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From: "Chris Woods" <>
Subject: [Shipwreck] Vessel "Morning Star", coastal trader; c1861;Channel Islands & Cornwall, England
Date: Tue, 14 Nov 2006 06:31:26 -0000
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Dear Laura,

If you want a full record your best option is to get those kept by the
British Registrar of Shipping and Seamen (Cardiff).

The original documents were sold a few years ago by the Registrar with 80%
going to famous maritime museum in Newfoundland which holds all know records
for the years ending 1-4, and 6-9:

with the other 20% being bought by the National Maritime Museum at Greenwich
which holds the records for years ending with 0 or 5

Records include log books, crew agreements, accounts of voyages, etc.
Personally, I find the Accounts of Voyages the most useful. They are
divided into half years (Jan-June, and July-Dec.) and they not only list
all the ports visited during that period but also the crew on board (plus
their previous ship if they joined during that 6 month period), and also
the name of the owner and Master plus their addresses (later 19th. C.)

Although they have to charge to recover these documents from their vast
archives, and forward copies, the charges are modest, and they should be
able to let you know what they have on a particular vessel before you give a
goahead for a full search.

It is essential to know the ship's 'Official Number' before they can do
their searches. Someone on this site should be able to identify her for
you. In the case of several ships having the same name, a little detective
work is needed. Originating in Jersey may mean either she was a Jersey
registered ship or that her last port of call was in Jersey. If she was
'coasting' she may only have been around 100 tons net. The M.N. List for
the year will help to identify the ship, or Lloyd's List.

The museums should also be able to track a seaman's service although this
could get more expensive. Not an option I've used yet.

I've copied this to the Shipwreck site in case anyone there can help.

Good hunting,

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Subject: [MAR] Vessel "Morning Star", coastal trader; c1861; Channel Islands
& Cornwall, England

> I'm searching for information on a crew member of the vessel "Morning
> Star" which was docked at Falmouth, Cornwall during the 1861 UK Census.
> John James WALKEY, b1832 in St. Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands. He is
> listed in the 1861 UK Census as being a Mate aboard the "Morning Star"
> The Master was John Mathew CANTELL of Portsmouth. Also aboard is A. B.
> Seaman William HEARVEY and H. Seaman Alfred LANGLOIS.
> According to the census, the vessel originated in Jersey and was
> involved in "Coasting".
> I'm interested in finding out how long John WALKEY served aboard this
> ship and what other ships he may have served aboard. He listed his
> occupation as Retired Master Mariner in the 1901 census, so it must have
> been a lengthy career.
> Any help is very much appreciated.
> Thanks kindly.
> Cheers,
> --
> Laury Walkey (Miss)
> BC, Canada
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