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From: Lula Hunter <>
Subject: "Skaggs & Hankins", Beginnings with Never Endings Msg 3-A
Date: Sat, 3 Oct 1998 19:10:31 -1000 (HST)

Now that we know about some of the land transactions of John Hankins, Sr, I
will now attempt to put a little meat on the bones of some family
members---hope I don't confuse you with all the intermarriages of
families--------------and non-marriages, but with a child!

John Hankins, Sr's age is proven by a court case, , "Thomas Christian vs
Wray"--O.S. 54: N.S. 18--Bill, July 23, 1803, (Chalkley, "Chronicles"),
Vol. 2, p. 91
"Joseph Wray obtained a certificate by settlement right in Washington
County (afterwards Russell, now Tazewell County). Joseph died intestate,
leaving his son, John Wray heir-at-law, who sold to orator. In 1799 John
Wray deposes in Clermont County, Ohio, where he then resided 18th February
1806. Deed 26th September 1794 by John Wray to Thomas Christian of Sumner
County, where he then resided 18th February 1806. Deed 26th September 1794
by John Wray to Thomas Christian of Sumner County, territory south of the
Ohio. William Lockhart deposes in Tazewell County 28th September 1805; aged
27 years. Richard Oney deposes in Tazewell County 28th September 1805; aged
50 years.John Hawkins [Hankins] deposes in Tazewell County 28th September
1805; aged 65 years. John Deskins deposes in Tazewell County 28th September
1805; aged 31 years. James Brown deposes in Tazewell County 28th September
1805; aged 50 years. Lawrence Murray deposes in Tazewell County 28th
September 1805; aged 53 years.
Oliver Wynne deposes in Tazewell County 28th September 1805; aged 36 years."

All of the above were neighbors to Joseph Wray [Ray]. Thomas Christian was
raised from childhood by Major Thomas Mastin. Thomas was an orphan, as
deposed by Hezekiah Whitt in his RWA application. Thomas Mastin and Agnes
settled in Sumner County,TN living the remainder of their lives there.
Please note that Thomas Mastin owned adjoining land to John Hankins, Sr. My
thoughts are that Thomas Mastin fought alongside Thomas Christian's father,
or he may have married into the Christian family.------I am researching for
a connection. I will write more on Thomas Mastin in another message.
Before giving John Hankins, Sr family, the following article relates to
many of the names that I have run across in the Hankins and Harman line,
plus it
is an excellent lesson in genealogy research, good reading with many
tangled webs. Perhaps someone out there can fill in some of the missing
information for her. This is probably a good place to insert information
relating to Christin and Mastin relationship,as written and appearing in
Tazewell Historical Society Newsletter, Vol. 2 No. 3, September 15, 1989

"Reed and Related Families of Tazewell County, Virginia and McDowell
County, West Virginia", by Juanita S Halstead.

In a hillside cemetery overlooking the site of the old Reed homestead on
Crane Creek in McDowell Co., WVA are the graves of John Wesley Reed, Sr and
his wife Nancy (nee Christian) Reed. The tomstones at these graves are
still legible and reveal the following vital data: "J. W. Reed, Sr., born
at Rogersville, Tennessee, July 25, 1804, died June 18, 1888; Nancy, wife
of J. W. Reed, born October 18, 1812, died December 2, 1887." Avondale, WVA
is now the postoffice address at this location; Amanuel Reed, the youngest
son of J. W. and Nancy Reed, was the first postmaster there.

A search for additional data pertaining to John Wesley's birth in
Rogersville, Hawkins County, TN proved to be fruitless. Apparently many of
the early records for that county had been lost some years ago. Every
source searched in Hawkins County failed to be helpful. Family lore says
that John Wesley Reed was raised by a Hoover family in Kentucky---one
cousin said that he was told that this was near Lexington. There were
several Hoovers in Jessamine County, KY, a county contiguous to Fayette
County in which Lexington is located, about the time that John Wesley was
growing from infancy to boyhood, but no connection could be established
with these families.

