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From: Sheila Gibson <>
Subject: Re: [SHELTON] Fwd: SHELTON and Cherokee Records
Date: Sun, 4 Feb 2007 06:25:15 -0800 (PST)
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Carol: Go to the cemetery records of the Bethel United Methodis Cemetery in Denver, Lincoln Co., NC. Their link is . This shows that Chloe Shelton Munday, wife of Jeremiah Munday is the daughter of Spencer L. & Clary S. Shelton. This also shows Spencer's lineage as thru Crispen Elphas & Letitia Paine Monticus Shelton; and Clary's lineage as thru Daniel of Daniel & Lettia Young-Shelton. I'm unsure as yet about Cherokee blood quantum but this does give soe lineage info that might be useful. Go to the link. There are many other family members buried there also. Respectfully, Sheila

Of note are:

Rev. Jeremiah Monday Who departed this life in the 73rd year of his age. The Rev. Jeremiah Monday was a
soldier in the Revolutionary War 3 years and a Minister of the Gospel in the Methodist Episcopal Church
35 years until his death. Revolutionary soldier Jeremiah Munday 1760-1835
(Placed by Lois Shelton Cox Colonel Joseph Winston Chapter- D.A.R.)

Monday, Chloe Shelton, Consort of Rev. Jeremiah Munday. She was a consistent member of the M.E. Church for
65 years and died in the 78th year of her age. (1780- 1858)
(Real Daughter – Placed by Lois Shelton Cox Colonel Joseph Winston Chapter – D.A.R.)
Daughter of Spencer L. Shelton & Clara (Clary) S. Shelton (Spencer and Clary were First Cousins)

Shelton, Spencer (L) (SR.) B- 1743 (No Marker) Husband of Clara (Clary) S. Shelton
Son of Crispen Elphas & Lettitia Paine Monticus-Shelton

Shelton, Clary (S.) Wife of Spencer (L) Shelton, (SR) (No Marker) B-1754 D- 16 June 1844
Daughter of Daniel & Lettia Young-Shelton

Shelton, Spencer (L) B- 1795 Died January 6, 1889 Son of Spencer L. Shelton & Unknown spouse
Husband of Sarah (Sallie) Lockman-Shelton Married-July 26, 1823


From: (E. C.G.)
Date: Sun, 14 Jan 2007 13:01:13 -0600
Subject: Re: [SHELTON] SHELTON and Cherokee Records

Sheila and All,

There are a lot of SHELTONs mentioned in this article. My connection to
this family is through the second child of Jeremiah MUNDAY and Chloe
SHELTON. Rebecca MUNDAY m. Clinton TUCKER 1819 Lincloln Co NC. They
migrated to AL by 1830 and into Warren Co TN by 1834.

My burning question is, is this Chloe SHELTON MUNDAY the daughter of
the Spencer SHELTON that m. Lydia, full blood Cherokee?

(To anyone who recieves this copy of a document. I found it in the The
United Methodist Church Archives -GCAH
Since it relates to my ggggrandfather Jeremiah MUNDAY and gives much
Lincoln Co NC information.)

