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From: "TRISHA MOHR" <>
Subject: [Sizemore] Sizemore/Jones Clay Co. Ky. early 1800's
Date: Tue, 28 Oct 2003 12:29:08 -0500

Hello Sizemore list. Have been pulling hair, gnashing teeth, suffering
I-Can't-Stop-Thinking-About-It Syndrome, trying to pin down my
Jones/Sizemore connection in early Clay. Specifically, Rachel Jones married
to Henry Sizemore. Since Wiley Jones is on their marriage bond, it has been
assumed that he was Rachel's father, but I don't think so. The operative
word for all of the following is "think" -- I have no proof.

I think Wiley Jones was of the William, Isaac and John Jones family, sons of
Vinson/Vincent/Venson Jones and Elizabeth Cope of Ashe, NC, who got land
grants in early Clay (Madison). The three are in the 1810 Clay census, but
Wiley (and Gabriel) Jones don't appear until the 1820. I think they were in
Clay by 1812. I've thought it was key that Wiley appears with Gabriel. The
1800 Ashe NC census shows Gabriel, Joshua, Venson, and John Jones living
close to each other. Gabriel and Venson have teenage boys in their
households. It just makes sense to me that the reason Gabriel and Wiley
would have come to Clay is because family was already there. Gabriel is in
the 1810 Madison Co. KY census (which might have been Madison pre-Clay Co.)
but I think Wiley was in Tenn. before heading to Clay. Edward (Edmund)
Jones, who I think is Wiley's oldest son, was born in Tenn. in 1810.

Wiley is listed as 70 years old in the 1850 Clay census, and as 75 in the
1860 Laurel, so let's say he was born ca. 1780-1785. If Rachel was born in
the 1790's, as I've seen listed, Wiley's age might preclude him from being
her father. However, I think Rachel was born more ca. 1800, and was very
young when she married Henry. I've seen doubts about her being the mother
of Edward and Taylor, bearing them in her 50's, if she was indeed born in
the 1790's. Some researchers have thought they must have been
grandchildren, but I do have my ggrandfather Taylor's death certificate, and
it does name Henry and Rachel as his parents (which I know doesn't prove
parentage, but does lend weight to the fact). It would make sense that
Rachel was much younger than Henry, was born ca. 1800+, and was having her
last children in her 40's. In every census, except one, Rachel is listed as
born in KY. In the 1850 census it says VA, but it may be that the folks who
were there in the time when VA became KY took time to call it KY, or were
unsure about when it became KY. Rachel being born in KY makes it more
doubtful that Wiley was her father, because he went from NC (in census he is
listed as born in NC) to Tenn. to KY in 1812. If Rachel was his daughter,
she should have been born in NC or Tenn.

So who might Rachel Jones be, I have asked myself millions of times? Isaac,
William and their offspring, and their offspring's offspring have been
pretty well accounted for by other researchers. I have not seen Rachel
among them. That leaves John Jones and Gabriel Jones. John Jones, brother
to William and Isaac, (sons of Venson), married to Ruth Sizemore (daughter
of George) is absent in the 1810 census. Ruth has four children, two boys
and two girls. She lives next door to her father. In the 1820 census, when
Wiley and Gabriel appear, Ruth is no longer a head of household, but Wiley's
household consists of eleven children and two adult women in the 26-45 age
bracket. Could this be Ruth? And if she and her children lived with Wiley,
that is why he signed Rachel and Henry's marriage bond? Did Henry marry his
niece (Henry and Ruth being brother/sister)? Or was she the daughter of
Gabriel, who I've read went west in 1844 and wound up in Oregon?

If you've read this far, thank you very much. I'm looking for more clues,
or for a seasoned researcher to advise me of where he or she would look
next. I've got reams and reams of Jones postings, censuses, tax records,
land grants. Another migrant to Clay with the Jones was Wiley Cope (i.e. of
Elizabeth Cope m. to V. Jones family), and Venson is said to have had a
sister named Rachel -- so I've explored repeated names. I just haven't been
able to find that one tidbit that would shed new or confirming light on
Rachel and Wiley.

Trisha in Ohio

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