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Subject: RE: [SHEELY] SHEELY-L 100th member
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Thanks Dave for your information.

Below is my oldest Sheely. I wonder if John Sheely could be a relative of
Dave Shubert's Christian Sheely from PA.

thx/Jerry Carlson.

Descendants of John Sheely

Generation No. 1

1. John1 Sheely was probably born in Pennsylvania, High Dutch, and died
5/05/1815. He married Nancy 5/02.

Children of John Sheely and Nancy are:
+2i.George Washington2 Sheely, born 5/27/1793 in Virginia; died 1/09/1872
in Dana, Vermilion County, Indiana.
3ii.Polly Sheely, born 5/27/1793.
4iii.James Sheely, born 1/07/1795.
5iv.Nancy Sheely, born 10/15/1797. She married Unknown Harshberger.
6v.John Sheely, born 11/07/1800; died 2/03/1802.

Generation No. 2

2. George Washington2 Sheely (John1) was born 5/27/1793 in Virginia, and
died 1/09/1872 in Dana, Vermilion County, Indiana. He married (1) Maria
Robb in Dana, Vermilion County, Indiana, daughter of Joseph Robb and Rebecca
McClelland. He married (2) Comber or Combes 12/15/1814.

Children of George Sheely and Maria Robb are:
+7i.James Madison3 Sheely, born 3/09/1852 in Dana, Vermilion County,
Indiana; died 6/20/1935 in Beaver City, Nebraska.
8ii.Malvina Sheely, born 1/12/1839 in Indiana; died 2/1917. She married
Frank Raber.
9iii.Malinda Sheely, born 4/06/1841 in Indiana; died 1876. She married
Unknown Harris.
10iv.Sarah E. Sheely, born 5/12/1846 in Indiana; died 3/1927. She
married Samuel Stultz in Iowa.
11v.Joseph Robb Sheely, born 1/12/1848 in Indiana; died 11/03/1918. He
married (1) Helen Pearson. He married (2) Lizzie Lyons.
12vi.Maria E. Sheely, born 1/27/1849 in Indiana; died 6/30/1921. She
married Fred Parks in Iowa.
13vii.Martha Jane Sheely, born 10/27/1843 in Indiana; died 6/30/1921.
She married Jesse Knight in Iowa.
14viii.Euphamia Sheely. She married James Elder.

Children of George Sheely and Comber Combes are:
15i.Sally3 Sheely, born 9/12/1815.
16ii.George Washington Sheely, born 12/04/1817.
17iii.Mary Ann Sheely, born 12/04/1819. She married Unknown Rader.
18iv.Nancy Sheely, born 5/10/1822. She married James Conley.
19v.Martha Sheely, born 9/28/1824.
20vi.Uphamy Sheely, born 3/23/1827. She married James Elder.

Generation No. 3

7. James Madison3 Sheely (George Washington2, John1) was born 3/09/1852 in
Dana, Vermilion County, Indiana, and died 6/20/1935 in Beaver City,
Nebraska. He married Mary Ellen Knight 2/22/1874 in Seward, Nebraska,
daughter of William Knight and Isyphena Moffitt.

Children of James Sheely and Mary Knight are:
+21i.Lillie Marie4 Sheely, born 3/20/1877 in Seward, Nebraska; died
5/26/1963 in Greeley, Colorado.
22ii.Nellie Isyphena Sheely, born 9/06/1878 in Seward, Nebraska. She
married Thomas McDonough in Seward, Nebraska.
23iii.Mabel Louisa Sheely, born 9/06/1880 in Seward, Nebraska; died 1911.
She married Roy Belden in Seward, Nebraska.
24iv.Bertha Leota Sheely, born 10/21/1882 in Redfield, Iowa; died
1/26/1916. She married William Leibhart in Seward, Nebraska.
25v.Emma Viola Sheely, born 12/26/1884 in Redfield, Iowa; died 2/1965.
She married James Slonecker in Seward, Nebraska.
26vi.William Clyde Sheely, born 2/12/1887 in Seward, Nebraska; died
2/1983 in Sheridan, Wyoming. He married Florence Warriner in Denver,
27vii.Mary Glen Sheely, born 5/22/1889 in Seward, Nebraska; died 1967.
She married Carl Modlin in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Generation No. 4

21. Lillie Marie4 Sheely (James Madison3, George Washington2, John1) was
born 3/20/1877 in Seward, Nebraska, and died 5/26/1963 in Greeley, Colorado.
She married Erastus Perry Hickman 7/19/1899 in Seward, Nebraska, son of
Erastus Hickman and Elizabeth Thomas.

Children of Lillie Sheely and Erastus Hickman are:
28i.Helen Lillie5 Hickman, born 5/28/1916 in Windsor, Colorado. She
married Ralph Arthur Carlson 6/27/1937 in Windsor, Colorado.
29ii.Hubert Clyde Hickman, born 10/12/1900 in Seward, Nebraska; died
5/30/1972 in Greeley, Colorado. He married Lucy Van Matre 12/06/1922 in
Brush, Colorado.
30iii.Ralph Perry Hickman, born 4/29/1902 in Seward, Nebraska; died
8/02/1970 in Greeley, Colorado. He married Emma Jane Hopkins 5/29/1928 in
Greeley, Colorado.
31iv.Bertha Hickman, born 1/01/1911 in Windsor, Colorado. She married
(1) Henry Brooks 4/11/1931 in Windsor, Colorado. She married (2) Lory E.
Ferguson 6/02/1935 in Windsor, Colorado.
32v.James Clarence Hickman, born 7/31/1917. He married Shirley Delbridge
10/16/1949 in Greeley, Colorado.

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> We now have 100 people receiving SHEELY-L and SHEELY-D as of this
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> Welcome Susie Tordoff, our 100th member!
> Everyone out there should take a minute to type in their earliest
> Sheel(e)y/Shealy names to see if a cousin out there can help you solve
> the mysteries of your own genealogy. I will send mine in a message
> following this one.
> Keep those messages coming!
> Dave Schubert
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