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From: Lisa Livermont< >
Subject: [SD-ROOTS] Livermont/Livermore/LeClaire/ LeCompte/Wilkie, Peck + more surnames.
Date: Fri, 20 Aug 1999 15:05:46 -0700 (MST)

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Good afternoon, I am sending a long list of names that I have gathered.
The list is a little long, I tried to shorten it. If anyone has any
knowledge of any of these people I love to hear from you. I do have more
information, I'm willing to share.

Have a great evening.

Lisa Livermont
Scottsdale, AZ

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From: (Lisa Livermont)
Date: Fri, 20 Aug 1999 14:58:39 -0700 (MST)
Subject: Livermont/Livermore/LeClaire/ LeCompte/Wilkie, Peck + more
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Hello, I am searching for Livermont, Livermore, LeClaire, LeCompte,
Wilkie and Peck+ more surname's. What I know so far is:

1.Oliver LeClaire b. abt. 1795 Ft. Lookout, Lyman Co, Dakota Territory
d. Bad River m. 1820 Dakota Territory, "Her Many Pipes" Iron Cedar Woman
b. 1800 Mobridge, Dewey Co. SD d. 4-28-1900 Mobridge, Dewey Co. SD. She
was the daughter of Chief Crow Feather # 1 of the Sans Arc Band and her
mother was sister to Red Cloud.

2.Julia LeClaire b. 1832 Ft. Lookout, Lyman Co. Dakota Territory
Christian 7-19-1840 Vermillion, Clay Co. Dakota Territory and Baptised
7-19-1840 godfather: Father Christian Hoecken at Ft. Lookout, near Ft.
Pierre and the post of fur trader, Narcisse LeClaire. d. 1904 Oregon m.
Peter Pierre "Peta" Livermore b. 1811 Canada. d. Oregon

3.Frank Livermore, 3.Joseph Livermore, 3.Peter Livermore b. 7-1848 Sioux
County, Bad River, Dakota Territory. (Possible b. Of Fremont, IA) d.
1921 m. Eugenie Jane Callioz b. <1844 KS or poss. France. d. 1903

4.Joseph "Edwin" Livermont b. 6-27-1866 Pottawatomee Co. KS d. 7-18-1946
Pine Ridge,Shannon Co. SD, burial 7-1946 Martin, Bennett Co. SD. m.
sp1.Jennie Johnson d.1893 sp2. Martha Rooks b. 1884 . 1956 4. Peter
Alfred Livermont b. 1870 d. 1951 m. abt. 1895 Pine Ridge, Shannon SD
Arizona "Zona" Kelly b. <1874 Louisville, Pottaatomie, KS 4. Frank
Eugene Levermont b. 1-26-1872 Hamburg, Fremont, IA d. 1-17-1951 m. 1898
either NE or Washauba, Sioux Nation, Rosebud Dist. Bennett, SD (LDS IGI)
Lottie (Lotter or Lotta) Peck, parents were James Peck and Julia
Marshall Chausse b. 1878 Poss. Bennett Co. SD or IA d. 3-13-1968 CA or
Bridgeport, NE, they had several children one of them was 5. Frank
Wendale Livermont b 8-12-1896 SD d. 11-22-1960 Duarte, CA m. 4-12-1918
Rose Victoria Wilkie (Gray, parents were Marie Charette and Gabriel
(Kab-ish) Wilkie b. 2-28 or 29 1898 d. 7-6-1977 South Haven Michigan
4. Margaret Livermont b. abt. 1874 Hamburg, Fremont Co. IA d. 1913 4.
Leta Clara Livermont b. abt. 1876 Hamburg, Fremont, IA d. 1939 m.
Nicholas Ruleau.
4. Alexander Livermont b. 7-15-1879 Hamburg, Fremont, IA d. 11-29-1959
m.sp1. Lucy Bettleyoun d. 1906 Hamburg, Fremont Co. IA 4. Charles
Livermont b. 5-18-1882 Hamburg, Fremont Co. IA d. 1-19-1957 Martin,
Bennett Co. SD m. Rebecca Mae Rooks 4. Cecilia "Tiny" Livermont b.
7-21-1884 poss. Hamburg, Fremont Co. IA d. 1893 m. Edward Young 4. Mary
Iva Ivy Livermont b. 1886 KS m. Jake Johnson
3.sp.2 Charlotte Chausse

