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GARRICK, Female - B7/11/1843 - Here, at George Street, on the 7th inst., Mrs
Fergus Garrick, of a daughter.
GOURLAY, Male - in the WFP B9/11/1843 - At Newton-Stewart, Mrs James
Gourlay, watchmaker, of a son.
M'GILL, Male, twins - B5/11/1843 - At Carsnestock, parish of Penningham, on
the 5th inst., Mrs John M'Gill, of twin sons, who with their mother are
doing well.
WRIGHT, Male - B5/11/1843 - At Pleasance, Dumfries, on Saturday morning, Mrs
Wm. Wright, of a son.
M'GREGOR, Female - B31/10/1843 - At St. Mungo School-house, on Tuesday the
31st ult., the wife of Mr Robert M'Gregor, parochial schoolmaster, of a
M'CONNEL, Male - in the WFP B9/11/1843 - At Torhouse, near Wigtown, on
Saturday week, Mrs M'Connel,. of a son.
FRASER, Male - B28/10/1843 - At Wigtown, on Saturday, the 28th ult., Mrs
Captain Fraser, of a son.


SERVICE, John - M23/10/1843 - At Paisley, on the 23d ult., by the Rev. Mr
M'Nair, Mr John Service Stranraer, to Miss Martha Young, Paisley.,
LAIDLAW, James - M7/11/1843 - At Castle-Douglas, on the 7th inst., by the
Rev. Malcolm M'Lachlan, James Laidlaw, Esq., surgeon, to Miss Janet Rain.
YOUNGHUSBAND, J.P., - M31/10/1843 - At Mark, on the 31st ult., by the Rev.
John Muir, J.P. Younghusband, Esq., second son of Wm. Younghusband, Esq., of
Floraville, Cumberland, to Susan, fifth daughter of the late Alex. M'Lean,
Esq., of Mark.
CAMERON, Rev. James - M31/10/1843 - At Dollar, on the 31st ult., by the Rev.
Alex. Marshall, Stirling, the Rev. James Cameron, Dumfries, to Agnes Anne
Spottiswoode, relict of the late Lieut. D. AE. Mackay, Hon. East India
Company's Service.
PATON, Wm. - M1/11/1843 - At 98, South Nelson Street, Glasgow, on the 1st
curt., by the Rev. Wm. Burgess, A.M., Eglinton Street Church, Mr Wm. Paton,
hosier and glover, Glasgow, to Marion; and Mr J. Burgess, china merchant,
Liverpool, to Elizabeth - both daughters of the late John Wilson, Esq.,
BURGESS, J. - M1/11/1843 - At 98, South Nelson Street, Glasgow, on the 1st
curt., by the Rev. Wm. Burgess, A.M., Eglinton Street Church, Mr Wm. Paton,
hosier and glover, Glasgow, to Marion; and Mr J. Burgess, china merchant,
Liverpool to Elizabeth - both daughters of the late John Wilson, Esq.,
MEDIVITT, Hugh - M2/11/1843 - At Shakspeare Street, Dumfries, on the 2d
inst., by the Rev. Wm. Reid, Hugh Medivitt, to Mary Elton Markey, College
Street, Maxwelltown.
RIDDLE, Robert - M23/10/1843 - At Earlston, on the 23d ult., by the bride's
father, Mr Robert Riddle, commercial traveller, Manchester, to Jane,
youngest daughter of the Rev. Wm. Lauder, Earlston.
TAYLOR, Simon Watson - M6/11/1843 - At Wahner Church, on Monday last, by the
Rev. W.B. Holland, Simon Watson Taylor, Esq., of Edinburgh, to the Right
Hon. Lady Charlotte Hay, daughter of the Marquis of Tweeddale.


