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Subject: Thomas Shuttleworth of colonial MD
Date: Thu, 10 Jun 2004 19:12:51 EDT

Descendants of Thomas Shuttleworth

Generation No. 1

1. Thomas2 Shuttleworth (?1) was born Abt. 1630, and died in Charles
County, Maryland.

Notes for Thomas Shuttleworth:
Thomas Shuttleworth settled in Charles County, Maryland along the Potomac
River about 1662. In 1665 (book 11,569) he obtained a warrant for 200 acres
of land along Goose Bay of the Potomac River in Charles County, Maryland which
he followed with a patent for that 200 acres in 1668 (book 12,424( called
Doncaster. He followed by adding a patent for 50 acres called New Street in 1670
(book 21, 254). He is known to have had a son Edward and a daughter Lydia,
Edward receiving as a gift the 150 acre plantation called Horne Faire in 1682
from WIlliam Nevill. However, there are no Shuttleworth records indexed in the
Maryland archives after that and it is possible that Thomas descendants died
out and cousins recieved the property through some connection in England. To
date I have not been able to piece together enough Shuttleworth records to prove
the connection from Thomas To his alleged great granddaughter Anne that
married Richard Wethington. But I haven't given up yet. It will take more trips to
the Maryland Archives.
Subj: Re: Anne Shuttleworth, SHUTTLESWORTH of Maryland
Date: 99-03-17 09:25:33 EST
From: (Bargerhuff & Hembree)

Pat, I'm sending some info that was sent to me by "Dan & Marilyn Elam
"; about Thomas, his children. You may already have this
info. Kathy

* THE SHUTTLEWORTH FAMILY , DA607 L19- C5- Vol.35. Virginia
In America; Our search of Shuttleworth in early America has placed them in Co
lonial Maryland. Chronologically our findings are as follows:
1662 Thomas Shuttleworth arrived Charles County, Maryland. ( SkrodasÆ
Arrivals )

1670-1680 Thomas Shuttleworth had four daughters:

1. Mary Shuttleworth, who married Edward Rockwood. They had:
Thomas Rockwood, who m. Henrietta Barnes.
a) Ann Rockwood, who m. Henry Moore.
2. ______ Shuttleworth , who m. Francis Wheeler.

3. _______ Shuttleworth, who m. John Payne.

4. Lydia Shuttleworth, who married (1) Richard Robins.
Their children:
Margaret Robins, who in 1716 married Benjamin Reeder. She inherited ô
Linsey ö when her father died c 1704.
Elizabeth Robins, who married Travis Dunning ton. She inherited her
LatherÆs plantation called ô Horne Faire. ö

Lydia Shuttleworth married (2) in 1706 John Posey. Their son was.
John Shuttleworth Posey.

The material on the last listed Thom. Shuttleworth and his four daughters was
taken from Emison Family Supplement 1 62. It is included in full here because
there were Reeders in Bibb and Jefferson Counties, Alabama. The great iron
ore vein, in the Bessemer area was under what was originally Reeder land. *
"* My motherÆs two brothers James and Edward Bibby married Leona and Anetta
Reeder, daughters of N.S. and Margaret Reeder, who according to 1880 Census,
were born in Bibb County, Beat 4, Township 23 and Range 9. They were of the
Bessemer Reeders."

*1684 Chas. Co. Thomas Shuttleworth gave, a deed of gift to orphan child of
John Harrison.

Children of Thomas Shuttleworth are:
2 i. Edward3 Shuttleworth, born Abt. 1670 in Charles County, Maryland.

Notes for Edward Shuttleworth:
I have not found any proof that this Edward had a family yet. And the
children listed are just speculative and put here so that I can continue to
collect additional information that I eventually hope will prove the connection.
The association currently is just one of place and time. I also looked at MD
archive records and noticed a dearth of available Shuttleworth records that
would help prove this association but have not given up hope yet.
In thinking about the problem though it occured to me that the land of
Thomas Shuttleworth was very near the border with Prince George County and
although I have pretty well examined the records of Charles County and not found
what I need, I can't abandon the chase until I check out Prince George County
Subj: Re: [WETHINGTON-L] WITHINGTON & other Spellings
Date: 99-01-26 20:01:00 EST
From: (Carol Mitchell)

This is it on Shuttleworth:
Shuttleworth, Lydia & Edwrd children of Thomas Shuttleworth. Deed of Gift 9
Sep 1682 from Willliam Nevill, parcel called Hornefaire in Nanjemy Creek, (Ct. &
land K#1.273) [this is of course an earlier Shuttleworth.)

Did not find any ref. to Shuttleworth in Probate Records Inventories

Carol (Gehrs) Mitchell, 134 Schnauzer Lane, Beaver Falls, PA 15010
<> 724-847-4473

3 ii. Lydia Shuttleworth. She married (1) Richard Robins; died 1704.
She married (2) John Posey.
4 iii. Mary Shuttleworth. She married Edward Rookwood.

Notes for Mary Shuttleworth:
Date: 9/5/00 11:49:28 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Karl & Cecy Rice)

Pat - I am slowly working through the information you sent. I have another
correction. In the information apparently from that you
sent it lists
1. Mary Shuttleworth, who m. Edward ROOKWOOD. They had 2 children:
This is wrong. It lists:
a. Thomas ROoKWOOD, who m. Henretta BARNES - that marriage is right
b. Ann ROoKWOOD, who m. Henry MOORE - Ann is Thomas and Henretta's
daughter not Thomas' sister. In a deed in Charles Co, MD it says Ann
Moore daughter of Thomas & Henretta ROOKWOOD...

If you are not interested in this please let me know and I will not send
you more inforamtion. I know of all these people. They are very hard
to figure out and I don't have all the answers yet, but I would question
the rest of the research you have on this line, if I were you. Thanks
Cecy Rice

Notes for Edward Rookwood:
Date: 9/5/00 10:10:41 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Karl & Cecy Rice)

Patrick - I just saw your reply to me on GenForum message #86 dated 3 Mar
2000. I am answering you personally because I seldom look at certain names on
genforum. Thanks so much for answering and sending the information.

I will make one very large correction in the material you sent. Mary
is a mistake made over and over but the name is very definately ROOKWOOD (the
ROOK with 2 O's not OC). I have done research in the Maryland Archives in the
orginial records. The mistakened spelling was even in their card file index,
but when I showed them the original document in their possession, they
promised me they would changed the spelling in the card file. I am sure some records
have changed the name premanently to ROCKWOOD and that is one reason there
are so few ROOKWOOD. Also, in VA in the 1700's and 1800's almost all ROOKWOODs
changed to ROOKARD. My family always kept ROOKWOOD. Edward ROOKWOOD is my
many many great grandfather. So please change the spelling to ROOKWOOD in your
family records.

I also saw that you have queries about the PIGG family. The PEGG family was
associated with the ROOKWOOD/ROOKARD family in Loudoun Co, VA in the late
1700's. I imagine that is another misspelling, but I dont know.

SPEAKE is another name that is associated with the ROOKWOOD family in MD. If
you are interested in any of this, please contact me at
. Thanks again for the info and sorry it took so long for
me to reply.

Cecy Rice

5 iv. daughter Shuttleworth. She married Francis Wheeler.
6 v. daughter Shuttleworth. She married John Payne.

Patrick J. Anderson

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