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From: "elainedecker" <>
Subject: [SINES] Philip SINES and his Wife,Percilla BANGS Genealogy Made in 1933.
Date: Mon, 19 Feb 2007 22:41:08 -0500

Here's something nice and long and old for my first post.

DESCENDANTS of PHILIP SINES and PERCILLA BANGS, his wife, 1775-1933, and HEIRS AT LAW next of KIN of LEMUEL SINES, deceased.

The information in regard to the descendants of Philip SINES and his wife, Percilla BANGS, was gathered by David T. Williams of Union Grove, N.Y., the facts being secured from some of the different heirs. The list is as nearly correct as it has been possible to obtain, being furnished by Corbett & Stuart of Binghamton, N.Y.

Note from transcriber:
These old papers have been in my family as long as I can remember. (I was born in 1948.) My ancestors are:

Philip SINES and Percilla BANGS;

Ellen SINES and Ephraim DECKER;

Philip DECKER and Mary FULLER;

William Ezra DECKER and Mabel Sophia AYLESWORTH

Reginald Gilbert DECKER, who, after this genealogy was made, married Grace Carrie OLIVER, both of New Berlin.

My mother and father were married in 1933. I have transcribed this EXACTLY as it was written so there are mistakes and some untruths as far as some of the dates but all in all it is a well researched genealogy.

I have additions and corrections in case anyone wants to start a discussion, make additions or corrections.

DESCENDANTS of PHILIP SINES and PERCILLA BANGS, his wife, 1775-1933, and HEIRS AT LAW next of KIN of LEMUEL SINES, deceased.

The information in regard to the descendants of Philip SINES and his wife,
Percilla BANGS, was gathered by David T. Williams of Union Grove, N.Y., the
facts being secured from some of the different heirs. The list is as nearly
correct as it has been possible to obtain, being furnished by Corbett & Stuart
of Binghamton, N.Y.

One other thing; I do have additions and corrections for this paper.

PHILIP SINES, born 5-22, 1775; married 11-15, 1804; died 3-15, 1859; address
or place, unknown.
Percilla BANGS, his wife, born 7-20, 1787; died about 1879; address or place,
unknown. Their children, 16: John, Ellen, Polly, Lemuel, Sally, Rebecca,
Rhoda, Lucretia, Herman, Nathan, Peter, Philip, Sophia, Julia, Frances,
1.JOHN SINES, born about 1806; single, died about 1891; T. Roxbury.
2.ELLEN SINES, born about 1808; m. about 1840; died about 1890; T. Laurens.
Ephraim DECKER, born about 1807; her husband; died about 1904; T. Laurens.
Their children, 8: Philip, Lavina, Sarah E., Lucretia, Rhoda, Julia, Mary, David
1.PHILIP DECKER, born about 1845; married about 1870; died about 1900; T.
New Berlin.
Mary FULLER, born about 1845; his wife; died about 1904; T. New Berlin.
Their children, 4: William Ezra, Anna, Henry, Lavina.
1.WILLIAM EZRA DECKER; married; died 8-14, 1920; T. Sherburne.
Mabel AYLESWORTH, his wife; living; New Berlin. Their children, 6: Philip,
Reginald, Mary, Queenie, Mabel, Anna.
Philip DECKER; married; living; New Berlin.
Esther KAZLAUKUS, his wife; living; New Berlin.
Reginald DECKER; single; living; New Berlin.
Mary DECKER; single; living; New Berlin.
Queenie DECKER; married; living; New Berlin.
Ervin BORST, her husband; living; New Berlin.
Mabel DECKER, born 1916; single; living; New Berlin.
Anna DECKER; born 1919; single; living; New Berlin.
Children of Philip DECKER and Mary FULLER:
Anna DECKER; single; died about 1890; T. Laurens.
Henry DECKER; single; died about 1885; T. Laurens.
Lavina DECKER; married; died about 1903; T. Pittsfield.
Bert SCOTT, her husband; living; New Berlin. Children, 1: Marjorie
1.Marjorie SCOTT; married; living; Edmeston.
William CARD, her husband; living; Edmeston.

