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Subject: Re: [SKAGGS] Some one needs our help
Date: Tue, 24 Mar 2009 09:27:38 -0500
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This is not my direct line, but a friend of mine's husband has family from
Lawrence, KY and they had some Skaggs information that they gave to me. It
is not documented well in my records, but this is what I have.

I show a Peter Skaggs born Mar 1835 in Lawrence, KY. He is married to Sarah
Ann Sparks Dec 1836 KY. They have a son named Henry Jefferson Skaggs born
1863. This is where my information ended. I searched census records and
found the following in 1900

1900 #128 Lyon, Lawrence, KY Jefferson Skaggs 37 Feb 1863 KY KY KY, Susie 35
Jan 1865 md 10 years 8 children 6 alive KY, Nancy 10 years old Jul 1890
KY, Sarah J 9 years old Jul 1890 KY KY KY, Manda 3 years old Nov 1896 KY,
Rindy female 1 year old Nov 1898 KY.

Notice Sarah J's birth and her sister Nancy's birth. Both say Jul 1890 but
Nancy is 10 and Sarah J is 9. Something is not correct. Most likely
Sarah's year of birth, but she is born in JUL according to this record.

For census records on Peter Skaggs, I have the following:

1870 pg 10 # 71 Precinct 4, Lawrence, KY Peter Scaggs 36 m KY, Sarah 35 f
KY, William 8 m KY, Henry J 6 m KY, Louisa J 4 f KY, Ruth 2 f KY.

1880 Butler, Wayne, WV Peter L Scaggs 46 KY, Sarah 45, 20 KY, Henry J 17 KY,
Louisa J 14 KY, Lucy E 11 KY, Sarah A 8 KY, Simon P 4 KY , Cristian 1 KY

I could not find Peter's family in 1900. Peter and Sarah may have died and
the children have married. Notice that Peter's family is in West Virginia
in 1880.

I don't know that Jefferson in 1900 is the Henry Jefferson son of Peter, but
their ages are close.

I don't know if this is your Sarah, but thought I would send this

Toni Norman

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Subject: [SKAGGS] Some one needs our help

Hi Russ - I just ran across your site this evening and I am in need of some

major help. I was wondering if you might know who I could contact about
finding more information about my great grandmother.

I recently had a mitochondrial DNA test done by _www.familytreedna.com_
( and I very much need to know what names to
for in my maternal line. The results just came back and are very

So far, I can't get past my great grandmother in this quest.

I have her death certificate and it says her father was "Henry" but gives
mother's name. I have looked at all the census's records and do not find
any man with this name who has a daughter with her name. I'm not sure
where to
go from here. I do belong to - but have exhausted my research

on there.

Anyway, here is her information and you can feel free to pass it on to
anyone who you think might be able to assist me.

NAME: Sarah Jane Skaggs
BORN: 30 Jul 1887
IN: Skaggs, Lawrence, Kentucky, USA
DIED: 29 Sep 1948
IN: Lawrence Co., KY ( at the county poor house in Busseyville )

HUSBAND: Andrew "Andy" Jackson Smith
FATHER: Henry Skaggs

If you or anybody can help me or give me any suggestions at all - I would
eternally grateful and willing to share any information I have.

Thanks for reading this email

Christie A. Trent

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