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Dear Dale,

Maybe this well help in sorting out the Joseph Sifford family of Stoddard
Co. MO:

In the Watkin's & Sons' Funeral Home records in Dexter, Stoddard Co. MO I
found the following:

Book G: Arthur Alonzo Sifford, b. 27 Sep 1881, Bloomfield, MO; d. 6 Jun
1957, Dexter, MO; bur. Lick Creek Cem. west of Bloomfield; parents Joseph M.
Sifford and Mary Pendergras. Funeral charges were to Arthur's son, Carmen
Sifford, who married Sylvia Coats. (Carmen & Sylvia lived two miles west of
me, and one of their sons still lives on their farm.) (Note -- Arthur A.
Sifford was married to Bittie Crowe.)

Book I: Gertie Crowe, b. 5 Aug 1887, Aid, Stoddard Co. MO; d. 30 May 1963,
Poplar Bluff, Butler Co. MO; bur. Hagy Cem. in Dexter, MO; m. Oscar Crowe;
parents were Joseph Sifford & Mollie Pennygrass.

Book J: Eugene Edgar Sifford, b. 6 Jul 1908, Aid, MO; d. 24 Sep 1966 at
Broseley, Butler Co. MO; bur. Smith-Stevenson Cem. in southern Stoddard Co.
MO; m. Cora (McSwane); parents Arthur Sifford & Bittie Crowe; funeral
charged to widow, Bob K. Sifford, and Betty Wineman.

From the book, _Cemeteries of Stoddard County, Missouri 1839-1992_ came the

Lick Creek Cemetery: (west of Bloomfield, MO)
(* indicates shares a stone)

*Joseph M. Sifford -17 Dec 1849 - 6 Apr 1901
*Olley C. Sifford - 22 Oct 1873 - 2 Dec 1893
Maudie Sifford - 17 Feb 1892 - 24 Feb 1892 (bur. next to Joseph & Olley)

*Arthur A. Sifford - 27 Sep 1882 - 6 Jun 1957;
*Bittie E. Sifford - 7 Feb 1884 - 14 Apr 1934
*Frank Sifford - 3 Aug 1879 - 18 Dec 1914
*Aletha E. Sifford - 9 Dec 1882 - 17 Aug 1910, wife of W.F.

(There were several other Siffords bur. in Lick Creek Cem., but I believe
they were all descendants of Leonard Sifford [1818-1858] & Isabel Adeline

Smith-Stevenson Cemetery (southwest of Bernie, MO)
Vernita Lee Sifford - 1927-1933
*Cora Sifford (McSwane) 1910-1978
*Eugene (Shorty) Sifford 1908-1966

*Sylvia A. Sifford (Coats) 8 Dec 1916 (still living)
*Carmen Sifford - 25 Dec 1914 - 29 May 1991

In the Hopkins/Miller/Dwiggins book by Mildred Hood was listed the family of
Jacob Miller and Emily Smithson. Jacob Miller was the half-brother of my
great-great-grandmother, Martha Jenkins Hopkins. (See my reply to Janet
Culp) I did further research on Jacob Miller's family and learned that
after Emily died, Jacob married Mary C. "Mollie" Pendergrass Sifford on 2
Oct 1913 in Stoddard Co. MO. Mollie was the daughter of Charles
Pendergrass. She was born 10 Oct 1856 in Milan, Gibson Co. TN; d. 16 Feb
1937 in Dexter, MO; she is bur. at Lick Creek, but apparently has no
tombstone. She and Joseph M. Sifford had at least two sons and one
daughter, and possibly more children. Their known children were:

1. Gertie Sifford, b. 5 Aug 1887 in Aid, MO; d. 30 May 1963 at a Poplar
Bluff hospital of heart disease; m. Oscar Crowe; bur. Hagy Cem.; Church of
Christ. (Oscar Crowe was the brother of Bittie, who m. Arthur Sifford. I
have also wondered if they were related to Lillian Crowe, who married Louis
Miller, grandson of Henderson Miller. Henderson was a brother to Jacob
Miller. They were sons of John Miller and Barbara Penturf. Also, Hardin
Crowe, former editor of the _Daily Statesman Newspaper_ in Dexter, MO was
married to Daisy Myrtle Miller, b. 25 Mar 1903 in Millersville, Cape
Girardeau Co. MO to Gale Hines Miller and Effie Welty. The Millersville
Millers go back to Lincoln Co. NC, and two of them were on the first
Bollinger wagon train from Lincoln Co. NC to Cape Gir. Co. MO in 1800, along
with Peter Cryts who was the father of Christena Cryts Welch Sifford. [See
my submission on Leonard Sifford].)

