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Subject: Re: [SHAFFER] Shaffer brick wall
Date: Sun, 3 Jan 2010 18:03:23 -0800 (PST)
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I may have a couple leads for you to follow.

Peter Shaffer (Shoeffer) was an apprentice to Johann Gutenberg. You might look in that geographical area Mainz, Germany in the 1450s for connections though you'll need strong links to names or something else to start there and go forward.

My Shaffers in the 1700-48 time frame were from Darmstadt, Hesse. The emigrant Jacob came to Berks Co Pa Maxatawny Twp. His granddaughter Barbara (dau of Michael b 1757) married an Ebenezer Donelson in Gallia Co OH in 1823 before moving to Mercer Co MO in 1840. His parents were Humphrey and Mary Donelson and possibly came from Caswell Co NC.

Many records in Germany were lost in the bombings of WW II. You will need some records to find where your anscestors came from. You probably know Shaffer and Sheffer and Shepher and Shepherd mean shepherd. In Saxony in Germany Saxony wool was some of the best wool in the world. I have never seen any records of Shaffer in Saxony but there is a strong possibility there is a connection.

Gregg Shaffer
MD by way of Ohio

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Subject: [SCHAFFER] Shaffer Brick Wall

> My Shaffer brick wall starts with Conrad Shaffer Sr. He was born in Austria in 1745 , he sailed from Rotterdam on the ship Neptune with Johann Lenhart Schaffer and Johan Georg Schafer they made a stop in Cowes England then on to Philadelphia, Pa. and landed there on September 24th 1751. Conrad Married in Pa. abt. 1767-8 to Elizabeth ? (possibably Dorschimer) They had 8 Children with at least 3 being born in Pa. the other 5 being born in Va. they were in Leesburg Loudoun Co. Va. between 1780 and 1800. Conrad Died around 1818. they lived on a plantation, his will is in book n pg. 280-1 Leesburg Loudoun Co. Va. their children were William 1767-8 Conrad 1771, Mary 1772 all Pa. then Susannah 1780 Va. Johannes 10 sept. 1789, Elizabeth , Magdalene and Peggy Margaret.

My 3rd Great Grandpa is Conrad Shafer Jr.B. 1771 in Pa. Married Mary Rasor B.1776 in Va.He served in the war of 1812and after the war he moved to Mt. Ephriam, Ohio where he recieved land grants for his serviceand died there in 1862.His children were Conrad (who left home before mail service and was never heard fron again), Born Va. Elizabeth Francis Shafer b. 1800 March 1st. Married Levi Keller, Margaret Shafer B 1803 Married David Needham, Samuel Shafer B1805 married Mary Kerns,Johann Georg Shafer B 1805 Married Melissa Scott,William Z. Shafer B. 1810 M. Isabell Vorhies, Mary Ann Shafer B1810 M.George W. Brown, John Conrad Shafer b 16 aug. 1812 M.Mary Kennedy, Nelson Shafer B.1814 M. Annie Kennedy,then My 2nd Great grandpa James William Shafer b.18 july 1820 Mt. Ephriam Ohio M. Lucinda Margaret Keller they moved to Iowa in 1856 with her father and uncle, Benjamin Adam Keller Sr.
> and John Keller and settled in Ringgold Co. Iowa.

My Grandfather Samuel Leroy was born in Ringgold Co. Iowa april 1st. 1856 Married Harriett M. Reynolds B. 1873 they had 10 Children both being married 2 times. My Father Jesse(Pete) Harold Shafer b. 1909 M Madelyn Martin B1914 They had 3 Children Harold B1940 Joann B1941 and Me Richard (Dick) Earl Shafer b 1943. M Jane Adams from there 3 Children James William B.1970 M Heather Disney 2children James William And Jesse Michael Shafer Son number 2 Brian Michael Shafer 1972 m Lynn Woolsey a Daughter Jordan Marie Shafer and a Daughter number 3 Susan Shafer B.1976. And Jermey Hughes B.1979, a daughter Cadence Marie Magdalene Hughes. this is my brick wall i would like to find cousins and or trade information on this family thanks R. E. (Dick) Shafer e mail at

I have had a brick wall since 1995 when I began researching my dad's Shaffer family - actually started with genealogy in 1972! Had a bit of a stall from 1974-1985, when I met my husband who is from NY and is half German, too.

My tree is Ernst-Shaffer; my gggg-grandfather was Richard Shaffer, born 17?? in ? We think in what is now Tennessee, but was either NC or VA around 1766. Your family could very well be related to mine. Richard helped settle Nashville and Davidson County, TN between 1789, when he married (or even earlier probably), and his death by Indian scalping April 20, 1793 in what is now Smith County (was then Sumner Co.) on his farm. His wife, Elizabeth Gamble (Gambrel), remarried Luke Anderson in 1793/4 and was also killed by indians, along with Luke, in 1795. The farm was later absorbed by her father, Bradley Gamble, after being owned by her brother, until something happened to him. Her father's farm was in Castalian Springs, Sumner Co., TN. I have all family history since Richard, but only have been told that the Shaffers came from Heidelberg, to Philadelphia (ship landed there) and for a while outside Philadelphia in either Bucks or Berks Co. A person
wrote me a couple of y!
ears ago on the Shaffer rootsweb site saying we were probably descended from Virginia Shaffer's who came to TN in the 1780's. I know Richard, a surveyor and who received land from his service in the Revolutionary Was, knew James Robertson, Ed Hickman, Robert Weakley, and John Donelson (Rachel Jackson's father) who also settled Nashville; is in the Tennessee history books. There was also a Michael Shaffer who was killed by indians in 1792 near Richard's farm. We also know Caspar Mansker was in Middle TN at the same time and he came from Germany (was actually born on the ship); has a park and creek named for him - very old area of Sumner and Davidson Counties.

I always thought Heidelberg was the one in Germany, but found the township of Heidelberg, PA, I believe in Berks County, so am wondering if it's that instead.

My husband and I have travelled to Germany and Austria and they are our favorite countries to visit - we even have friends in each who have travelled here to visit. I feel a special connection to Austria, but not sure why - maybe your ancestors are mine, too. In my family are Richard, James (my dad), Josiah, Margaret, Elizabeth/Bettie, Susan/Susannah, Catherine/Kate/Katie, Claude, Mattie/Martha, Leona, Sarah, and Daisy. My uncle, Claude, now 98, is the last of my dad's siblings (Dad died at 65, 1985) - he remembers a lot but gets confused on some people from the 2 generations before him.

I want to write my family history, my goal since 1972, but I want to be able to write about the place in Germany or whereever the Shaffers originated. Another goal is to visit the place if it still exists! My third goal is to be documented in the DAR organization through Richard.

I have written many times on-line about my tree but I haven't had any links which materialized. I would appreciate any help you may give to tear down my brick wall!


Margaret Shaffer Ernst
NJ and TN

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