Soldier, Preacher, Teacher, and Farmer.
Sketch of his Life and Descendants
by A. Nixon
Jeremiah Munday was born in Virginia about the year 1760. He grew to
manhood during the troublous times of the American Revolution, and
espoused the patriot cause. In 1779, at the age of nineteen, he
volunteered for the term of eighteen months, and served in Captain
Thomas Buckner's Company, regiment of Colonel William Heath,in the line
of the State of Virginia, in the Continental establishment.
When Major General Benjamin Lincoln was assigned to the Army of the
South, Jeremiah Munday was one of the soldiers in his command, Lincoln
was closely besieged by the British in Charleston and on the 12th day of
May, 1780, was compelled to surrender that post and his army to the
superior forces of the Birtish. Mr. Munday then became a prisoner of
war. Wearying of prison life, he made his escape by attiring himself in
the garb of a fruit vendor who had been permitted to enter the lines,
and boldly walked out of prison without attracting the attention of the
prison guards. Making his way back to Virginia, he again joined the
American Army at Chesterfield Court House, and served out his
He performed a soldier's duty in the struggle for liberty, and a
grateful country accorded him a land bounty and pension for his
His next enlistment was in the church militant, under the banner of the
Cross. He was admitted to the Virginia Conference of the Methodist
Episcopal Church on trial in 1795, and sent to Orange Circuit, Virginia.
In 1796, he was sent to the Tar River Circuit in North Carolina. In 1797
to the Goshen Circuit. This Circuit took its name from Goshen Swamp in
Sampson and Duplin Counties, and included an extensive territory between
the Cape Fear and Neuse Rivers. In 1798 he was sent to the Franklin, NC
Circui. In 1799, he was located through weakness of body or family
concerns. He never got beyond the Deacon's orders. He then settled on a
farm in east Lincoln. This is evidenced by a deed from William Beatty to
Jeremiah Munday of date 16th September, 1799. The remainder of his life
was devoted to farming, school teaching, and work as a local preacher.
He was among the prioneers of Methodism in Lincoln County. In his day
circuits were large and ministers few, and the local preachers exerted a
beneficent influence and did a great work. He was conspicuous as one of
the founders of the Rock Springs Camp Meeting, and sometimes preached to
the great congregations ther assembled.
His will made a few weeks before his death, bears date 10th September,
1834. He spelled his name Monday. He had living at this time seven sons
and four daughters.
He was laid to rest in the grave yard at Bethel, in sight of his home.
His headstone bears this inscription:" Scared to the memeory of Rev.
Jeremiah Munday, who departed this life in the 73rd year of his life.
The Rev. Jeremiah Monday was a faithful soldier in the Revolutionary War
for three years and a minister of the Gospel for 35 years until his
Jeremiah Munday discharged with fidelity his duties to God, his country
and society; his name is a precious heritage to his descendants; his
services for American liberty merit the gratitude of his countrymen, and
should be held in perpetual remembrance.
Mr. Munday married Cloe Shelton in Virginia, and she survived him many
years. She was a sweet woman of many virtues and great piety, and her
name is justly venerated and held in high esteem and tender affection by
many descendants.
Cloe Shelton was the daughter of Spencer Shelton. Her father removed
from Virginia to Lincoln County about the time Jeremiah Munday located.
The date of this Migration is well authenticated by a deed from John
Boggs to "Spencer Shelton of the County of Pittslvania and State of
Virginia, " of date June 1799.
Her headstone bears the following inscription: "In memory of Cloe,
consort of Rev. Jeremiah Munday. She was a consistent member of the
M.E.C.Church for 65 years and died in the 78th year of her age, with the
blessed hope of heaven."
This brief memorial has been constructed from such fragmemtary materials
as have been gathered by the writer.
To this happy pair were born seven sons and five daughters:
1. Joseph Matthias Munday married Polly McCaul; children: Jane, married
Reuben Sherrill; 2. Monroe, never married; 3. Rebecca, O.M.Munday; 4.
Martha, A.H. Houston; 5.Shelton, James Shelton in Ala.; 6. Camilla,
James Barkley; 7.Elizabeth, Mr. Simmons; 8. _________; 9. Josiah F.,
Isabelle Davis; 10. Worth, Hattied Bost; 11. Durant, went west and was
never heard from; 12. Joseph died in infancy.
By deed of date 7th August, 1830, Joseph M. Munday conveyed to Freeman
Shelton, Richard Proctor, and James Bivings, Trustees, 45 acres of land
on which Rock Springs Camp Meetings have since been held.
II. Rebecca Munday married Clinton
TUCKER and moved to the west.
III. Mary Munday married James Wells; children: 1. Thomas White, Emaline
Jenkins; 2. Jeremiah Freeman; 3. Hugh w. , died in infancy; 4. Wesley
W., Ceclia Irby; 5. Elizabeth W., Bartlett Killian; 6. Osborne, Cornelia
Schumpert; 7. Cloe, Shelton; 8. Henry Connnor, Martha Thompson; 9. James
McDaniel, Susan Barnes; 10. Fannie, James Alexander; 11. Oliver, Mattie
Webb; 12. Susan Josephine.
IV. William Wesley Munday married Lucinda Shelton; children: 1. Ann
Eliza, married West; 2. Macon, died young; 3. Dr. James D., Mary Webb;
4. Warren, Fannie Thompson; 5. Mittie, Alfred Thompson; 6. William, Ella
Howard; 7. John ; 8. Franklin; 9. Luzetta, Franklin T. Smith.
William W. Munday was one of the representatives of Lincoln County in
the General Assembly of 1838 and 1840.
V. Osborne Munday married Eliza Cronkleton; children: 1. James Albert,
Mrs. Julia Asbury Robinson; Their daughter, Cloe Virginia, is buried in
the grave yard at Bethel; 2. William, killed at Gettysburg; 3. Martha
Ann, married Cebron Williams and after his death Franklin Caldwell; 4.
Marcus, Killed at Winchester, VA; 5. Rufus M., Fannie Killian; 8.
Freeman Pinkney, Mary Lowe; 7. Julius, married in Arkansas; 8. Jane, J.
C. Thompson; 9. Osborne, Fannie King.
VI. Patsey Munday married Franklin Lowe, and moved Alabam.
VII. Jeremiah Munday moved to Alabama.
VIII. Spencer Munday married Susan Shelton: children 1. Osborne M.,
Rebecca Munday; 2. Lucinda , John McCaul; 3. William, died at Ft.
Delaware, MD; 4. Jeremiah F., married in Arkansas; 5. Julia A.,
T.H.Proctor; 6. Fannie, J.P.Shelton; 7. Josephine, Connor Barkley; 8.
Victoria. A.H. Sigmon; 9. Susan, married in Arkansas; 10. Monroe,
married in Texas; 11. Ella, Thomas Abernethy; 12. Antha, E. L. Lofitin.
IX. Fletcher Munday married Mahaia Ward; children; 1. Laura, Lockman
Shelton; 2. Jane, James White; 3. William, went to Texas;
X. Chloe Shelton Munday died October 19th, 1830, aged 12 years and is
bured beside her father.
XI. Monroe Munday married Elizabeth Shelton; children: 1. Rose, Thomas
Robinson; 2. Louisa, William Eudy; 3. Martha, Lafayette Thompson.
XII. Elizabeth Munday married Quinn Bandy and moved to Tennessee.

Thanks so much for bearing with me.
If the answer to my question about Chloe SHELTON's parents is yes. I
have been barking up the wrong tree for about 15 years.


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