A search of the Floyd County, KY records located some court minutes in re
John Wesley Reed. In 1816, when John Wesley was twelve (12) years of age,
Abraham Beavers was ordered by the court to show cause why he should not
take John Reed into his care as an apprentice to learn the shoemaking
trade. Later, minutes show that Abrahm did take him in. This blends in with
family lore in that Amanuel Reed, aforementioned son of John Wesley, used
to make the shoes for members of his family. Apparently this knowledge was
handed down from John Wesley to his sons. Another record in the Floyd
County minutes in 1821 indicates that John WEsley has left Abraham Beavers,
and an order was issued for his return. At that time, he was referred to as
"John Reed "alias "Hoover." This certainly proves he was using the name
"Hoover" part of the time; and it also indicates that family lore was
correct in saying that he was "raised by Hoovers in Kentucky." We must
remember, at this point, that in 1816 he was a 12-year old boy and ready to
begin to learn a trade. But where was he during the first 12 years of his
life? No additional court minutes could be found with reference to his
leaving Abraham Beavers. Those of us in the family had been told through
the years that he left where he was living in KY because of ill-treatment,
and he would not return to KY even though he had told some of the family
that he probably had an inheritance due him in that state. So far, no
further records have been found for him in KY. Additional research is in
process now to see if we can pick up his trail in KY after 1821.

He did make his way to Tazewell County, VA where, on 30 June 1830, he
married Nancy Christian, a daughter of Thomas Christian and Louisa (nee
Harman) Christian---this ceremony was performed by William McGuire. There
is one John Reed found in Tazewell County records in 1805 when a litigation
is filed between this John Reed and Canfield Taylor. Since we know that our
John Reed was born in 1804 in Rogersville, TN, this had to have been
another John Reed---and, there were other Reeds in Tazewell County who were
related to Lyles Dolsberry. When Hannah Harrison's property was sold on 17
July 1830, our John Reed made two purchases from this estate. One can
easily surmise from this that he bought items which he and Nancy needed to
set up housekeeping. In December 1834, John Reed was chosen as a magistrate
for Tazewell County, VA. This seems to indicate that he was respected by
county residents because in those days the position of magistrate was held
in higher esteem than what it is today. He had accumulated fairly large
holdings in real estate---records of land grants have been found to
substantiate this fact. While this land, at that time, was in Tazewell
County, in 1858 when McDowell became a county, John Wesley and his family,
for the most part, were now residents of this (McDowell) new county. Before
he died in 1888, he found himself in a new state because WVA became a state
in 1863. He and Nancy had several children and their history will be
covered in the "Reed Family History" now being compiled by this writer. The
parentage of John Wesley is still lost in the pages of time, but it is the
hope of this writer that the right page will be turned one of these days to
reveal the answer to this puzzle.

Nancy Christian, wife of John Wesley Reed, was a daughter of Thomas
Christian and Louisa (nee Harman) Christian. Thomas Christian is another
enigma. We know so much about him and his descendants, but, again we are
stumped as to his parentage. From various records extant today, we have
found that Thomas Christian was orphaned and raised by Major Thomas
Mastin. Thomas Mastin and Daniel Smith were among the many Virginians who
migrated to the Territory South of the Ohio River (now TN) in the latter
part of the 1700s. Major Mastin was an outstanding frontiersman, having
been one of the leaders in fighting the Indians during the Chickamauga
Campaign. He was involved in other frontier actions which I shall not
enlarge on at this time. He was the first sheriff of Davidson County, TN;
also, the first sheriff of Sumner County, TN, where he died ca 1810.
Nothing in all the records viewed by this writer has given any hint as to
Thomas Christian's parents. WE do know that he appears in Tazewell County
records as early as 1806, and that he owned several tracts of land, making
his home on the Sinking Waters in that county. There is a case on record in
Augusta County, VA in which Thomas Christian had a suit against John Wray
over this land on the Sinking Waters of Tazewell County. Several of Thomas'
children were born in this home on that site. One census (1850) shows the
birthplace of his son, David, as KY. His first wife, Louisa Harman, was a
daughter of Mathias Harman, Sr and Lydia (nee Skaggs) Harman. We haven't
found the record of the marriage of Louisa and Thomas, but we do know that
Mathias and Lydia Harman were living in KY at times. Where Thomas met
Louisa, we know not; nor do we have a record of Louisa's death. We do know
that Thomas Christian married Mary Altizer in 1829, when Mary was 19 years
of age---this would indicate that Louisa had died prior to 1829. Mary was a
daughter of David and Susan Altizer of Tazewell County.

