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In "A History of Shenandoah County, Virginia" by John W. Wayland, second
edition, Baltimore: Regional Publishing Company, 1980, page 411:

"One of the oldest of these churches was Mt. Calvary, or "Hoxbiehl." The
latter form is, of course, only Pennsylvania-German for "Hawksbill." The
beginnings of this church seem to date from 1765, or thereabouts. Another
old establishment was Stoneberger's, which was located on Stony Run, near
Stanley. . .
On October 22, 1788, Rev. Paul Henkel confirmed a class at Gomer's
(Comer's?) Church on the Hawksbill. Later in the same year he held
confirmation services in Powell's Fort. . .

On page 250, same book, "On Jan. 10, 1814, Ambrose C. Booton produced
credentials of his ordination, & of his being in regular communion with the
hawksbill Baptist Church, gave bond, took the oath of fidelity to the
commonwealth, & was licensed to solemnize marriages."

There is also "The Record of Hawksbill Church 1788-1850 Page County, VA"
Translated and Annotated by Klaus Wust, Edinburg, VA: Shenandoah History.
This is about the Lutheran Hawksbill church with the birth & baptismal
records from the church record, a preface by Klaus Wust explaining the
early history of the church, & some birth & baptismal records from other
sources. This is a 47 page booklet.

Pat Ritchie----------

Researcher of Brocks Gap area of Rockingham Co, VA. Includes families of
Albrite, Baker, Basore, Cherryholm, Fawley, Fink, Sonifrank, Caplinger,
Crider, Custer, Dove, Fulk, Hottinger, Lantz, Mongold, Nesselrodt,
Riggleman, Shaver, Sirk/Zirk, Souder, Southerly, Turner, Wittig, Whetzel,
Yankey, & others.
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