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Subject: Re: Irish Ironworkers and Canal Workers
Date: Thu, 16 Sep 1999 11:23:35 -0400


I was interested in finding that post about the ironworkers too, and I
looked for it. Then it dawned on me that she may
have been
referring to a post of mine.
The subject was MacLysaght's _Surnames of Ireland_ . I suggested that
people buy it. To illustrate that it is useful even for
who know only a few names, I mentioned what else I used it for. Looking
at the whole community of Irish immigrants in
which my
family lived, I looked up their names and highlighted them on a blown-up
copy of MacLysaght's map. For those not on
the map I made
a mark on the area noted in the text. So then I had a map of the
surnames associated with my Bradleys in Norristown PA.
grouping showed a concentration in Derry. This meant more than it would
have for one name, which after all doesn't
have to come from
the main area. But when you have many names, the likelihood that you're
looking at something real is much higher.
The fact that
this was a community mostly of ironworkers was actually incidental. It's
not like the person who found copper miners in
becoming copper miners in this country. I'm not implying they were
ironworkers in Ireland. These were the jobs that
were available.
I would like to figure out how they all got there, because it really
isn't very near Philadelphia. Maybe recruiters from the
mills came down to the docks. (Does anyone know about this?) But in some
cases, a few people came in the 1830's, and
over the years
more joined them. So some people knew to go there because of family, or
neighbors, already in America. They are my lead
to a
possible townland for my great-great grandfather Hugh Bradley.

Karen Barth

Kathleen Brearton wrote:

> Recently a subscriber to the list alluded to some information
> by another subscriber who had "located a large number of ironworkers
> from a certain part of Ireland" and inquired about canal workers who
> came to America in the 1820-30's. Somehow I missed the original
> information about the ironworkers and would appreciate having it sent
> me, if possible, because I believe my grandfather was employed in the
> iron works that were located in Troy NY in the mid to late 1800's. I

> have experienced problems in determining where he came from in
> Also, those interested in canal workers may or may not be aware that
> many Irish workers were employed in the constuction of the Erie Canal
> New York State. Thanks in advance for any assistance. I appreciate
> the information I have learned from input by members of the Shamrock
> list.
> Kathleen (Gallagher) Brearton
> Wynantskill NY
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