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Subject: RE: [SHERWOOD] John Sherwood, b. c1792, resident of Nunda, Livingston Co, NY,
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My 1810 AIS shows Zadoc in Montgomery Co. in the 1810 census. Here is the

Name: Sherwood, ZedockYear: 1810
Page: 079

Is Nunda Montgomery, or Wyoming??? Let me know, and I'll see how many
Sherwoods were there in the 1810 and the 1830. I don't have the AIS CD for

Judy Herbert

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Livingston Co, NY,

Hi Kathy,
Your Sherwood line just became very intriguing to me. And for a very
personal reason. You may be the closest Sherwood relative (or descendant
of Sherwoods) that I have ever encountered, and, more importantly, could
ever encounter. Your Sherwood line had flummoxed me in the past. I had
never been able to connect your Isaac, or others in your line, with any
Sherwoods known to me. Until today - when you mentioned Nunda, NY. Nunda
is not a teeming metropolis. It has a present-day population of not much
more than 1,400 if you include the 'possums and woodchucks. I won't
hazard a guess what the population was back in the 1820s, but I'm sure it
was small enough that it would be stretching the odds for two "unrelated"
(in the immediate sense) Sherwood families to have been there at that
early date. Not impossible, but defiant of the odds. My Sherwoods - the
family of my G4grandfather, Zadoc Sherwood - happened to be in Nunda in
1820, according to the Federal Census for that year. Zadoc (also spelled
"Zadock") is also buried there, in the Oakwood Cemetery. According to
the "Centennial History of Nunda, N.Y.: 1808-1908" edited by H. Wells
Hand, Rochester Herald Press, 1908, Zadoc lived to be 99 years and 9
months old, when he broke his hip and refused to eat, saying he had lived
long enough. The book contains a photo (on p. 223) of one of Zadoc's
sons, Granville Sherwood (the first in my family to bear the name. My
son, named for my father, David, has Granville as his middle name. From
the time of the first Granville (son of Zadoc), b. c1785, until today, a
male has borne the name "Granville" as the first or middle name in every
generation of my Sherwood family except for my father's. That first
Granville Hudson Sherwood, like his father, was very long-lived; he died
at age 95.

Zadoc had another son, John, which I now feel is probably the father of
your Isaac Sherwood. He is most likely the John Sherwood who appears in
the 1820 and 1850 (and intervening?) Federal Censuses in Nunda, NY. The
John who was a son of Zadoc was born c1791, which jibes with the age "58"
that you show for his enumeration in the 1850 Federal Census of Nunda.
John died 11 NOV 1863 and, like Zadoc, is buried in the Oakwood Cemetery
in Nunda. Another compelling reason for believing that your John and
mine are one and the same is that John, son of Zadoc, married Rachel
JONES. And your John was married to a "Rachel." I would be willing to
bet that the middle initial of "John J. Sherwood" stands for "Jones".

On page 222 of the Nunda Centennial book, it says that John lived on
State Street in Nunda Village, and that he married Rachel JONES
("Milliner"), who is also buried in Nunda.

The reason I say you may be the closest Sherwood relative that I have is
because my Sherwood line is just the slimmest line you could imagine. My
two brothers and our sons are the only living male Sherwood descendants
of my G3grandfather, Richard Reuben Sherwood (brother to your John, if
your John is in fact a son of Zadoc). Reuben (he went by his middle name)
had four sons of which only one, David Burton (my G2grandfather) left
male progeny. David Burton had one son, Granville Hudson Sherwood III,
Bishop of the Springfield, Illinois, Episcopal church. Granville III had
one child, my grandfather, Granville Hudson Sherwood IV. And Granville IV
had two sons, only one of which - my father, David Scott Sherwood - had
male progeny. So any present-day Sherwood descendants of Reuben's
siblings - Granville Hudson II, John, Nathan and Harry - would be my
closest living Sherwood relatives.

It would be very exciting to me if it turns out that your John really is
a brother of my G3grandfather, Reuben. Can you tell me some more about
your Sherwoods and how you are descended from them? I am particularly
interested in all that you know about John the elder, Isaac and John J.

Kind Regards,

Geoffrey Sherwood

Towaco, NJ, USA

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