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My great grandfather is Cornelius Vanderweillen. I believe his brother's name was Kryn and I thought his father was also a Kryn until I found land records in Hutchinson county that he had a different name. It was Leonard Nicholas Vanderweillen. I have a letter from the dad asking about Kryn. I was told that Cornelius' grew up in an orphanage in Rochester, New York. Cornelius' bible says he was born in Rochester, New York.
I briefly say the name Kryn Vanderweillen as an artist or painting instructor in Rochester. I only saw it once and never again. It was in reference to a famous painter being taught by Kryn.
I don't know anything about a Mary. I believe when I search for Vanderweillens in South Dakota, a Mary's name shows up with Vanderweillen being spelled with one l.
The lady associated with the post doesn't answer my e-mails, so I don't know if she is still living.
My e-mail is and I will gladly share all I have on the Vanderweillens. How are you related to Kryn?
My grandmother's brother was born in South Dakota and then they traded government land deeds for a place in indian territory (Roosevelt, Oklahoma).

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