Children of Ephraim DECKER and Ellen SINES:
Lavina DECKER; born 1846; married; died about 1900; T. Laurens.
June ROGERS, her first husband; died about 1870; T. Prattsville. Children 1:
Ephraim ROGERS, born 1868; single; died about 1915; Rome, N.Y.
2nd husband
Henry OLIN, her second husband; died about 1880; T. Laurens. Children, 2:
Ella, Mina.
Ella OLIN; born 1873; married; died about 1902; T. Laurens.
Oswald WELCH, her husband; living; T. Laurens. Children, 1: Winsor.
Winsor WELCH; born 1893; single; died about 1903; T. Laurens.
Mina OLIN; born 1875; single; living; T. Laurens.
Sarah E. DECKER (d/o Philip DECKER and Mary FULLER;) Born 1847; married;
died 10-10, 1914; T. Hartwick.
Leverette BLISS, her husband; died 8-13, 1915; T. Hartwick. Children, 10:
Emmett H., George, Adelbert, John, Jesse, Leo, Harry, Julia, Bessie, Anna.
Emmett H. BlISS; married; living. T. Milford.
Bessie SPOOR, his wife; living; T. Milford
George BLISS; married March, 1898; living; 51 Wilkins St., Newburgh, N.Y.
Belle OSTERHOUDT, his wife; living; 51 Wilkins St., Newburgh, N.Y.
Adelbert BLISS; single; living; Binghamton, N.Y.
John BLISS; born 1864; single; died 1867; T. Hartwick.
Jesse BLISS; born 1873; single; died 1887; T. Milford.
Leo BLISS; born 1889; single; died 1909; T. Hartwick.
Harry BLISS; born 1865; single; died 1884; T. Milford.
Julia BLISS; married; died about 1909; T. Otsego.
James LEMERBECKER; her husband; died about 1908; T. Otsego. Children, 1:
Mary LEMERBECKER; married; died about 1920; Alexander Bay, N.Y.
Maxwell WHEELER, her husband; died Nov., 1928; Ogdensburgh, N.Y.
Children, 1. Eleanor.
Eleanor WHEELER; born 1916; single; living; 1150 Glencove Road, N. Syracuse,
N.Y.; adopted by Mr. and Mrs. Wm. KOENIG, same address.
Bessie BLISS; married; died about 1888; T. Oswego.
George HECOX, her husband; died 2-3,'31; Earlville, N.Y.
Bessie H. HECOX; married Jan. 1914; living; 872 Lancaster Avenue, Syracuse,
Frank JOYNER, her husband, died Nov., 1924. Children, 1: Sarah Elison
Sarah Elison JOYNER; single; living; Syracuse.
Anna BLISS; married 11-19, 1889; living; Earlville, N.Y.
George HECOX, her husband; died 2-3-1931; Earlville, N.Y. Children, 4:
George, Francis, Nellie, Lavancha.
George HEXOC; married; living; Earlville, N.Y. His wife; living; Earlville, N.Y.
Francis HECOX; married; living; address unknown; His wife; living; address
Nellie HECOX; married; living; address unknown. Her husband; living; address
Lavancha HECOX; single, living, Earlville, N.Y.

DAVID H. DECKER; married; died about 1920; T. Andes.
Elizabeth MINER, his wife; died 1-10, 1925; T. Andes. Children, 2: Irving,
Irving DECKER; single; living; Shavertown, N.Y.
Georgia DECKER; married; living; Catskill, N.Y.
Richard DIMMICK, 1st husband, divorced. Children, 1: Leslie.
Clem WILSON, 2nd husband; living; Catskill, N.Y.
Leslie DIMMICK; married; living CATSKILL, N.Y.
Viola, his wife; living; Catskill, N.Y.

Lucretia DECKER; married; died 1-14, 1919; T. Otsego.
Benjamin SMITH; her husband; died 9-9-, 1919; Kansas City, Mo. Children 1:
Minnie SMITH; married; living; Cooperstown, N.Y.
John PHILLIPS, her husband; living; Cooperstown, N.Y.

Rhoda Ellen DECKER; m. about 1866; died Jan., 1889; Oneonta, N.Y.
Charles WHITE, her husband; died 5-27-1907; Hartford, Conn. Children, two:
E. Grace, Ellen Amelia.
E. Grace WHITE; m. 10-15, 1889; living; 1124 Commonwealth Ave., Boston,
Gregory J. ARCHBOLD, her first husband; divorced 10-29, 1906.
D. Clinton BRIGGS, her second husband; living.
Ellen Amelia WHITE; single; died July, 1890; Oneonta, N.Y.

