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This is the way that Collson and Harrington researchers interpret the 1763 tax list. Following it is how I understand this list and also I am looking at a different transcription. What is your thought? Do you agree that it includes William Sherrill and John Perkins or are those 4 different slaves?
1763 List of Taxables, Anson County, NC:
John COLLSON - paid tax on 14people, himself and:
Whipmell (Whitmell) HARRINGTON
Jack, Syphoor, Danah, Linda, Dinah,Jr, Mole, Philles, William, Shewell, John, and Purkins
1763 tax list for Anson county, NC as seen in The North Carolinian, Volume III #2, June 1957, p 295
John Collson, Charles Harrington, Whipmell Harington, & Negroes _____, ______, Jack, Sephooe, Danah, Lindah, Dinah Junr., Moll, Philus, & William Sherrill & John Perkins.
(followed by number 14 indicating taxable number)
I believe that "& William Sherrill & John Perkins" indicates 2 additional people after the list of slaves - possibly overseers. You have these 2 names listed as if they were 4 separate names, but when you count and include the two names which could not be read by the person transcribing from the original document for the North Carolinian article it would make 16 taxables. I research Sherrills of early Anson County. William Sherrill and cousin John Perkins were often together. They would have been young men in early 20s at this time. Please consider this possibility.

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