Mathias Harman, Sr was a son of Heinrich Adam Harman and Louisa Katrina.
Mathias was well known in Southwest VA as an Indian fighter, a "Long
Hunter", and a conqueror of the wilderness. He and others were the founders
of Harman's Station in KY near what is now Paintsville, KY. It was back to
this fort that Jenny Wiley made her way when she escaped from the Indians.
Jenny was escorted back to her home in Virginia, but she and her husband
returned to KY and made their permanent home near to where "Jenny Wiley
Park" is now located. Mathias and Lydia (nee Skaggs) Harman returned to
Tazewell County where they lived out their lives. The site of Mathias' home
is on Dry Fork and I have been told that there is an old family cemetery on
this land.

Lydia Skaggs was a sister to the famous "Long Hunter" Henry Skaggs. They
had other brothers who were noted "Long Hunters", also. Again, we don't
know who the parents were of these hardy, adventurous men and women. This
writer leans toward the idea that James and Rachel Skaggs of Montgomery
County, VA may well have been the parents. One finds records that seem to
point in this direction but, so far, we do not have proof positive. There
is a record where James and Rachel sold land to Thomas Mastin, and we know
that Thomas Christian was later in the care of Mastin. Records in Green
County, KY show that Moses Skaggs, a brother to Lydia and Henry, took up
land there in the late 1700's. He (Moses) was killed by the Indians, but
his wife lived on this land for some time after his demise. A litigation
over this estate names his heirs who were brothers and sisters, as well as
nieces and nephews. Moses and His wife had no children. It was the file on
this case which gave us proof of our family connections. Interestingly
enough, there were Hoovers who lived in Green County and some of them
married members of the Skaggs family.

Mathias Harman, Sr's father, Heinrich Adam Harman came to American from
Germany in the early 1700's. Because so many people in Tazewell County are
descendants of Adam and Louisa, this writer doesn't feel the necessity of
saying much about them. We are proud of our Harman heritage because we are
aware that the Harmans were among the very first to venture into the region
of "the western waters." It is said that Adam established the first
English-speaking settlement west of the Alleghenies. Too, he and his sons
figured in the rescue of Mary Ingles when she escaped from the Indians and
made her tortuous way back home by walking from a point in KY along the
banks of the Ohio River (upstream), following the Kanawha River upstream,
and then the New River until she came to the hunting cabin of Adam Harman
(Giles County). Adam took her in, then went to the field and killed a beef
to make broth to feed her. When she was able to travel, he escorted her on
to Draper's Meadows (Blacksburg, VA). Those who have not read Thom's
"Follow the River" should do so because it is a thrilling account of Mary
Ingles' ordeal. There is also a booklet, which has this story as written by
her son, therein. The descendants of Adam Harman today would be most
difficult to number. Mainly, as in the case of this writer, descend
through more than one branch of this family.

Amanuel Reed, son of J. W. Reed, Sr and Nancy (nee Christian) Reed, married
Robina Beavers on 17 April 1876 in Tazewell County, VA. Robina was a
daughter of Alexander Beavers and his second wife, Rachel Barnett.
Alexander was a son of Robert "Robin" Beavers and Catherine (nee Harman)
Beavers. Catherine was another daughter of Mathias Harman, Sr and Lydia
(nee Skaggs) Harman. Robert "Robin" Beavers was a son of another Alexander
Beavers whose wife's name we do not know, but I believe it was Nancy.
Robert "Robin" was a brother to the Abraham Beavers who took John Wesley
Reed under his wing in KY to teach him to the craft of shoemaking. Records
have not been found to prove it beyond doubt, but this writer believes that
Rachel Barnett was a daughter of Alexander Beavers and Sary (nee Rice)
Beavers. This Alexander was a brother to Robert "Robin" and Abraham
Beavers. At this time, this writer knows nothing additional about Sary
Rice. Alexander (wife Sary), Robert "Robin" and Abraham (who taught John W
Reed) were sons of Alexander whose wife's name is unknown; this Alexander
was a son of Robert and Elizabeth Beavers of Sussex County, NJ; this Robert
was a son of one John Beavers of New Jersey (ca 1743).

Archibald Barnett was a son of William Barnett who was also a resident of
Tazewell County. It is thought that William may have been a son of one of
the James Barnett's of Montgomery County, VA. More research needs to be
done on this family.