Julia DECKER; married about 1870; died 5-12-1903; T. Hartwick.
Henry FREELAND, her husband; died 6-2, 1923; T. Hartwick. Children, 4: Kit,
Minnie, Fannie, Henry.
Kit FREELAND; single died about 1910; T. Hartwick.
Minnie FREELAND; single, died about 1912; T. Hartwick.
Fannie FREELAND; married; living; Sheffield, Ill.
Calvin ROGERS, first husband; divorced.
George BROOKHOUT, second husband; married Oct. 12, 1910; living; Sheffield,
Henry FREELAND; single; died Sept., 1913; Phenix Mills, N.Y.

Mary DECKER, married; died Jan. 22, 1930; T. Otsego.
Otis BLISS, her husband; died about 1876; T. Milford; Children, 3: Addie,
William, Bert.
Addie BLISS; single; died about 1890; T. Otsego.
William BLISS; single; living; address unknown.
Bert BLISS, married; living; address unknown. Wife unknown but living.
----------------- ---------------------- ----------------------- ------------------

Polly SINES; born 1810; single; died about 1907; address unknown.
Lemuel SINES; born 1814; single; died 4-16, 1894; T. Middletown.
Sally SINES; born 8-15, 1812; married 1-29, 1852; died 3-10, 1895; T.
Adam KNISKERN, her husband; died about 1874; T. Blenheim. Children, 2:
Infant, Edward Monroe.
(Infant) KNISKERN; born 1853; single; died 1853; T. Blenheim.
Edward Monroe KNISKERN; married; died 11-19, 1914; Kingston, N.Y.
Minnie Margaret TURK, his wife; died 7-4, 1929; Kingston, N.Y. Children, 4:
Floyd B., Helen, Warren M., Margaret.
Floyd B. KNISKERN; married; living; 408 Hampton Ave., Wilkinsburg, Pa.
Florence CRUDE, his wife; living; same address.
Helen KNISKERN; married; living; 130 Buckingham Ave., Syracuse, N.Y.
Harry P. BROWN, her husband; living; same address.
Warren M. KNISKERN; married; living; Manlius, N.Y.
Ruth MEIER, his wife, living, Manlius, N.Y.
Margaret KNISKERN; married; living; 1419 Bellevue Ave., Syracuse, N.Y.
Arthur JENKINS, her husband; living; same address.

Rebecca SINES; born 1815; single; died about 1840; address unknown.
Rhoda SINES; born 1817; married about 1840; died 7-30, 1898; T. Jefferson.
David HENDRY; born 1815; her husband; died 1-20-1862; T. Harpersfield.
Children, 7: Mary Elizabeth, Rhoda Ann, Helen Amelia, Sarah Eliza, Cornelia
Emillissa, David Wellington, Susan Antoinette.
Mary Elizabeth HENDRY; married 1867; died about 1881; T. Harpersfield.
Robert GORDON, her husband; died about 1906; T. Harpersfield. Children, 1:
George P.
George P. GORDON; married 1890; died 4-7, 1930; Oneonta, N.Y.
Effie COUSE, his wife; died about 1903; T. Davenport. Children, 1: Robert.
Robert Gordon; married 1917; d. about 1923; T. Herkimer.
Viola COOPER, his wife; living; address unknown. Children, 4: Edna, Eva,
Ethel, Laura.
Edna GORDON; born 7-6, 1918; single; living; address unknown.
Eva GORDON; born 4-24, 1920; single; living; address unknown.
Ethel GORDON; born 6-10, 1921; single; living; address unknown.
Laura GORDON; born 10-27, '22; single; living; address unknown.

Rhoda Ann HENDRY; born 1843; single; died 1866; T. Kortright.
Helen Amelia HENDRY; born 1846; married 1866; died 4-5, 1930; T. Harpersfield
Delos SEELEY, her husband; died 1-2, 1902; T. Jeferson. Children, 1: Herbert Delos.
Herbert Delos SEELEY, married 1896; died about 1917; Los Angeles, Cal.
Ethel SHAVER, his wife; living; address unknown. Children: none.
Sarah Eliza HENDRY, born 1847; married 1874; living; N. Harpersfield.
Amos BARNUM, her husband; died 2-20, 1911; T. Harpersfield.
Cornelia Emillissa HENDRY, married 1-1, 1871; living; N. Harpersfield.
Rollin HAMILTON, her husband; died about 1883; T. Harpersfield.
David Wellington HENDRY, born 1879; living; N. Harpersfield.
Elizabeth TITUS, his wife; died about 1910; Frankfort, N.Y.
Susan Antoinette HENDRY, married 1880; living; N. Harpersfield.
Perry M. DENNY, her husband; living; same address.

