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Subject: Wolff Twice as Sharp
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> > I have seen some discussion here about scissor sharpening and would like
> > get some information from you fellow sharpneters.
> > The Wolff Twice as Sharp has gotten a lot of good comments so I would be
> > interested in purchasing one of these since it has been put to the test
> from
> > other sharpers. I now have a old model F/B 325 for small work. I may have
> an
> > opporunity to sharpen quite a few scissors in the future
> > Now finally to the questions:
> > What is the average price of the Wolff machine?
> > How does it compare to the F/B Model 325 and 327 or the A-1 Twice as
> > ( I believe the F/B 327 and A-1 Twice as Sharp are the same machines.)
> > What would be the advantages of the Wolff?
> > Any and all respnonse will be greatly appreciated along with any other
> > information that anyone would like to contribute.
> >
> > Thanks in Advance
> >
> > J. Bunn
> > All Sharp
> j. Bunn,
> The Wolff Machine, The Foley/Belsaw 327 and the Twice as sharp are all
> the same machine... The late Mr. Wolff designed & manufactured the
> machine. Foley/Belsaw puts there label on it and calls it there model
> 327. Mr wolff's label is The Twice as Sharp. Mr. Wolff's son David
> Wolff has taken over the operation of the business since Mr. Wolff
> passed on in November 1996......didn't intend to give you a history
> lesson but you asked.....therefore I shall put my 2 cent's worth in
> ..maybe I can turn it into a dollor for someone....i have been with
> sharpnet since about six month's after it got started & I don't think
> that there has been any postings i have missed, used to print all
> of them for my archives's about 4" thick...stopped printing
> them all, in october 1996. what's my point? Well never has there been
> this much continued discussion, some cussing by some as well, on
> SCISSORS...I love it...for years I have had a real passion for scissors.
> I have used many different methods of sharpening threw the years, hand,
> vertical belt, horizontal belt,wet wheel, 1 of a kind
> paper wheels, vertical power hone, horizontal power hone, leather
> wheels,
> leather belt, Foley/Belsaw model 325.(can be a most diffcult machine
> to master) Foley/Belsaw model 327.ommonly refered to as The Wolff
> Machine
> (Wolff's Twice as sharp)....I must say that my discussion at this time
> is on attempt is to clear up some things for:
> ... J, bunn who currently sharpens scissors on a Foly model 325 and who
> may have an opportunity to sharpen quite a few scissors in the future.
> now if i am correct in my assumption that these are house hold, sewing
> and pinking, upholstery etc. types and not high end convexed edge hair
> shears.....I will continue.
> The wolff machine is the best machine going for the PRICE.!! It will
> do all of your general sharpening. you say you now have a Foley 325,
> well I can tell you that going from the 325 to the 327 is like night
> and you have probably gathered I love my Wolff Machine
> money well spent. Foley's retail price is $329.95 + shipping on
> sale now for $269.95...if a second machine is needed with no accessories
> the sale price is $219.00 + shipping..difficult to beat that price!
> Should you decide to purchase one I recommend that you purchase a razor
> edge honing wheel and install in place of the buffing wheel. You might
> give wolff's a call, there number has been posted. The Wolff machine
> work's well and so does the Wolff method of sharpening....follow it!
> there has been a lot of time and money spent on perfecting it.
> Now since i attempted to answer your questions....a little more
> history.....As all of the sharpnetters know that have been following
> the disscusions on scissors...there have been some ruffled feathers
> mine are just now beginning to strighten out. It was said not long
> ago that those sharpeners that use the Wolff machine are committing
> abortion to their coustomers scissor's (hope that i didn't take
> it out of context) well now my answer to that is, I have never
> ruined or purchased a new pair of scissors. i have never had a
> complaint about quality, did once about price...i said fine..
> give me a hair cut instead..I have been swapping a hair cut for
> a pair of barber scissors since. We were both happy.
> would sort of like to know what that person recommends to use to
> sharpen a $7.00 pair of houshold scissors? A machine costing
> thousands of dollors?......j.bunn.. I do not sell equipment for a
> manufacture, distribiture nor am i employeed by Wolff.....I love
> my machine..when i discontinue to use it, there will be a special
> spot on a shelf created for storage......there are many good
> and satisfactory methods of sharpening....i guess it depends
> upon the tool to be sharpened..we all hve learned with age
> order to sell a product you have to believe in it
> and stress it's superiority, but never..never.. knock the
> competition....that should also apply to us as sharpeners.
> If you have to knock the competition where is your quailty?
> quailty and price should speak for it self. a race car does
> does not win a race alone, it takes a skilled operator..
> you can trash a tool on anyone's machine or method!!
> j.bunn, it is my belief thst just about every sharpener
> belonging to the sharpnet has in their posession a
> wolff machine or a foruner to it like the 325, i still
> have! did not mean to be so long winded,
> Roland will probably edit this,should maybe submit a
> pair of scissors w/it sharpened on Wolff's machine
> so that his snips will be surgericaly correct.
> bernie (sharpit) heuss;;;;
THANKS BERNIE for your informative comments on the F/B, Wolff's machine.
Your informative talk cleared up a lot on the general equipment used for
I haven't stopped building my shop long enough to make the decison on
this sharpening area though I would like to share some information to
Connie and others who are at the same place as myself so that we can all
make the the most informed choice thats right for us.

While noting the grinding (power method) for sharpening and in
particular the wheel sharpening of the 327 F/B or Wolff's twice as sharp
the question has never been risen on the hollow ground left by their
cutting/ sharpening action. As I remember, the size of the wheel
diameter eg. 6" will impose its hollow ground relative to the cord of
its circumference. Thus a smaller wheel produces a larger hollow ground,
larger wheel -- smaller hollow ground. This is to include that the
sharpening service is of the width to allow this ground to be achived.

If this is the desired result that sharpening from a circumference of a
wheel is the only way to go??? I don't know the answer. If not and there
is another way, perhaps this next bit of info will be of service to all.

There is a company in Quebec, Canada which represents a Candian made belt
grinder (surprize, Canada makes a pice of equipment) that other's may
wish to know about. This grinder is shown in the "Lee Valley Guild to
Sharpening". You can buy the unit complete for $150.00 (Can) or with out
the 1/4 hp motor for $67.50 belt size is 1" x 42" and diamond belts are
availabe from 220 to 800 (20 micron) for $75 to $89.00, cotton buffing
belt for $25.00.
These guys or gals have a jointed scissor sharpener like the 327's and it
sells for $50.00. Anyway send for their catolog (free with order or
$3.00 for shipping 418-898-2606 fax 418-898-2606 orders only =
Co. name is Viel Tools Inc. 33 Rue Beland,Isle-Verte,QC G0L 1K0
Please note: I have no intest in this company and only hope someone has
comments on their equipment and the route of sharpening by belts as there
WILL NOT be a hollow ground finish

Perfect Edge Sharpening, Fall River, N.S. Canada

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