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Subject: [SEVIER] Fw: Re: Andrew Jackson book
Date: Sun, 14 May 2000 16:07:54 -0500

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Date: Sun, 14 May 2000 15:41:51 -0500
Subject: Re: Andrew Jackson book
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Joannah Goad Sevier married Joseph Hawkins Windle. & she d. 1823. Tom
Windle is the present chairman of Sevier Family Association and lives
Bartlesville, Oklahoma and is a Rev. War reenactor who recently made the
march from Watauga settlement to King's Mountain battlefield, where our
ancestor Col. John Sevier won fame due to Cleveland, Officer of the day,
being delayed by an unexpected swamp. Col. George Washjington Sevier was
present when she died. Mr. Windle was one probater of Col. Sevier's

Joseph Hawkins Windle's 4 th child Juliet Cantrell Sevier, married a
JOEL T COFFEE, , then a Wathall, then a Ellis.

Juliet Cantrell Windle's sons were JOSEPH COFFEE AND THOMAS cOFFEE B.
Willow Grove, Tennessee.

One Windle- Sevier descendant was the husband of Shirley Temple Black,
the movie star of the 1940's.

According to the book CHEROKEE SUNSET- A NATION BETRAYED, by a Samuel
Carter III , Andrew Jackson was leading Gen, John Coffee and Capt. Sam
Houston with American army of 1/2 Cherokees against the British and Creek
Indians in the Battle of Tallaposa, War of 1812. The Ridge and John
?Ridge were present. One group was fighting from thick brush, which
Jackson orderred burned to drive them out or burn them. Gen. Coffee said
Cherokee sharpshooters stood on the bank and shot every Creek as he dove
from the brush fire into the river. We paid them back for being loyal to
their treaty with us with the Trail of Tears. So Cherokees later said Old
Chola was At His Cups- an alcoholic with lost memory.

This book has several pages of the activities of Gen. Coffee of Tennessee
and Alabama. # 970.3, Carter in card files.

The book TENNESSEE- A short history by Folmsbee, Corlew, and Mitchell,
says the army was split and Gen Coffee with Davey Crockett led the
combined forces- Cherokee and Anglo and some blacks?? against the
Seminole from Tallegeda. then built Fort Strother, 13 miles from
Talusahatchie, which Gen. Coffee and Crockett led troops and destroyed

Several Sevier and Wyly sources say Gen. James Rutherford Wyly, second in
command led 700 American and 400 Cherokees and sacked and buned
Talahassee. They destroyed 2 or 3 towns and were ambushed and defeated
and returned home- They were Georgia Militia, not Jackson's troops. Gen.
Wyly's first cousin Gen. Ben Cleveland, son of John grandson of Gen. Ben,
I think, was in this group- they were not yet Generals- and are buried
within 20 feet of each other in Clarkesville, Ga. with War of 1812
medallions on their graves. there is one grave between Gen. Wyly and
first wife Sarah Hawkins Clark Wyly, granddaughter of Gen. John Sevier-
my ancestors. They were divorced but buried by a child, apparently- no
headstone. She told her grandchildren when they were small she had lived
with her grand Gov. Sevier and told them stories they came to Texas
repeating in 1868. One was Great Grandad Robert Augustine Wyly, who
fought at Shiloh, 1865- age 13, with an older brother James Allen Wyly.
Wonder if Sarah taught them to read the Latin Vulgate Bibles like Uncle
( William Sevier Wyly )had? If so, she learned it in the Sevier home at
the foot of Baptist and Presbyterian Ministers hired by Gen Sevier to
teach his children.

Chasing rabbits- maybe you see one which might make your day.

Take care, Charles A. Wyly

, 14 May 2000 11:45:25 EDT writes:
>I was recently told of the book Andrew Jackson, Border Captain, by a
>cousin in Texas. It was published in 1933. Found it on e-bay auction.
>reading it and found information on John Servier in late 1700s after
>Revolution. You probably already know about the book. I am finding it
>interesting. There are also parts in it about Gen. John Coffee of
>and Alabama who is my 4th grandfather's brother. John married a neice
>Jackson's wife. Thought I would pass along info in case you do not
>know about
>the book. Betty.

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