LUCRETIA SINES; born 1819; m.; died 4-14, 1903; T. Hartwick.
Gould S. SILLIMAN; her husband, died 10-13, 1855; T. Portlandville. Children, 5: Mary, Frances, Melissa, Erwin, Loron.
Mary SILLIMAN; living; single; Toddsville, N.Y.
Frances SILLIMAN; married; living; Toddsville, N.Y.
Ira BUTTS, her husband; died about 1890; address unknown.
Melissa SILLIMAN; single; living; Toddsville, N.Y.
Erwin SILLIMAN; single; died 4-12, 1867; T. Hartwick.
Loron SILLIMAN; married; died 12-25, 1877; T. Columbia.
Eva SHAW, his wife; living; Milford, N.Y.
Homer BARRETT, her 2nd husband; living; Milford

Children: Erwin
Erwin SILLMAN; married; living; Chadwicks, N.Y.
Anna BOISE, his wife; living; Chadwicks, N.Y.

HERMAN SINES; born 1821; single; died about 1900; address unknown.
Nathan SINES; born about 1825; married about 1876; died about 1897; Michigan.
Sarah WHITE, his wife; died about 1890; children none.
Peter SINES; born about 1825; married about 1873; died about 1902; Mich. Children, 1: Emma.
Emma SINES; born about 1874; m. about 1893; died about 1910; address unknown.
John KAUFMAN, her husband; died about 1926; address, Michigan. Children, 3: Emma, John, Lemuel.
Emma KAUFMAN, born about 1894; died 1894; Grand Rapids, Mich.
John KAUFMAN, born about 1895; died 1895; Grand Rapids, Mich.
Lemuel KAUFMAN, born about 1897; died 1897; Grand Rapids, Mich.

Philip SINES; born 1826; single; died about 1832; T. Stamford.
Sophia SINES; born 1830; single; died about 1834; T. Stamford.
Julia SINES; born 1832; single; died about 1835; T. Stamford.
Frances SINES; born 1834; married; died 5-19, 1893; T. Roxbury.
David CRONK; born 1830, her husband; died about 1899; T. Roxbury; Children, 8: David, Frank, Addison, Willis, John, Roma, Nettie, Ella.
David CRONK; married; living; T. Roxbury.
Susie THOMAS, his wife; died about 1922; T. Roxbury.
Frank CRONK; married; living Grand Gorge, N.Y.
Katherine CONNERTY, his wife; living; same address.
Addison CRONK; born 1859; m. 1880; d. 7-12, '33; Stamford.
Eliza Rosette VANDYKE, wife; died Aug. 20, 1919; T. Roxbury. Children 4: Raymond F., Louis, Addison, Jr., Nettie.
Raymond CRONK; married 1914; living; Hobart, N.Y.
Ida RUTESHOUSER, his wife; living; Towanda, Pa.
Louis CRONK; married 1913; living; Towanda, Pa.
Blanche SALISBURY, his wife; living; Towanda, Pa.
Addison CRONK; married 1912; living; Windham, N.Y.
Clara MORSE, his wife; living; Windham, N.Y.
Nettie CRONK; married 1908; died 1913; Fleischmanns, N.Y.
Bert MAXIM, her husband; died 1924; Fleischmanns, N.Y., children, 3: Beatrice, Dorothy, Otis.
Beatrice MAXIM; married; living; 8 Columbia St. Oneonta, N.Y.
John McINTIRE, her husband; living; same address.
Dorothy MAXIM; married; living Bloomville, N.Y.
Justine ANDERSON, her husband; living Bloomville, N.Y.
Otis MAXIM; single; living; 2025 Eye St., N.W. Washington, D.C.

Willis CRONK; married; died 6-16, 1914; T. Roxbury.
Jennie WEST, his wife; living; Hobart, N.Y. Children 2: Lillian, Loron.
Lillian CRONK; married; living; Mt. Vernon, N.Y.
William HALL, her husband, living; Mt. Vernon, N.Y.
Loron CRONK; married; living; Troy, N.Y.
Ina WESTCOTT, his wife; living; Troy, N.Y.
John CRONK; married; died 4-19, 1918; T. Roxbury.
Ella LAWRENCE, first wife; died about 1892; T. Stamford.
Janette HASTINGS; 2nd wife; living (divorced); Middleburgh.
Ella FULLER, 3rd wife; living; Grand Gorge, N.Y.

