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Subject: RE: [SFHG] Samuel Medhurst-Westons b.1815-1822
Date: Sun, 18 Sep 2005 08:34:08 +0100
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Thank you for all this information Sue. I bought the book from SFHG some
time back but unfortunately the details saying that it was possible that
Samuel Medhurst was John Weston's father in law, comes from the same source
that I have, from an old aunt which she had written down. Young John, who is
not one of the brothers from the star mill, was born in 1815, died age 31,
so he would have been old enough to marry from about 1830 but unfortunately
I cannot find any information on him marrying a Medhurst but I will keep
trying. The West Sussex County Times relates to a notice being placed in the
paper saying that Edward Weston had left the partnership because of an

Thank you for all your help, Pat Weston

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Subject: Re: [SFHG] Samuel Medhurst-Westons b.1815-1822

Dear Patricia,

Yes, I have some information on Samuel Medhurst and the Westons, from George
Coomber's book on Bygone Corn Mills in the Horsham Area - published by
Horsham Museum Society in 1996 and still available at £6.50. George knew
the Weston family who lived in Roffey and got information and family
photographs from them, which are reproduced in the book. Samuel Medhurst
was a well-known millwright who lived in Lewes and made an inventory of the
Star Mill in Roffey in 1849, which is in the Horsham Museum archives - HM
MSS Cat. No. 2803. This is also transcribed in the book. There is one
paragraph which you might find of particular interest as it suggests that
John Weston was Samuel Medhurst's son in law - the source for this is the
West Sussex County Times of 31 October 1888.

"The Westons came from a well-known Sussex windmilling family, connected
with the mill-wright, Samuel Medhurst, who had drawn up the inventory of the
Star Mill in 1849. Medhurst built Ashcombe Mill at Lewes for their
grandfather, John Weston, circa 1828. This was the only six sailed post
mill in Sussex and probably the only one in England . At that time John
Weston and Samuel Medhurst were neighbours in St. Anne's, Lewes, and it is
possible that John Weston was Samuel Medhurst's son-in-law . The Weston
brothers rented a house and shop in Crawley Road (now no.31) for £20 a year,
and in 1887 asked their landlord to convert an outhouse into a bakehouse by
building an oven, erecting a chimney, laying a floor and making any other
necessary alterations. He declined to do this, so the Westons carried out
the work at their own expense, and in return it was agreed that the rent
would not be raised during their tenure, and that if they left the premises
they would be paid the value of the alterations. In 1888 Edward Weston was
involved in an accident when a millstone, which was being dressed, fell and
crushed his leg. A notice was placed in the local paper announcing that
the partnership had been dissolved by mutual consent and that from then on
the mill and the bakery would be carried on by Walter Weston alone, although
the business would still be styled "Weston Bros." or "E.& W.Weston". Early
in 1889 Edward died from his injuries, and on 25 March of that year Henry
Phillips Thorpe, who had inherited the mill when his father died, aged 84,
on 2 September 1887, granted a new lease to Walter Weston . This lease ran
from year to year, terminable by either party by six months notice, at an
annual rent of £25, payable half-yearly at Lady Day and Michaelmas. Weston
was to be responsible for all rates, taxes and assessments (except property
tax) and for all repairs etc. to the interior of the mill, the gear, tackle
and sails, whilst Thorpe agreed to keep the exterior of the mill in good
repair and to provide timber for repairing the mill including the stocks and
sails if found necessary. By 1892 the windmill was getting very shaky, and
Walter's wife was very worried when he used it in a high wind , so he gave
up the lease and moved to the Star Steam Mill in Crawley Road. A
declaration made in connection with the settlement of the Thorpe estates in
1893 stated that "there is a windmill on the property but it has stood
empty for the last twelve months. The trustees have offered this at a rent
of £10 per annum but cannot obtain a tenant". The mill was pulled down in
April 1895 by the Horsham millwrights Steele and Dodson, and on May 7 the
timber, machinery and materials were sold by auction. Some of the fittings
and the stones were purchased by Walter Weston and transferred to the steam
mill, and the smutter was bought by J.G.Turner of Cripplegate Mill in
Southwater. One complete stone and several broken parts of another are
preserved in Walter Weston's daughter's garden in Rusper Road, Horsham".

Sue Djabri

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Subject: [SFHG] Samuel Medhurst-Westons b.1815-1822

> Is there anyone on the list who is, or has, anything on Samual Medhurst,
> millwright of Lewes? In some details I have from an old aunt, who is no
> longer alive, she has written 'I believe one of Johns sons (John Snr b
> married one of Samuels Medhurst's daughters'. This could be one of three,
> either John born 1815 - died 1851, Peter Charles b. 26.7.1826 - no death
> date, Joseph b.1828 died 1878, all three surnames are Weston and their
> occupation would probably be a miller. Thanks, Pat Weston 10143
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