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Subject: Tennessee SHARP'S

To answer some of the questions I received on the SHARPS written by the families who descended of the familes mentioned.Some of the dates I already had in my files.

John SHARP was one of the earliest settlers of Hickman County,Tennessee.The name of his wife has never been found,they lived in Pennsylvania between 1785 and 1786,may have been Washington county.Pennsylvania.They also loved in Jefferson and Shelby counites in Kentucky.Later moving to Tennessee.
William born 1782 in Penn.
Nehemiah born 1784 in Penn
Edward born in Ken.
Samuel born in 1802 ken.
Joshua born 1792 in Ky.
John jr. born 1797 in ky
James born 1799 in Ky.
Margaret born 1794 in ky

Joshua may have moved to Bond Illinois as he was listed in the census

Edward born 1-17-1787 in Ken,died 2-14-1866 in Perry county,Tennessee.Buried in the Sharp's Hollow cemetery,near Lobelville.He probably moved there in 1811. He married Tabitha Mayfield d/o Elijah Mayfield. They were married in Shelby County,Ken.on April 28,1810.She was born 6-2-1791 in South Carolina.She died 10-24-1876.Buried the same place her husband was.There are no markers.
The children:
Mariah born 3-23-1811 in Ky. married James Campbell
William born 9-20-1812 no further data
George F.born 5-27-1815 in Tennessee died 1864 near Lewis county, Tennessee .He is buried in the Old Hensley cemetery.No exsistence of this cemetery has been found.He married Elizabeth Hensley on 7-8-1836 in Maury county Tennessee.
Mary Ann born 1-27-1817 she married a Bleakley/Blakey ? No other data
John A.born 11-6-1818 in Tennessee,his wife was Mary?.They were married in Arkansas
Uraith Catherine born 11-7-1820 in Tennessee died 4-28-1856 and is buried in the Harder Cemetery Rock House Creek,Perry county Tennessee.She married Emond Harder
Isaac Haudie born 8-13-1822 in Tennessee died 2-?-1891 buired in Sharp Hollow Cemetery Perry county Tennnessee.First wife was Leonna Kelly on 8-10-1843 in Maury county Tennessee./Second marriage was to Mary Jones Barham
Elizabeth Jane born 4-19-1828 in Tennessee died 12-11-1857. Married Joesph Gaytard Smith ? She was buried in Perry County Tennessee?
James Mountable aka Mount born 9-30-1830 in Tennessee died 1-19-1908 in Lewis county,Tennessee and buried in Palestine Cemetery. He married Sarah Clayton on 3-25-1852 in Lewis county,Tennessee.

Another son of JOHN SHARP
James Sharp was born 1799 in Ken.died 1850 /1860 in Perry county,Tennessee.He married Eliza Mayfield d/o Elijah Mayfield
They were married on 7-17-1820 in Maury county,Tennessee.She was born in 1804 in Ky.
Their Children were:
Elizabeth born 1826 in Tenn.died @1870 She married William Hickerson
James Calvin born born 1831 in Tennessee. Died 1876/1880 in Madison County, Arkansas.He was married twice. First wife was Mary Lucas and the second wife was Eliza Dyke.
Mary born 1834 in Tennessee d 1895 in Lobelville and buried in the DePriest Cemetery.She married Millington E. DePriest
Dicey aka Zuridicy born 1836 in Tennessee died 1902 in Cooke county,Texas She married William A.Tolle
John F. born 1838 No Data
Samuel Mills born 4-3-1841 in Perry County,Tennessee d 12-30-1912. He is buried in Flatwoods Ceme. in Perry County,Tenn.First wife was Hulda Odom and second wife was Elizabeth Armanta Boyce (* his first cousin)
William A. born 1847 in Tenn.died 1870.He was married to Nancy Odom

