Brora and 'merchant' in partnership with Hugh Macpherson, bought
the small estate of Creich. Rev Ross enjoyed his country pursuits - he was
an expert shot - and did not devote a great deal of his energies to the


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Subject:[sut] Clyne Kirkton ? a Smugglers Store ?

From Memorabilia Domestica
There is reference to Foreign smuggling vessels and then
a story about A Mr.
Hugh Houston who was a Brora Merchant and "dealt
largely,after the fashion of the times,in these contraband wares" who died
in 1825. The story has no date but by implication could be around 1800 and
no earlier than 1775 when the Church was built with Galleries.
" I recollect to have heard Mr. Houston himself, when
dining at the table of the late Mr. Walter Ross of Clyne ,his parish
minister, give a minute account of a narrow escape he had made many years
before from a party of revenue officers who were informed of his being in
receipt of a large quantity of smuggled spirits, and were on their way to
seize it. The means of rescue, he said, came from Mr. Ross,who, on hearing
of his perplexity,set himself to collect all the small carts and broad
shouldered men in the vicinity, appointing them to meet at the dead hour of
night at his friend's shop door, to convey Mr Houston's cargo of Gin and
Brandy to the CHURCH OF CLYNE, and deposit them under the East gallery.
This was done accordingly, and the revenue officers coming next day in full
force found nothing to be seized."
A wonderful story and to think all I saw when I looked
up the Church the other week was a host of beautiful white snowdrops perhaps
one for every person buried there? Mind you a wee dram of Gin or Brandy
might have given me more energy ?
Being serious this is a wee insight into the lives of
our Ancestors many of who might have turned up that night and may now be
residents. Iain

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