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Subject: [SHEPARDSON] Fw: Mahala Shepardson
Date: Sat, 19 Apr 2003 07:31:37 +1000

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From: Judy and/or Graham
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Subject: Mahala Shepardson

Mahala SHEPARDSON was my gg grandmother - I have verified that as much as one can through family documentation, Australian cousins, records etc.

As to her parents - I have become totally confused - I have been following Eric J (from Pontefract), Janet Lovegrove and Eric Spehr with great interest. These are all listers on SHEPHERDSON and have raised some interesting issues which have made me question some of my beliefs about particular ancestors.

Janet threw a spanner into my theories recently with her email on the list dated March 23, 2003 which brought into play the possibility of Mahala and her siblings not having the same mother.....!!???

Our family has always spelt SHEPARDSON as so - it has been used through several generations as a christian and middle name.

Perhaps Eric J from Pontefract could get in touch and see if we can help each other out - would appreciate contact.

As if it isn't enough that Mahala and her husband (George Towns) were both my gg grandparents on my father's paternal line AND my ggg grandparents on my father's maternal line!!! Talk about skeletons in the family closet - strange goings on with intermarriages - anyway that's another story - thanks to anyone out there who could assist.

Judy from downunder

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