Arthur CRONK; m. 7-5-1916; died 3-2,1926; T. Cobleskill.
Jennie ROE, his wife; living; Hyndsville, N.Y.
Jeremiah PROPER, her 2nd husband; living; Hyndsville, N.Y.

Children: 4: Leonard D., John J., Kenneth, Elmer Arthur.
Leonard D. CRONK; born 11-23, '17; single; living; Hyndsville, N.Y.
John J. CRONK; born 12-1, 1919; single; living; Hyndsville, N.Y.
Kenneth CRONK; born 6-2, 1924; single; living; Hyndsville, N.Y.
Elmer Arthur CRONK; born 10-19, 1926; single; living; Hyndsville, N.Y.
Roma CRONK; m. 3-17, 1893; d. 10-6, 1902; T. Roxbury.
Oliver MATTICE, her husband; died 6-18, 1901; T. Middleburgh. Children, 2: Victor, Virgil D.
Victor MATTICE, born 5-11, 1893; m.; living; Pittsburgh, Pa.; 18 Sylvania Ave.
Grace MURPHY, his wife; living; same address.
Virgil D. MATTICE; born 5-11, 1898, m.; living; 128 Mason Ave., Binghamton, N.Y.
Gladys E. YETTA, his wife; living; same address.
Nettie CRONK; m.; died about 1910; T. Halcott.
James GRIFFIN, her husband; died about 1912; T. Halcott. Children, 11: Addison, Jennie, Mettie, Mary, Ola, Omer, John, Ward, Fannie, Minna, Roy.
Addison GRIFFIN; married; died about 1910; T. Middletown.
Orpha WICKHAM, his wife; living; Fleischmanns, N.Y.
Rutherford BROWN, her 2nd husband; living; same address.

Children 1: Harold
Harold GRIFFIN; m.; living; Rochelle Park, N.J.
Maud MERHEN, his wife; living; same address.

Jennie GRIFFIN; married; living; T. Roxbury.
Reuben WHITNEY, her husband; died about 1924; T. Halcott.
Mettie GRIFFIN; married; living; T. Roxbury.
Granville TOWNSEND, her husband; living; T. Roxbury.
Mary GRIFFIN; married; died about 1915; T. Shandaken.
Milford BLISH; her husband; living; High Mt., N.Y. Children, 1: Frances.
Frances BLISH; single; living; Fleischmanns, N.Y.
Ola GRIFFIN; married; living; New Woodstock, N.Y.
Hanford HULL, her husband; living; same address.
Omer GRIFFIN; married; living; Roxbury, N.Y.
Fannie KEATOR, his wife; living; same address.
John GRIFFIN; married 1906; living; Pierre, S. Dakota.
Ethel MOREMAN, his wife; divorced.
Bertha WILLIAMS, 2nd wife; married; living; same address.
Ward GRIFFIN; born 1879; single; died about 1898; T. Halcott.
Fannie GRIFFIN; single; died about 1910; T. Halcott.
Minna GRIFFIN; single; died about 1909; T. Halcott.
Roy GRIFFIN; single; died about 1910; T. Halcott.

Ella CRONK; married; died 6-18, 1902; T. Roxbury.
William ANDERSON, her husband; died about 1925; Philadelphia, Pa. Children, 6: William, Etta, Frances, Nora, Ora, George.
William ANDERSON; married; living; Bloomville, N.Y.
Blanche MISSICK, his wife; living; same address.
Etta ANDERSON; married; living; 208 S. 6th St., Fulton, N.Y.
Howard ZUICK, her husband; living; same address.
Frances ANDERSON; married; living; Grand Gorge, N.Y.
Howard FULLER, her husband; living; same address.
Nora ANDERSON; married; living; Ossining, N.Y.
Harold WILDEY, her husband; living; same address.
Ora ANDERSON; married; living; 114112 Sylvia St., Van Nuys, Cal.
Karl HELD, her husband; living; same address.
George ANDERSON; married; died about 1920; T. Delhi.
Mary DIBBLE, his wife; died about 1920; T. Delhi. Children, none.

SAMUEL SINES; born 1840; single; died about 1854; T. Stamford.

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