The family connection to the "Hoover" family is obscure. We can look
through the tunnel of time and see a dim light which eggs us on in our
search. John Wesley Reed did use the name "Hoover" at times; he did name a
son Henry James Hoover Reed; Amanuel named a son Henry James Hoover Reed;
and we, do have the lore, which has been passed along from one generatin to
the next, that John Wesley was "raised by a Hoover family in KY." We are
now attempting to make contacts in KY, and elsewhere, with those who might
have in their family records data which would help us clarify some of these

If there are those who have information which connects with the Reed
family, I would be most pleased to hear from them. Also, if data which I
have would be helpful to those interested, I will share with those making
inquiries thereto.

Signed, Juanita Sigmon Halstead
End of Reed Genealogy
Source: 1850 Tazewell County, VA Federal Census, household #767
John Wesley Reed, age 47 yrs (1803)
Nancy, 44 yrs (1806)
Jackson, 18 yrs (1832)
Nancy J, 17 yrs (1833)
John L, 16 yrs (1834)
Daniel, 15 yrs (1835)
Wesley, 13 yrs (1837)
Mathias H, 12 yrs (1838)
Thomas M, 8 yrs (1842)
Louisa, 6 yrs (1844)
James M, 4 yrs (1846)
Ammanuel, 1 yr (1849)
John Wesley Reed, Sr m 30 Jun 1830 to Nancy Christian, d/o Thomas
Christian & Louisa Harman Christian. Married by William McGuire in Tazewell
Co, VA.

Louisa Harman is d/o Mathias "Tice" "Tias" Harman, Sr. & Lydia Skaggs.

Moses David Reed, s/o John Wesley & Nancy Reed d 5 Jul 1854 at Mouth of
Crane, Tazewell Co, VA cause, scalded to death at age 3 mos 14 das.
Informant, John Wesley Reed, father.

Wesley Reed, s/o John K & Nancy Reed m 6 Jul 1856 to Mary Gibson, d/o
Daniel & Hannah Christian. Wesley was single, 19 yrs old. Mary was single,
17 yrs old, both b in Tazewell Co, VA. Married by John Christian in
Tazewell Co, VA. Question: Is Mary Gibson really d/o Daniel & Hannah
Christian, or adopted daugher?? Requires research.

Daniel Reed, s/o John W & Nancy Reed m 17 Jun 1858 to Winney Mullins, d/o
William H & Elizabeth Mullins. Daniel was single, 24, b in Tazewell Co, VA.
Winney was single, 24 yrs old, b in Pike Co, Ky. She resided in Logan Co,
VA. Married by Gabriel Riffe in Tazewell Co, VA.

Amanuel Reed, s/o John W Reed, Sr & Nancy Christian Reed m 17 Apr 1876 to
Robina Beavers, d/o Alexander & Rachel Barnett Beavers.

Jackson Reed, s/o John W Reed, Sr & Nancy Christian Reed m 9 Sep 1852 to
Charlotte Moron. Married by Thomas Mullins in Tazewell Co, VA.

Jesse Bane m 1 Aug 1853 to Nancy Reed. Married by Thomas Mullins in
Tazewell Co, VA.

Edward S Rose m 31 Mar 1847 to Nancy Reed. Married by John Sizemore in
Tazewell Co, VA.
(These two entries require further verification)
Source: 1850 Tazewell County, VA Federal Census, household #552
Catherine Reed, age 59 yrs (1791), b in VA
Thomas Reed, 20 yrs (1830)
Lyles Dolsbury, 90 yrs (176), father to Catherine, not known where born

Source:Harman, "Annals of Tazewell County, Virginia",, Vol II, p 283
"Liles Dolsbury will probated Oct 1850, Will Book 3, p 7. Devises his
property to his daughter, Catherine Reed; and to his grandchildren, James
Reed, Nancy W Reed, Thomas Reed, Catherine Cook, Hysam Hyden. Colonel
William Gillespie, Executor."

Lyles Dolsbury d 2 Aug 1850. He is listed in Tazewell Co, VA 1840 Federal
Census, p 70. Listed is one male, age 80 to 90 yrs old. He appears to be
living alone as no others are listed. The area appears to be in Thompson
Valley area, perhaps even Poor Valley.
This will end the Reed information.

Pearl City, Hawaii

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