NOCHER, Barney - D1/11/1843 - Here, on the 1st inst., Barney Nocher, aged 70
WITHER, Mrs - D9/11/1843 - At Nook, parish of Portpatrick, on the 9th inst.,
Mrs Wither, aged 73.
NIBLOCK, Wm. - D30/10/1843 - At Cairngaan, parish of Kirkmaiden, on the 30th
ult., Mr Wm. Niblock, aged 87 years.
M'MILLAN, Basil - D5/11/1843 - At Newton-Stewart, on the 5th inst., Mr Basil
M'Millan, merchant, aged 72 years - justly regretted.
M'MILLAN, Bazle - D4/11/1843 - At Newton-Stewart on the 4th inst., Mr Bazle
M'Millan, merchant there.
(is this the same person?, and if so which date is correct?)
STEVENSON, Mary - D30/10/1843 - At Wigtown, on the 30th ult., Mary
Stevenson, aged 93 years.
MUIR, Mrs - D5/11/1843 - At Creebridge, Minnigaff, on the 5th inst., very
suddenly, Mrs Muir, relict of Mr Robert Muir, late feuar, Blackcraig Mines.
GRIEGSON, Mrs - D3/11/1843 - At Midtown of Kelton, on the 3d inst., Mrs
Grierson, aged 81 years.
LAURIE, William - D7/11/1843 - At Crossmichael Village, on the 7th inst., Mr
William Laurie, joiner, aged 82 years.
MILLER, Thomas Hamilton - D7/11/1843 - At Catharine Bank, near Edinburgh, on
Tuesday last, Thoms Hamilton Miller, Esq., advocate, Sheriff of the County
of Selkirk, and third son of the late Patrick Miller, Esq., of Dalswinton.
He succeeded Sir Walter Scott in the above office in 1832.
DALZELL, Stuart John - D31/7/1843 - At Hyderabad, Scinde, on the 31st July,
Stuart John Dalzell, Esq., yr. of Glenae. when nearly recovered from fever,
he had accepted the invitation of his Excellency Sir Charles Napier, the
Governor, to spend some time at his residence for the restoration of his
health. While there he was seized with dysentery, which, notwithstanding
the most devoted attention and skill, carried him off in about two weeks, in
the 23d year of his age.
SHORTRIDGE/MASON, Mary - D31/10/1843 - At Maxwelltown, on the 31st ult.,
Mary Mason, spouse of Mr John Shortridge, Howgate, aged 62 years.
AFFLECK, James - D23/10/1843 - At Armannoch, parish of Lochrutton, on the
23d ult, James Affleck, Esq., aged 63 years.
THOMSON, Janet - D20/10/1843 - At Waterside, Kirkpatrick-Durham, on the 20th
ult., Janet Thomson, at the advanced age of 88.
PRENTICE, Mary - D23/10/1843 - At Liverpool, on the 23d ult., Mary Prentice,
infant daughter of Mr J. Prentice, formerly of Dumfries, aged two years and
six months - deeply regretted.
CROCKET, Joseph - D16/9/1843 - At Friendship Estate, Trinidad, West Indies,
on the 16th September last, in the prime of life, Joseph Crocket, eldest son
of Mr Jas. Crocket, Kirkmahoe - deeply lamented by a wide circle of friends
and acquaintances.
CARLYLE/RIGG, Georgina - D7/6/1843 - At Cartland, Kent County, Michigan,
United States, of inflammation, on the 7th June last, Georgina Rigg, wife of
Mr Wm Carlyle, formerly of Terregles Village - leaving a large and young
family to bewail her early and sudden death.
GIBSON, Robert - D28/10/1843 - At Roundfell of Colvend, on the 28th ult., Mr
Robert Gibson, farmer there - much and deservedly regretted.
MILLER/DENNISTON, Helen - D29/10/1843 - At Gatehouse, on the 29th ult., Mrs
Helen Denniston, aged 70 years, relict of the Rev. Archibald Miller, who for
a series of years was a pious and useful minister belonging to the
congregational Union of Scotland.
M'KERROW, John - D14/10/1843 - At Minnyhive, on the 14th ult., after a
severe illness, borne with Christian patience and resignation, in his 41st
year, Mr John M'Kerrow, late draper and tea-dealer, Taunton, Somersetshire.
MILLIGAN, Mrs Jas. - D19/10/1843 - At Black Craig, parish of Minnygaff, on
the 19th ult., after a lingering illness, Mrs Jas. Milligan, aged 78 years.
WALLACE, William - D3/11/1843 - At his house, High Street, Ayr, on the 3d
instant, Mr William Wallace, grain-dealer.
CHAMBERS, Mrs - D26/10/1843 - At her house, No 8, Athol Place, Edinburgh, on
the 26th ult., Mrs Chambers, relict of Mr James Chambers, manufacturer,
Peebles, and mother of Messrs W. and R. Chambers, publishers, Edinburgh.
FISHER, James - D27/10/1843 - At Edinburgh, on the 27th ult., James Fisher,
for nearly forty years compositor in the employment of Messrs Oliver and
Boyd. He dropped down suddenly while at work, and expired shortly after.
KERR, Rev. Bryce - D25/10/1843 - At Mossend, Beith, on the 25th ult., the
Rev. Bryce Kerr, A.M. minister of the Relief church, Largo.
PROUDFOOT, Rev. Peter - D27/10/1843 - At Arrochar manse, on the 27th ult.,
the Rev. Peter Proudfoot, in the 50th year of his age, and the 27th of his
TELFER, Margaret - D10/10/1843 - After a short and severe illness, at
Broomyknowe, in the parish of Canonby, on the 10th ult., Mrs Margaret
Telfer, wife of Mr James Telfer there, in the prime of life.

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