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Subject: Re: Ellen OWEN wife of E.P. or Earl P. OWEN in Waubay
Date: 29 Jan 2006 20:51:51 -0700

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Would appreciate any help you might have! Had to go back and check the year of the Annuity roll where Katie LACROIX is listed with the (BARSE) next to it. Actually, after re-checking, she was listed as just Katie some years Catherine/Katherine LACROIX throughout the 1890’s. It was 1903 that she was listed as Catherine LACROIX (BARSE).

You are right, this Katie LaCroix,( who later married Baptiste LaBelle from Veblen) is part of the family group headed by Louis LaCroix Sr. and his Indian Wife Rosalie (MAR-PI-YA-MASE), whose roots were in Minnesota, their children moved toVeblen SD, and Santee, NE. I have yet to determine if Katie LaCroix is a daughter, or a granddaughter. Louis and Rosalie(also known as Rosa) are my Great Great Grandparents. Louis LaCroix Sr., a French Canadian, as far as I can tell was born in Missouri. Rosalie’s roots are difficult to confirm however the 1856 Minnesota Half-blood scripts list her origins as a full blood from the Wahpacoota band in MN. Some of the Children of this couple lived in Veblen—Fred, Louis Jr., Spencer, and another possible daughter Sarah LaCroix(Who later married William Quinn and lived in Veblen) . Two of their other Children went to Santee, NE—Lillie LaCroix Mitchell, and my great grandfather Oliver LaCroix Sr..

I have for a few years suspected that this Katie LaCroix was a daughter of Louis Sr. and Rosalie. Louis Sr. died at Big Stone Lake in 1874. I suspected that Katie LaCroix was born right around the time he died. I have no idea what happened to Rosa LaCroix. The last trace I had of Rosa was when she was mentioned in an heirship dispute for one of her children. A Roberts County, SD court Affidavit mentioned she was ill and alive in about 1878 working at the “Agency school” and returned to work after she was ill. I have not been successful in finding out where that school is, but I assume it is near Veblen.

Katie LaCroix went to the Carlisle Indian School in PA from 1880-1883. Her student file from NARA only included her enrollment card. Her enrollment card in 1880 had her home address as living with Rosa LaCroix. The card had a check mark that Katie’s mother was living, father was listed as Dead. She was at the school until 1883. I was open to the fact that Katie could have also been a granddaughter. I cannot find Katie on a census in 1880. She is listed on the Sisseton Wahpeton Annuity rolls in the 1890’s, right along side the other adult children of Louis and Rosalie, and their wives and children. In the 1900 census I have a Katherine LaCroix living with a family headed by a Titus JUG or TUG , in Marshall County SD, Buffalo Township. Her relationship to this man is listed as Cousin. I have no idea who he is. She is only listed as a ¼ breed, and her birthdate is off a few years. But, census records were not always correct.

Katie LaCroix married Baptiste LaBelle and they lived in the Veblen area the rest of their days. Katie died in May 1953.Her death certificate lists her birth date as June of 1870. It listed her Father as Frederick LaCroix, and her mother as Anne ROY. That was a shocker! I know nothing of an Anne ROY. Frederick LaCroix could be Louis LaCroix Sr.—I have found him referred to as Frederick Louis LaCroix on his marriage record of 1848. Or, her father could be the son of Louis LaCroix Sr , Frederick/Fred, who was a Renville Ranger during the Dakota Conflict, and married Amelia /Millie Mitchell . They raised a large family and resided in Veblen.

I apologize for rattling on. I thought better to give you as much as I know in case you might have any clues. I would appreciate if you could look over your BARSE Family Tree and see if anything familiar jumps out. It sounds like you may be familiar with these family names who were involved in Dakota War history, and the early days of Minnesota—so are you familiar with the ROY name?—I have also seen ROI, but haven’t had time to dig into that.

I live in Minnesota and have exhausted all the resources I know of here. Hoping maybe you may have some suggestions. I was surprised you were familiar with our LACROIX Group. Are you from the MN area or SD and related somehow?

Thanks Tamara, Denise

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