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Oh, boy, we are going to get this even further tangled up before we get it
straightened out. <g>.

<Roger Shackelford b. 1700 did marry for a second time. It was to Nancy
Atkinson (my letters) and children were Julie, Josephine, Ardella, and
Elizabeth. Others show Nancy's last name as Carter.>

I show that Roger b. 1700 married for a second time to a Mrs. Drucilla
Hendrix. This is from DAR Patriot Index, Centennial Edition, (National
Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution, Centennial
Administration, Washington, D.D., 1990.), p. 2618.

I show Roger's son, also Roger, b. 17 May 1744, as being married first to an
unknown person (this from the work above), then to Nancy Carter, then to Sally
Laird. My sources for the marriage to Nancy are the family Bible record of
Joseph Shackleford Binkley, son of the younger Roger's daughter Adeline and
Frederick Binkley (my second great-grandparents), Robert B. Shackelford's The
Shackelford Family, Its English and American Origins, the above cited DAR
Patriot Index, and Henry Guthrie, John Lane Mason, Their Ancestors,
Descendants and Collateral Kin by Mildred Murphy. The DAR Patriot Index shows
his third wife as Sally Laird and gives a marriage date of 16 July 1801 in
Madison County, Kentucky. Roger is believed to have had at least nine
children by Nancy (perhaps more), and he had five more children by Sally
Laird. Roger and Sally moved to the Shaker community at South Union,
Kentucky, in 1813; and the records for South Union say that they had five
children and name four of them, all sons. The fifth child is not named
although I believe that it may have been a daughter, Drucilla, born about
1804, who is mentioned once in the South Union records. A Drucilla
Shackleford married David Binkley in 1821 in Davidson Co., TN. I have not yet
discovered the exact relationship of this David Binkley to Adeline
Shackleford's husband Frederick Binkley, but all the Middle TN Binkleys were

Roger Shackleford died at South Union, KY, in either 1822, 1824, or 1825.
(There are many inconsistencies in the reporting of death dates and ages in
the Shaker records; in one entry Roger's birthdate is given as 1756 although
it is not consistent with the date of death and age shown in the same entry.)
Roger and Sally were buried at South Union, but the cemetery no longer exists.

I show a 1779 death date for this Roger, the sources being the DAR Patriot
Index, LDS Ancestral File No. 3RBX-GO, Robert B. Shackelford's book mentioned
above, and E.M. Shackelford and Franklin Shackelford Moseley's George
Shackelford, Annette Jeter and Descendants.

Anyone else care to contribute any knots to this tangle?

Sara Binkley Tarpley

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