3 Henry Livermore b. 1849 Of Fremont, IA settled around Pierre. SD He
was allotted 1/2 section of land 30 miles west of Fort Pierre, on Bad
River. Later he traded his allotment for a 1/2 section in Dewey Co. not
the George Goldade Farm d. 11-13-1919 SD m. 11-1887 in Oahe Mission by
Rev. Thomas Riggs, DakotaTerritory Amelia Arpan, her parents were Peter
Arpan or Halpan and Elizabeth Starr. b. abt. 1867 in Cheyenne River
Reservation, Armstrong Co. Dakota Territory, d. 3-23-1945

4. Josephine "Josie" Livermont b. 9-1-1888 Van Metre, SD d. 12-31-1967
m. 9-16-1908 Van Metre, SD Frederick Grover Cudmore son of William
Cudmore and Sara McQuillian b. 1-26-1886 Erie, Neosha Co., KS d.
11-7-1970 Timber Lake, Dewey Co. SD 4. Peter Alfred Livermont Cheyenne
River, Eagle Butte, SD Sioux Nation d. 4-4-1890 Washauba, Sioux Nation
Rosebud Dist. Bennett SD (taken from LDS).4. Francis "Henry" Alexander
Livermont 10-19-1892 Cheyenne River, Eagle Butte, Sioux Nation SD
d.8-25-1944 m. ab. 1918 Christine Edna Traversie, daughter of Andrew
Traversie and Anna Gage b. 3-21-1896 Near Moreau River, Dewey Co. SD d.
6-16-1968 4. Charles Edward Livermont b. 11-15-1898 Ft. Pierre, Stanley
Co. SD d. 1-13-1965 Belle Fourche, Butte Co. SD m. 12-26-1939 Seattle,
King Co. WA Anna Greff 4. 4. Katherine "Kate" Cecelia Livermont b.
8-7-1907 Bad River by Van Metre, Jones Co. SD d. 6-23-19736-23-1973 m.
sp1.abt. 1920 Dennis LeCompte son of Vetal LeCompte and Maud Traversie
b. 9-27-1904 McGowan School Dist. Carson Co. SD d. 4-18-1987 sp.2. 1922
Dewey Co. SD Sidney Antoine LeBeau son of Antonie LeBeau and Josephine
Garreau. b. 1896

3. Alexander Livermore b. 1851 IA d. 1875 Dakota Territory 3. Edward
"Ed" Livermore b. 1852 IA 3. Julia Livermont b. 1856 IA

2. Lillain "Lillie" Eulalie"Lalie" LeClaire b. 1833 IA baptism 7-19-1840
Greenwood Cem. Mobridge, Walworth Co. SD d. 4-12-1924 Mobridge, Walworth
Co. SD.m. 1949 in Yankton Agency, Dakota Territory Louison LeCompte, son
of Joseph LeCompte and Pasie Brings Grass Woman b. 9-6-1830 in Ft.
Tecummseh, Old Ft. Pierre, Stanley Co. Dakota Territory batized
7-16-1840 Godfather Francois At. Ft. Lookout, Dakota Territory, Lyman
Co., SD by Father Christian Hoecken,S.J.d. 4-28-1900 Mobridge, Walworth
Co. SD.

