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From: "David Finnigan" <>
Subject: RE: [SFHG] re wills post 1858
Date: Tue, 8 Feb 2005 19:50:27 +1100
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Sorry this is a while coming but I couldn't find the web address.

Index to Death Duty Registers 1706 to 1883 is at:


They are progressively working towards 1903 - about two years every month.
So I guess another year to completion.

Regards, David Finnigan
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From: Jeremy Stroud [mailto:]
Sent: Thursday, 27 January 2005 5:39 AM
Subject: [SFHG] re wills post 1858

It's about a year since I last looked for wills post-1858 (so the info might
out of date):
The Pricipal Probate registry will conduct a search for you for about 5
each item searching for a few years either side of dates given etc. The
is for whether the search is sucessful or not. I understood that you can
email or telephone the details, but you will need to send a cheque by post I
believe. They are helpful.

The alternative is to visit the National Archives at Kew (former PRO Kew) -
where there are indexes on microfiche, from which a further microfiche no
be obtained & an abstract of the will viewed. I found the info on the
was often sufficient & in some cases the same as the will from the PPR. the
search is somewhat laborious if you want to browse through several years,
relatively easy & fast once you've located some you're intersting in.
this is only of use for those who can easily get to Kew.

Note also that probate doesn't have to be just a few months after death, it
could be a few years later, or in the case of Admons even many years later.

Hope this helps add to previous info on SFHG website.

Regards, Jeremy Stroud, Amsterdam, SFHG #9722.

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