Another son of JOHN SHARP
Samuel was born in 1802 in Ky.died 1868 in Hickman county Tennessee.he married Millie Mayfield d/o Elijah Mayfield. They were married before 1820.Millie was born 1800 in North carolina.
Their Children were:
John born 1-2-1825 In Hickman County,Tenn.died 8-3-1888 in Wayne county Tennessee.and is buried there in Salem Cemetery.He married Margaret Jane Whiteside.
Maryjane b 1826 in Hickman county,Tenn died 1919 buried in Campground Cemetery she married Jonathan Tolle 12-15-1853 in Lewis county Tennessee.
William M. born 7-19-1827 in Swan Creek,Hickman county,Tenn. lived later in Humphrey county,Tennessee.Married Catherin DePriest on 2-10-1848 in Hickman County,Tennessee
Nehemiah born 1829 in Hickman county,Tennessee,he died in the Civil War,on 11-28-1864 in Aiken South Carolina. He was married Susan Nance on 5-12-1848 in Lewis county,Tennessee
Elizabeth born 1831 in Hickman county,Tennessee.died 10-19-1860.(*listed as being married to Joesph Maytard Smith)Possible her cousin was married to him first?
Martha born 1832 in Hickman County,Tennessee married J.B. Meredith ( no other data)
James born 1835 in Hickman county,Tennessee.died near Centerville in 9-?-1863 during the Civil War .He married Ellen J. Aydelott.
Green Grimes b 10-16-1837 in the Palestine area of Hickman county,Tennessee died 7-14-1920 ( now Lewis county,Tennessee) Buried in campground Cemetery.
George Washington b 4-26-1840 in Hickman county Tennessee.died 5-23-1934 in Swan Creek.Married to Iowa Clementine Southall in 1865.

The children of William and Catherine DePriest were:
Nancy T. born 1-28-1850 married Samuel Lancaster
Newton born 3-20-1856 married C.M. Colley in Humphrey County Tennessee
Martha born 2-24-1858
George W.born 3-24-1860 married Dillian Mathis in Humphrey County,Tennessee

After the death of Neheniah his widow Susan Nance moved to Berry County Mo. with the children
Priscilla born 1849 in Hickman County Tennessee
Sarah born 1852 " '' '' Married Joesph Harbert
Mary Janes born 1855 "" ''
Emily born 1861 "' ''

The widow of James ,Ellen moved to Perry county Tennessee with the children
Fletcher born 1859 in Hickman county Tennessee died in 1944 in Dallas Texas m Sarah Rawdon
John S. born 1861 in Hickman county Tennessee died 1917 oin Gibson county Tennessee married Mary Rawdon
Millie Ann born 1863 died 1952 buried in New Mexico married to James Thomas Rawdon

Green Grime Sharp is the son of Samuel Sharp and Millie Mayfield , he was a Confederate soldier in the Civil War.He was married three times,and had children by each marriage.
The first marrige was Mary Mathis born 1837 in Tennessee d/o/ Cornealius Mathis Children :
Priscilla Angeline born 12-9-1857 in Hickman county Tennessee,died 12-9-1931 in Jones County,New Mexic.She married her second cousin John Morris
James Lee Grand born 7-8-1861 in Swan Creek died 8-23-1944 in NAshville Tennessee ,buried Mt.Olive Cemetery .Married Anna Marbury from Humphrey county,Tennessee.
Alice born 1846 in Hickman Tennessee.born 1888/1889.(* buried inknown) married Dr.Jacob daniel Cooper on 10-16-1881
John Tobe born 1865 in Hickman county Tennessee
A female died as an infant
Green married second Sarah A. Southall in 1877 in Hickman born 1-16-1858 in Tennessee died 7-22-1896 .d/o William and Sarah Scott
Odie Walker born 9-25-1889 died 8-24-1957 married Lucinda Parthenia Anderson on 9-25-1907 in Hickman county Tennessee
Green married third Virginia Catherine "Kit" Freeman on 9-17-1896 in Perry county Tennessee died 1933/1934
Gertie born 1-28-1898 died 6-24-1902

That is all the info I have ,complete with the dates I do have.Any one willing to swap data I am more than happy to try and gather all the Sharps in my line.


dates I do have.Any one =
willing to swap data I am more than happy to try and gather all the =
Sharps in my line.

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