3. Sophia LeCompte b. 1850 Yankton Reservation or IA d. 4-10-1911
Aberdeen, Brown Co. SD m. 7-1-1867 Swan Ranch, Dakota Territory Nap
Napoleon Ducheneaux son of Francis-Xavier Duchesneax and Juia Malet b.
8-23-1939 inSt. Genevieve, Quebec, Canada d. 11-19-1918 Dewey Co. SD 3.
Angelique Arzhell LeCompte b. 7-1856 d. 5-12-1915 m.abt. 1869 Joseph
LaRoche b. 1826 Canada d. 6-11-1899 Buried Lower Brule, Lyman Co. SD 3.
Mary "Mollie" LeCompte b. 1857 IA Baptized Green Cem. Mobrige, Walworth
Co. SD d. 4-28-1933 Mobridge, Walworth Co., SD m. 1874 south of
Mobridge, Dewey Co. Dakota Territory Eugene Monroe Whitney Sr. b. abt.
1852 Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., PA Lt. in Union Arny, baptize 1880
Niobrara Knox Co., NE d. 1880 Niobrara, Knox Co. NE. 3. Louis LeCompte
Sr. b. 1859 batized Greenwood Cem. Mobridge, Walworth Co.SD d. 1-27-1908
Mobridge, Walworth Co. SD sp.1. 2-25-1879 Medicine Creek, Fairbanks,
Sully Co., Dakota Territory daughter of Paul Narcelle and Elizabeth
Sarry b. 1866 d. 6-1891 sp2. 1-4-1895 in Oak Creek Substation, Corson
Co. SD Christina Overseth daughter of ___ Overseth and Rachel, their
family came from Norway to LaCrosse, Wisconsin, then to Dakota
Territory. b. 10-20-1874 Norwa d. 4-18-1958 Mobridge, Walworth Co. SD
buried Greenwood Cem., Mobridge, Walworth Co., SD 3. Annie "Good Flower
Woman" LeCompte b. 1874 Dakota Territory baptized Ascension Cem. Black
Foot Comm. Dewey Co. SD d. 5-19-1939 Dewey Co. SD m. 1895 Walter
"LaChapelle" Swift Bird son of Walter "LaChapelle" Swift Bird b. 11-1870
Dakota Territory d. 1-20-1932 burial 1-1932 Ascension Episcopal Cem.
Blackfoot Comm. Dewey Co. SD 3. Vetal Anselm LeCompte Sr. b. 1875 d.
5-15-1940 m.sp1. abt. 1897 Maud Catherine Traversie daughter of Ambrose
Traversie and Catherine Benoist b. 1876 d. 3-23-1946 sp2. 1-9-1924
Selby, Walworth Co. SD Nellie Rose Brown daughter of Samuel Brown and
Mollie Bruguier b. 11-4-1888 Dakota Territory d. 3-12-1944, she adopted
Velda Arlene Dcheneax b. 1-20-1931 d. 2--1983 and Carl "Buddy" Vicor
Ducheneaux b. 1-22-1935 after the death of their mother.

2. Pierre "Peter" LeClaire b. 1835 bapized 7-19-1840 Godfather Father
Christian Hoecken. At Ft. Lookout, near Ft. Pierre and the post of fur
trader Narcisse LeClaire m. a Ponca or Omaha breed woman, then moved to

2. Theresa "Sarah" LeClaire b. 1837 baptized 7-19-1840 Godfather: ather
Christian Hoecken at Ft. Lookout, near Pt. Pierre, and the post of fur
trader Narcisse LeClaire.d. 10-8-1902 m. ____ Velandry, with there sons
the spelling changed from Velanda.

2. Angela LeClaire b. 1837 Ft. Lookout, Dakota Territory, Lyman So. SD
baptized 7-19-1840 Godfather: Father Christina Hoecken at Ft. Lookout,
near Ft. Pierre and the post of fur trader, Narcisse LeClaire. m.____

Notes: the Livermore name was changed around 1860 to Livermont and
Levermont. Then Levermont was changed to Livermont.

Notes: Peter and Julia rode with Red Cloud's band between 1859-1862.

Surnames involved with this line are:
Livermore, Livermont, Levermont, LeClaire, LeCompte, Wilkie, Peck,
Velandry, Callion (Callioz), Chausse, Arpan, Ducheneaux, Malet, Starr,
LaRoche, Whitney, Narcelle, Sarpy, Overseth. "LaChapelle" Swift Bird,
Traversie, Benoist, Brown, Bruguier, Cudmore, McQuillian, Gage, LeBeau,
Garreau, Rivers, Opp, LaPlante, LaDue, Thompson, Jewett, Whitesell,
Crawley, Schreiner, Horn, Traylor, Dean, Montandon, Wilcox, Larson,
Fraser,French, Long, Hulm, Grage, Janis, Cummings, Babby, Hill, DuBray,
Claymore, Hodgkiss, Rooks, Marshall, Kincaid, Hawk, Dufond, Hayes,
Johnson, Sawyer, Gilland, Dewitt, Cooke, Le Tourneau, Skinner,
McLaughlin, plus a lot more.


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