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From: "John Shearer" <>
Subject: [SHEARER] Tartan
Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2003 22:03:55 -0000
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Hello Clan,

The surname Shearer has an occupational origin and is derived from the word
'Scerare' meaning one who dresses the pile of cloth.

The English equivalent of our name is Sherman, from Shearman.

The earliest record of the name in Scotland is from 1316, when William
Shearer was a Baillie of Berwick.

In 1399 John Shearer was a Bailiff and Burgess of Aberdeen.

In 1405 another John Shearer was Chaplain of the Order of St Ninian.

A William Shearer was a Burgess of Aberdeen in 1451.

John Shearer was Archdeacon of Ross in 1503.

The Shearers I am descended from moved to Glasgow from Thurso before the
Battle of Waterloo.

The name is common in Caithness and in the Orkney Islands.

I am sorry to disappoint you all but I don't think we have ever had a tartan
and in case this disappoints any of you too much please bear in mind that
most tartans were invented a couple of hundred years ago or less.

Our famous people include Moira Shearer the famous ballerina, Norma Shearer
the famous actress and Allan Shearer the last Captain of England's football
team and current captain of Newcastle.


John Shearer

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