2. Arthur Alonzo Sifford, 1881-1957, bur. Lick Creek Cem. (see previous

3. Son, unknown.

Since W. Frank Sifford was buried next to Arthur in Lick Creek Cem. my guess
is that Frank is a child of Mollie and Joseph Sifford, but I have no proof.

There is also a Luther Sifford, b. in Aid, MO on 8 Sep 1883; d. 9 May 1922;
bur. Bernie Cem.; m. Nancy Horton; Luther's family settled in the Essex and
Bernie areas of Stoddard Co. He is possibly another son of Joseph & Mollie
Sifford. Does anyone know?

Known children for Luther Sifford and Nancy Horton include: (info from
Watkins' and Rainey Funeral Homes in Dexter, MO)

A. Dorothy Marie Lemons, b. 22 June 1918 in Essex, MO; d. 2 Mar 1964 in
Memphis, TN; divorced; bur. Bernie Cem.; par. Luther Sifford & Nancy Horton;
funeral charged to Frances Montgomery.

B. Ida M. Kirkpatrick, b. 10 Oct 1902; d. 6 Oct 1983 in Sikeston, Scott Co.
MO; bur. Essex Cem.; m. John Logan Kirkpatrick; parents Luther Sifford &
Nancy Horton; daughter, Marie Medcalf.

C. Edward Luther Sifford, b. 11 Dec 1915, Bernie, MO; d. 21 Jan 1985 at
home on Rt. 1 Essex, MO; m. Elsie Frailey; bur. Essex Cem.; parents Luther
Sifford & Nancy Horton.

D. Alma Viola Lawrence, b. 18 Nov 1908 in Bernie, MO; d. 19 Mar 1956 in
Dexter, MO; bur. Dexter Cem.; m. Osel Lawrence; parents Luther Sifford, b.
Aid, MO and Nancy Horton, b. Norris City, IL. Daughter, Hester Maxine
Chipman, b. 1931 Essex, d. 1964, Dexter, MO, bur. Dexter Cem. m. Charles

There may be other children of Luther & Nancy Sifford.

Others in the funeral records who may connect with those above were:

Ronnie Dale Sifford, 1957-1977, son of Fred Sifford & Charity Castleman;
bur. Dexter Cem. Does anyone know if Fred Sifford was the son of Luther &
Nancy Sifford?

Myrtle S. Sifford; m. Eldon Etheridge Miller. Etheridge was b. 30 Apr 1881
in Aid, MO; d. 12 June 1969 in Dexter, MO; bur. Dexter Cem.; farmer.
Etheridge was the son of John Anderson "Pad" Miller & Mary Kezziah Harper.
John Anderson Miller was the son of Robert Miller, who is believed to be
either a son from an earlier marriage, or a younger brother of John Miller
mentioned above who was married to Barbara Penturf. Robert Miller was the
administrator of the estate of my David Hopkins in 1858. That is the same
David Hopkins who had three children who married Siffords, and whose
youngest son, David Newton Hopkins was mentioned previously. (See my
earlier postings to the site.) Myrtle Sifford & Etheridge Miller had at
least two children:

A. Elmer L. Miller, b. 25 Dec 1904, at Aid, MO; d. 9 Nov 1992 in
Sikeston, MO; bur. Dexter Cem.; divorced; parents Etheridge E. Miller &
Myrtle S. Sifford. In Elmer's funeral record, it mentioned a sister, Nadine
Johnson, but Nadine was not listed in the John A. Miller family biography in
the book, _Stoddard County, 1835-1985_.

B. Lelia Miller, m. a Reynolds. Their son, Henry Reynolds, was a pilot
in WW II, and was later killed in a jet fighter accident.

Myrtle died, and Etheridge Miller then married Nettie Patterson and had five
more children.

An infant, born and died on 22 July 1938 in Essex, MO; bur. Essex Cem.;
parents Ray Sifford, b. Bernie, MO & Mildred Tutter, b. Essex.
Is Ray Sifford part of Luther's family?

I hope this has been helpful.

LeAnn Kelley

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> I was going thru Proffer Family History & found wher they listed Molly
Proffer marrying Joe Sifford. I had seen it before, but I looked at the
children of that marriage that shows: Joe Sifford, Addie Sifford md. Edgar
Chasteen, and Gertie Sifford md. Oscar Crow. This kinda corresponds with
children of Joseph Sifford, son of Lewis Sifford, who married Catherine
Pendergast and had children: Frank Sifford, Addie Sifford, and Gertie
Sifford who married Oscar Crowe. Does any one have anything to clear this

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