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Subject: [SIMONDS-L] Simmons, Brunswick County, NC
Date: Sun, 7 Mar 1999 09:58:43 EST

Hi, I'm new to the list so I figured I'd post some of my SIMMONS and see if we
can find a connection.

Penia Simmons Stallings, daughter of James Simmons and wife
Becky Holden Simmons, married William Thomas Stallings.
Penia Simmons b.Feb.26, 1837; d.Mar.11,1911

Information taken from bible of James Simmons (this bible was in the
possession of Beryl Sellers Lancaster, who wrote the pamphlet titled "Our
Family" from the Lancaster point of view-this was submitted by a family member
to the Brunswick County, NC homepage website)

Copied from old bible as written by James Simmons, grandfather of Theodocia
V. Stallings.
Benjamin Simmons born Sept. 22, 1738, died Jan . 12, 1810. Ann Simmons
born Jan. 15, 1738, died May 30, 1819. James Simmons born Sept. 16, 1778,
died???. Thomas Simmons born March 25, 1801. Thomas married Sabrey.
Benjamin Simmons born July 4, 1802. Mary Simmons born Dec. 11, 1803. Mary
married Jysee Grissett. John Simmons born March 2, 1805. James Simmons born
April 28,1806. James Simmons married Becky Holden, mother of Penina Simmons
Stallings. Solomon Simmons born Jan.6,1808. Simeon Simmons born May 19,1820.
Stephen Simmons born Dec. 29,1810. William Simmons born March 15, 1812. Mary
Jane, daughter of Mary and Hezekiah Hewett, born June 9,1826--Dec.10,1826.
Gehennah Simmons died Sept.23,1821. Edward, son of Sabrey and Thomas Simmons,
born Dec 6,1818. Daniel Simmons born Jan. 6,1821. Helen Simmons born
Nov.12,1824. Elizabeth Simmons born April 29,1827, daughter of Thomas and
Sabrey. Elizabeth Ann Simmons born 1825.

Becky Holden m. James Simmons, son of Benjamin Simmons and wife.
Becky and James Simmons family, children:
Margaret (Peggy) Simmons m. Benjamin Simmons II
Abbie Simmons m. 1st ??Holden, 2nd Elijah Hewett
Penina Simmons m. William Thomas Stallings.
Adaline died single.

Peggy Simmons and husband, Benjamin Simmons family, children:
Sally Simmons m. Asa Leonard
Lewis Simmons m. Hannah Clemmons
Caroline Simmons m. George Gray
Amanda Simmons m. Lorenzi Sellers
Elizabeth Simmons m. Jehu Sermons
Asbury Simmons m. Lydia Hewett
Maulsey Simmons m. 1st Llewellyn Leonard, 2nd Peter Stanland
Moses Simmons killed in Civil War.

Have more family information on the above. Anyone with a connection??

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