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Subject: [SEVIER] john sevier, jr. family descendent
Date: Wed, 19 Mar 2008 17:11:30 -0400

hi, i hope i have the correct email. i found it on the john sevier family lineage website. are you the family historian? i am a direct descendent and am looking for info on john, jr's 2nd wife, listed as #652 (unknown) on sevier family lineage site. her name was rachael sevier, an anglicized name as she was cherokee. she would have married john, jr. probably between 1787-1789 as john sevier III was born in 1789. she either died or divorced before 1810 bc john jr married someone else and had a child in 1810. do you have any info on her like marriage record? my lineage goes like this:

john sevier/sarah hawkins
john, jr./rachael (cherokee)
john III/mary daniel
cornelia sevier/jacob harrison
margaret harrison/john l. moore
charles r moore/sadie cammack
margaret moore/marion b. solomon
charles solomon/susan wilemon
and then me, charles solomon, jr.

thanks in advance

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