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9 May 1792
Deed, William Sheffield, and Rebecah, his wife, of Duplin County, NC, to Thomas Lee of Jones County, NC. "Wheras John Lee, deceased, of that part of Craven, now Jones County, North Carolina, did hold by patent 280 acres which was granted May 23, 1757 and willed "..."80 acres to son, William Lee who has
since died leaving a daughter Rebeccah, who has married William Sheffield, sell this 80 acres to Thomas Lee for 100 pounds. Witnesses Benjamin Granade, Barbary Phileman.

25 Jul 1791
Deed William Sheffield to Francis Oliver, both of Duplin County. 80 acres, tract John Shuffield left by Will to said William Sheffield joining land willed to Ephraim Shuffield, Jacob Kornegay, and Isaac Spence's land. Witnesses, Levin Watkins, Benjamin Rhodes. Proved by oath of Levin Watkins, July
term, 1798. (William signed by mark).

William, his step-mother Elizabeth and all of the half-siblings were in Montgomery County by 1802, Laurens County by 1808, Pulaski County by 1812, and Early County by 1820. Pulaski was formed from Laurens, and Laurens from Montgomery.

August 1808
William Shuffield named to work on the road from Little Rocky Creek to the Uchee Trail. Laurens County, Georgia, Inferior Court Minutes,for Slave Purposes, Page 5.

12 Sep 1810
Deed of land from Bennet Bourn of Laurens County GA to William Sheffield of Laurens GA. Consid
eration $36. for lot number 97 in 18th land district of Laurens.

In the Pulaski information you will find Isham, West and Arthur Sheffield -- half-brothers of William. Elizabeth Purnal Graddy Sheffield, William's step-mother (Elizabeth was Isham, West and Arthur's mother) and William Graddy his step-brother.

6 Mar 1817
Georgia J. P. Book page 909; Governor William Rabun appoints Clement Lanier of Pulaski Justice
of Peace of District 349, or Capt. Sheffields Company.

17 Oct 1818
Pulaski County Jury List shows Uriah Feagan, Isham Sheffield, and William Sheffield.

1818 Pulaski County Tax List
Includes Sheffield, William.
202 Acres, 16th district, lot 203. 1 poll.
All taxables listed include:
Andry (?); Augley, Conrod; Brock,William; Buchan, John; Brown, James; Brown, Richard; Creech, Charles; Cole, James; Chastin, Jas M.; Clements, Joseph; Craft, Jesse; Dykes, Nathaniel; Davis, John;
Davis, Ozias; Dean Cilas; Deyoungh, Jacob; Dykes, Joshua; Evans Henry; Evans George; Feagin Uriah [Husband of Tabitha Sheffield]; Goodrick James; Harrell, Asael; Harrell, Elijah; Harrell, Etheldred;
Harrell Francis [father-in-law to Rebecca,Andrew,and Benjamin Sheffield]; Harrell, Isaac; Harrell, Jacob; Harrell, Jesse; Harrell, John; Harrell, Levi; Harrell, Moses; Hamilton William; Henderson, Daniel; Henderson, John; Johnson, Benjamin; Johnson, William; Johnson, Felix; Kene, Josiah; Kene, William; Kent, Mermaduke; Lanier, Ben. T; Lanier, Clement, estate; Lanier, John J, minor; Lanier, Bird J.; Nipper, Abraham; Nipper, John; Owens, William; Parkerson,John; Parkerson, Lawson; Raney, John; Richardson, Randal; Salter, James; Sherley, John; Shuffield, Arthur; Shuffield, Isam; Shuffield, Wm; Spiers, John W. L. W.; Spiers, Thomas; Story, Nancy; Story, Richard; Story, Samuel; Taylor, Mary; Weeks, Michael

Georgia Land Lottery. Pulaski County Georgia Fortunate Drawers include William Shuffield,
Lanears District, lot drawn was number 503 in district 9, Irwin, now Cook or Berrien County.
List of fortunate drawers in Lanears District:
Andress, Evans; Balentine, John; Craft, Jesse; Dykes, Nath'l; Hambleton, Wm.; Harrell,Eliza; Harrell, Esther; Harrell, Isaac; Harrell, Jacob; Harrell, Jesse; Harrell, John; Johnston, Benj.; Johnston, Felix; Johnston, William; Lanier's Clement, orph.; Graddy, Winfer; Graddy, Clements; Kean, Josiah; Lassitor, George; Nipper, Abraham; Nipper, John; Shuffield, Elizabeth; Shuffield, Isham

