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Subject: [SHAW] Shaw (Jefferson Co., MS) Bible
Date: 16 Feb 2003 10:41:16 -0700

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Surnames: Shaw, Sims, McLaurin, Killingsworth, Flowers, Millsaps, Kinnison, O'Quinn, Cameron
Classification: Bible

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Shaw Bible

Original Owner:Mary Shaw to Mary Cameron (Mary Caroline Shaw married to Archibald James Cameron)

Address:Jefferson County, MS

Present Owner:Christopher Shaw Rucker, PA

Bible Published By:Harper & Brothers, Publishers
Address:82 Cliff Street, New York
Date Published:1846

Data Copied by:Ernest Carroll Rucker (from Xerox copy)
7032 Hwy 61 South
Port Gibson, MS 39150
Date Transcribed:February 6, 2003

A Sacred Token
>From Mary Shaw
To Mary Cameron


Thompson B. Shaw was form the 29th of January 1796

Mary Shaw was born the 4th day of June 1799

Eliza Shaw was born the 16th day of August 1817

William Shaw was born 12th January 1819

Nancy Shaw was born 14th Sept 1820

Martha Shaw was born Nov 21st 1822

Catherine Shaw was form March 11th 1825

Claudius Shaw was born May 1st 1827

Albert Shaw was born Sept 17th 1828

Margaret Ann Shaw born Dec 2nd 1831

Mary Caroline Shaw born Dec 18th 1836
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Mary Shaw was born June 4th 1799

James Shaw was born Sept 20th 1800

Caroline Shaw was born Dec 14th 1801

Charles Shaw was born Oct 14th 1803

Eliz Shaw was born Nov 29th 1805

Nancy Shaw was born Feb 8th 1807

Sophia Shaw was born March 23rd 1808

Julia Shaw was born July 24th 1809

Sidney Shaw was born May 12th 1811

John Shaw was born Oct 9th 1812


William Shaw died Sept 15th 1815

Margaret Shaw died May 6th 1846

Charles Shaw died May 22nd 1832

James Shaw died April 22nd 1833

Sidney Shaw died February 20th 1834

Caroline Ricketts April 18th 1834

Wm. T. Hodge Aug 18th 1834

Julia Hodge Aug 27th 1837

James S. Ricketts born July 17th 1828

Wm. Le…. Ricketts born Feb 20th 1834


Sarah Anderson died May 26th 1820

Margaret Shaw died May 6th 1846

William Shaw died Sept 15th 1815

Claudius Shaw died Dec 30th 1827

Martha Shaw died Sept 15th 1828

Thompson B. Shaw died Mar 31st 1854

Nancy Ann Killingsworth died June 23rd 1853

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Albert Shaw died

Margaret Oquinn died the 2nd day of May 1887

Nancy Shaw died April the 1, 1872

Wm. Shaw died Oct the 6 1882

Eliz Sims died April the 3 1887

Mary C. Cameron died Dec 22nd 1887

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