1821 Fortunate drawers in 1821 land lottery in Pulaski
County, GA, Residents of LANEAR's District. [Formerly Sheffield's District] Augley, Conrod [Owned land adjacent to William Sheffield] Davis, Abraham ; Dean, Silas; Dykes, Elizabeth, wid; Goodrick, James;
Harrel, Asa; Harrel, Levi; Harrel, Moses; Henly, Horton; Johnson, Benjamin; Keen, William; Kelly, James; Lanair, Bird J. [rel. of Clement Lanier?]; Levingstone, George, orp.; Livingston, Martin; Nix, Susanna, wid.; Nix, William's orph; Parkinson, Cordiel; Renfrow, Mary, wid (Mary Rentfrow m. West Sheffield 1818; her mother?); Roberts, William (F. law of Wright Sheffield of Laurens County?);
Spears, John W.L.W.; Shuffield, Arthur (West Sheffield's Brother); Sheffield, William; Whitley's Willy; Yon, Simon; Yon, Patrick

1822 Pulaski County GA Tax Digest.
Captain Benjamin Lanears District.
Suffield William 1 poll
Suffield Arthur 202 1/2 gum, 202 1/2 Henry, 202 1/2 ditto. (William's younger half-brother)

Suffield William 1 poll

1823 Pulaski County Ga Tax Digest includes Shuffield,
William, Shuffield Isham, Shuffield, and William,Jr.

8 Feb 1823
Pulaski County GA
Deed from Arthur Sheffield of Pulaski County to Levi Harrel of Pulaski county; for $50, 202 1/2
acres on 16th district of Wilkinson when surveyed, now Pulaski, known as number 179. Witness Samuel Phillips, John Brock J. P. Recorded 12 Dec 1876 in Dodge County GA. Dodge County Deeds Book A, page 752.

1827 Pulaski County GA. Land lottery fortunate drawers William Shuffield SR, RS, Hurdleys district, drew
lot 212 in 18th district section 1 (Lee County) Also in Hurdley's district, Francis Harrell drew lot 313 in 8th district, section 5 (Carrol County).

15th DAY'S DRAWING-March 23
page 45
Fortunate Drawers: Wm. Shuffield, sr. R. S.
Captains District: Hurdleys
Number: 212
District: 18
County: Lee County

1829 Pulaski County Tax Digest 1829
Captain Weekleys District
Isam Shuffield, 1 poll, $3.12 1/2 tax Wm Sheffield, SR. 201 1/2 pine, 2021/2 oak,$9.79 1/2 tax Wm Sheffield 1 poll $3.12 1/2 tax

William was just under 21 in the 1786 Census. So he would have been 64/65 during this Census, not 70-80.
1830 Pulaski County Census
Sheffield, William, Sr. Household
Male age 70-80
Female age 60-70
Male age 15-20

Sheffield, William Household
Male age 20-30
Female age 30-40
Male age 10-15
Male age 10-15
Male age 5-10
Female age 5-10
Female age 5-10
female age under 5

1832 Pulaski County Fortunate Drawers in Land
Sheffield Wm. Jr. McDaniels District, drew lot 1023 in district 3 section 3.
Sheffield Wm. Sr., McDaniels District drew lot 278 in district 17 section 3.
Other fortunate drawers in McDaniels district.
Boutwell, Robert,Brock, John,Brown, James,Brown, Young W.,Buchan, John, DeYounks, Jacob Dove, Jacob W., Dunn, Thomas, Evans, Henry, Fulgham's John J. orps, Green, Stephen, Harral, Asa, Harral, Etheldred, Harral, Levi Harreal, Francis, Hodge, Thomas, Holt, Sewell W., Livingston, John, Mayo, John, McBride, Christian, wid Musselwhite, Mary, wid, Nix, Miles, Parkerson, Cordial Pate, William, Pitman, Albert, Rawlins, Thomas J., Taylor, William, Wade, McGuder, Williams, Roland, Youn, Joseph

Pulaski county Tax Digest includes Jacob D. Clark, 405 acres, agent for Wm Shuffield , Lots not shown. James B. Stevens Tax Receiver.

Pulaski County Tax Digest includes Isham Shuffield land in Twiggs County

And here William is just 10 years later about 75 and they are marking him as over 100. We think younger family members filled out these census figures. They are incorrect.

1840 Census Pulaski County GA
Sheffield W. Sr Household
Male over 100 (William Sr)
Female 80-90 (Rebecca)

1840 Census Pulaski County GA
Sheffield W. Jr. Household
Male age 50-60 (William -see 1850 Census)
Female age 50-60 (Peggy -see 1850 Census)
Male age 20-30 (Andrew - see 1850 Census)
Male age 20-30 (Patrick - see 1850 Census)
Male age 15-20 (David or Benjamin - see 1850 Census)
Female age 15-20
Female age 15-20
Female age 10-15

Male age 5-10 (William - see 1850 Census)
Female age 5-10 (Allethia - see 1850 Census)

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